Who Buy Broken Tv's Near Me? • 10 sites that will help you!

Who Buy Broken Tv's Near Me • 10 sites that will help you!

Unlike other materials, e-waste is a bit more complex to dispose of. It has a very specific niche, which makes it difficult to get rid of the equipment you no longer use. However, it is possible that certain e-store or repair shops are willing to pay something for that broken TV.

Another good option, although it does not imply that you will receive money in return, is to visit the websites of garbage collection companies to find out their collection policy. This is a great idea if you're just looking to get that broken TV out of your house and it's just taking up space in your home.

Places to sell broken Tv's nearest me in Los Angeles

Do you have broken TVs? Don't throw them away! This is generally forbidden. Our recommendation is to sell them and believe us, there are places in Los Angeles that will buy them from you.

In this list of 7 options, there are recycling centers where they accept electronics, and also places where they repair them, but the latter usually buy broken TVs to use them as spare parts. All the options have more than 4 4-star ratings, which means they are highly recommended.

NameAddressPhone Number
A1 Electronic Recycling2710 W Florence Ave, Los Angeles, CA 900431 323-445-9640
Johnny's TV RepairLos Angeles1 323-660-9900
stone electronics7928 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 900481 323-931-2838
A1 Electronic Recycling5125 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 900191 888-958-6588
CAL E-WASTE RECYCLE LLC | Los Angeles Electronics Recycling Center | Free E-waste Drop-Off7871 Alabama Ave unit #1, Canoga Park, CA 913041 818-854-6643
eWaste U.S. Electronics Recycling Hard Drive Shredding7341 Fulton Ave, North Hollywood, CA 916051 818-465-5381
Homeboy Electronics Recycling6433 Canning St, Commerce, CA 900401 323-222-3322

Places to sell broken Tv's near me in Phoenix

We have compiled some centers in Phoenix where they accept broken TVs for recycling, and even others that are repair centers where they buy them from you to use them as spare parts. Which are the best? All the ones listed below are highly recommended.

NameAddressPhone Number
Manny TV Repair & Electronics7426 N 51st Ave, Glendale, AZ 853011 623-931-2186
Westech Recyclers220 S 9th St #400, Phoenix, AZ 850341 602-256-7626
AIM Recycling Phoenix West 4202 W Highland Ave, Phoenix, AZ 850191 623-760-9010
B & B Appliances 331 E Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 850201 602-870-1662
Techbros - Phoenix Computer Repair & Recycle4727 E Bell Rd Suite 65, Phoenix, AZ 850321 602-404-7301
Bob's TV Service (In Home)Phoenix1 480-288-9902

Do you know where to sell your broken TV? All About Recycle recommends the best places!

Nowadays, scarcely anything is considered "garbage", literally, because scientific and electronic advances have allowed the field of recycling to expand and contribute much more to the planet.

Taking this into account, there are several places where you can sell your TV, even if it is broken. This is because some other parts and pieces can be used as spare parts or electronic recycling centers process them.

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In addition, these types of devices cannot be disposed of or recycled like metals or other materials, as they are made with certain chemicals that are harmful to humans. Because of this, your best option is to go to a place that usually works and buy this equipment.

We Will Buy It Now - San Diego

This is a company that deals with the purchase of different electronic devices in San Diego. You can contact them through their phone number, as well as through their website. In the latter option, you will have to describe the condition of the TV and receive an estimated price.

📍 Address: No address.

Phone Number: 844-289-6692

🌐 Website: http://www.wewillbuyitnow.com/cities/san-diego/

San Jose Recycles

As a City Hall department, they do not usually purchase items. However, they do accept this type of e-waste for recycling, as it is a type of waste that contains elements that are harmful to the human body. This recycling center also accepts cleaning, office, and other devices.

📍 Address: 200 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA 95113

Phone Number: (408) 535-3500

🌐 Website: https://sanjoserecycles.org/what-to-do/ewaste/

Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry - Los Angeles

This pawn shop has locations in different areas of Los Angeles and each of them offers cash for different broken or otherwise defective devices. So if you're in LA, you already know that this pawn shop offers cash for those devices that don't seem to be worth a dime.

