How much does 1800GotJunk Cost?

1800gotjunk is a company that provides garbage collection and disposal services throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Founded in 1989, the company has expanded rapidly thanks to its focus on providing high-quality service and its commitment to the environment.

One of the things that set 1800gotjunk apart from other junk removal companies is its transparent pricing policy. Instead of charging by weight or by the hour, the company uses a pricing system based on the space the garbage takes up in the truck. This means that customers only pay for the amount of space their unwanted items take up, which can be much cheaper than other options.

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How much does 1800gotjunk cost on average?

As mentioned above, there are different factors that influence the price to be paid at 1800gotjunk. The minimum price for a small amount of garbage pickup can start at around $100, while a larger pickup that fills half a truck can cost between $400 and $500. A full pickup of a large truck can cost around $700 to $800 depending on the city.

As explained, 1800gotjunk's pricing system is based on the space taken up by the items to be picked up inside the truck. Therefore, if you have many items of a smaller size you have the possibility of not having to pay for the space, thus saving money on the pickup. The same is true if you only have a few large items since in that case, the payment will be per item.

In any case, 1800gotjunk offers a transparent pricing policy with no surprises, so customers will always know how much they are going to pay before the pickup takes place. In addition, the company also offers free, no-obligation quotes, allowing customers to know the exact price before deciding. Also, in case you are not satisfied with the quote, you can cancel the service without having to pay anything.

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How to get prices from 1800gotjunk?

The process of obtaining quotes from 1800gotjunk is easy and consists of 3 simple steps provided by the company.

  • Create an appointment for a quote: This is possible through their website. You will need to enter your zip code and follow the process according to your nearest branch. You can also accomplish this step by contacting 1-800-468-5865 in a process where no payment method will be requested.

1800gotjunk zip code

  • Arrange the items you want to get rid of: Once you have the appointment scheduled, it will be time to arrange all those items you want to get rid of on the site. This is how 1800gotjunk's team of professionals will be able to evaluate the space that will be used and put together a budget according to the given case.
  • Decide and watch the trash go: Finally, once a budget has been prepared, it's time for you to make a final decision: giving the team a chance to take the garbage away or leave it there depending on what the budget has seemed to you. In case you are not going to hire the service there will be no charge from the 1800gotjunk team.

Similarly, it is worth clarifying that all payments are given after the service is completed, so you will not see anyone from the 1800gotjunk team charging before time.

How does the 1800gotjunk costing system work?

Since the price to be charged is based on the volume of the waste, all 1800gotjunk quotes are given in person. However; through its website, you can find different standardized measures with the prices that could be charged. Allowing in this way that anyone can make a budget according to what they plan to discard.

The minimum price is 1/8 of the truck and the maximum is a whole truck per service. In trucks that always have a defined size that equals 8 refrigerators one after another. In addition, this service includes the participation of two professionals who will be with you picking up the garbage and placing it inside the truck.

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Likewise, the prices for this service can be varied, since there are many factors besides the volume of the garbage that could influence it. Such factors could be the city, the distance from 1800gotjunk headquarters, the price of gasoline or different regional legal factors. Thus, each appointment with this service could mean a different amount.

What does 1800gotjunk pick up?

1800gotjunk's team of professionals consists of two professionals per truck, ready to pick up items from the following list:

  • Appliances
  • BBQ & Grills
  • Bicycles
  • Carpeting & Rugs
  • Construction Waste
  • Dumpster Alternative
  • Electronics (E-waste)
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Furniture
  • General Rubbish
  • Glass
  • Hot Tubs
  • Household Trash
  • Junk
  • Mattresses & Box Springs
  • Pianos
  • Playsets & Trampolines
  • Pool Tables
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Scrap Metals
  • Televisions
  • Tires & Rubber
  • Yard Waste
  • Computer & Notebooks
  • Printers, Scanners & Copiers

Also ensuring that the area from which the items have been picked up is completely cleaned and arranged accordingly. This is a process that is included in the one-time payment you will make once the cleanup is complete.

1800gotjunk's environmental commitment

In addition to its transparent pricing policy, 1800gotjunk also prides itself on its commitment to the environment. The company ensures that 60% of the items it collects are recycled, reused or donated, which helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

1800gotjunk also uses sustainable practices in its daily operations. For example, the company uses fuel-efficient vehicles and has implemented technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the company ensures that its employees are trained in sustainable practices and that adequate safety measures are taken to ensure that hazardous items are handled safely and responsibly.


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