What items does Savers not accept?

What items does Savers not accept

Savers is a popular thrift store chain that allows customers to donate their unwanted items for resale. Although Savers accepts a wide variety of items, there are some items that it does not accept for various reasons. In most things, the products not accepted are because they are usually not in good condition or may be unhygienic.

The store is on a mission to become the best alternative for savings and to make sure that all the products and items that many no longer need to get a second chance with someone else. Of course, as long as everything is kept in good condition.

What items can't you take to Savers?

As with most thrift stores, at Savers there are some limitations on what you can bring into their stores. There are certain items that are not allowed for various reasons, such as:

Hazardous MaterialsPaint, chemicals, flammable liquids and batteries
FirearmsWeapons of any kind, including firearms.
Baby ClothingCar seats, strollers, cribs and high chairs.
Mattresses and large furnitureDoes not accept large mattresses and furniture due to limited storage space
Non-functioning electronicsIt does not accept non-functioning or obsolete items.
Automotive partsAuto parts are not part of what they offer in-store
Building MaterialsBricks, cement, ceramics and other items

Hazardous materials

Savers does not accept hazardous materials, this includes items such as paint, chemicals, flammable liquids and batteries. These items can pose a safety hazard and can be dangerous if mishandled.

It is important to dispose of hazardous materials properly and Savers encourages donors to check with their local waste disposal facilities for safe disposal methods.

We also do not accept any tools or items containing any of the materials described above. Items brought to Savers should not pose any type of safety risk to those who make a living at the facility.


For the safety of its staff and customers, Savers does not accept weapons of any kind, including firearms. This includes bladed weapons, Scrap Ammo and other similar items.

It is relevant to note that these items should never be donated to thrift stores or any other second-hand retailer, because they can pose a potential danger if they end up in the wrong hands.

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When you need to dispose of firearms, edged weapons, ammunition or any similar items, you should contact the relevant authorities to locate recycling centers for such items.

Baby gear

While Savers accepts baby clothing and accessories, it does not accept certain items of baby equipment. This includes car seats, strollers, cribs and high chairs. The reason for this is due to safety concerns and the fact that safety regulations and standards for these items may change over time.

To ensure the safety of children, Savers advises donating these items to organizations that specialize in the distribution of baby equipment. That way, they can be put to proper use and, if changes or improvements are needed, they can be made without inconvenience.

Mattresses and large furniture

Savers does not accept large mattresses and furniture due to limited storage space and the potential difficulty in reselling these items. These items are bulky and can be difficult to transport. In addition, mattresses can pose hygiene concerns.

It is recommended to explore alternatives for donating or disposing of furniture, such as furniture banks from local charities or specialized recycling centers. They can be of great help to many people who really need them without having to pay a price for them.

Non-functioning electronics

While Savers does accept some electronic items, they do not accept those that do not work or are obsolete. This includes broken televisions, old computers and outdated technology.

Savers' goal is to provide customers with high quality items that work, so non-functioning items do not meet the resale criteria.

However, some Savers stores work with recycling organizations to properly dispose of e-waste, so it's always worth checking with your local store for recycling options.

Automotive Parts

Again, Savers' mission is to offer consumers items that are safe to use and safe to handle in their stores. Auto parts are not part of what they offer in store, so you will need to consult organizations that recycle them.

Building Materials

Materials such as bricks, cement, ceramics and other items used for construction are not accepted at Savers. To begin with, their stores do not have a large display and storage space.

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In addition, construction materials require specific care and must be kept in a safe environment where they are not at risk of spoiling.

What if you can donate at Savers?

What if you can donate at Savers

Perhaps the above list may seem excessive and you may be wondering what Savers does accept for donations. As we have said, the mission is that they are things that others may need and are in good condition so that someone else can make use of them. The items you can donate at Savers are:

  • Backpacks and purses in good condition
  • Pillows, bedding, kitchen and bath linens, curtains, fabrics
  • Educational or entertainment books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, cassette tapes, video games and albums
  • Clothing and footwear in good condition for both adults and children
  • Electronic items in good condition and not oversized
  • Skateboards, scooters, bicycles and other exercise and sporting goods
  • Board games and children's toys
  • Household items
  • Small accessories
  • Small furniture, such as small tables, children's chairs

Do you get paid for your donations on Savers?

This is a common question to ask considering that many thrift stores pay for the items you donate. Now, Savers does not pay cash for items you bring into the store, but you do have other options such as donation vouchers.

These are a token of appreciation that allows you to make discounted purchases at any of their stores.

The value of the voucher changes according to the donation you make, they usually have a minimum volume requirement that they will indicate once you proceed with the donation.

Similarly, Savers donation requirements may change depending on the store you choose, it is advisable to request the information directly in any of their stores.


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