📍 Address: 3700 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91204

Phone Number: 818-551-0111

🌐 Website: https://hollywoodpawnstars.com/sell-online/electronics/sell-broken-electronics/

Alamo TV Repair, LLC

Alamo TV Repair is dedicated to repairing various devices, such as cell phones and televisions, in San Antonio. This company also has a program where they purchase all electronic equipment with a broken screen or with a malfunction because they take advantage of certain parts that do work.

📍 Address: 107 Drury Ln., San Antonio, TX 78221

Phone Number: 210-923-7055

🌐 Website: http://www.alamotvrepair.com/service/broken-tv-recycling

Cash 4 LCDs

The uniqueness of this Arizona company is that it buys items that are assembled with LCD material. So, if your TV has LCD technology, this is the right place for you. Just contact them and you are ready to go. In addition, they have dealers in other states in the territory.

📍 Address: 3126 West Thomas Road, Suite 104 Phoenix, AZ 85017

✆ Phone Number: 855 276 5348 (855 iBROKEIT)

🌐 Website: https://cash4lcds.com/about-us

Buy-Sell electronics

This company has several services related to electronic devices. In addition to buying those broken TVs that take up space in your home, they are also an e-waste recycling center. They also have the technical equipment to repair televisions and other similar equipment.

📍 Address: 777 South Central Expressway #5d, Richardson, Texas 75080

Phone Number: (972) 680-3999

🌐 Website: https://buy-sellelectronics.com/go/buy-sell-electronics-dallas-tx/

Evertrade Electronics - Houston

This is a company that recycles e-waste regardless of its condition. If you are taking your broken TV, you should know that they only accept LCD TVs, as those from the 1980s and 1990s generations are banned from the recycling process because of the materials used to manufacture them.

📍 Address: 10100 Belknap Rd, Suite B5 Sugar Land, TX 77498

Phone Number: (832) 777-3002

🌐 Website: https://evertradeelectronics.com/

Chicago Pawners

Like other pawn shops, Chicago Pawners also pays for those electronics you no longer use. This company has been serving the Windy City for 70 years with quality service and great prices, making it a great option in Chicago to sell those devices you no longer use.

Pawn It

Established in Buffalo in 2007, it allows you to buy and sell any type of electronics, jewelry, construction equipment, and more. Among them are used and broken equipment, which can be resold to e-waste recycling centers in New York. Among other cases, they accept equipment with LCD screens.

📍 Address: 2191 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

✆ Phone Number: (716) 875-2191

🌐 Website: http://pawnitdeals.com/

How many places buy broken TVs in the United States?

It is almost impossible to give an exact number, as many people resort to platforms such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and similar pages. Therefore, it is very common to see people independently selling their broken TVs.

In fact, unfortunately, in the e-waste recycling activity, there is no specific figure for the number of centers that accept and process this type of material. However, many companies in this field do Exchanges for old items that, perhaps, are not in such good condition.

Is it worth selling broken TVs?

A couple of dollars is better than nothing, right? What is sure is that you are not going to cover the investment you made when you bought the TV, but, as I said, any amount you receive is profit. For this, you need to visit several sites to find out which one offers you the best prices.

Although you can look at it from another perspective: you will not gain much in economic terms, but you will help the planet considerably. Any action that goes green is a step towards a cleaner environment and no action is worth less than another.

Are old flat-screen TVs worth anything?

It will depend on the model. If you want to get rid of it, you can go to a pawn shop and ask if they pay any amount for that old TV. In these cases, you should consider that if they are more than 20 years old, you will probably get nothing or very little.

If it is a model with HDMI or an LCD screen, you may get a little more. You also have the option of visiting sites that sell, manufacture, and distribute electronic equipment. And if they don't buy it from you, chances are they do know a company that does.

Why can't I put my old TVs in the trash?

Televisions are manufactured from various materials, including plastics, metals, and various toxic chemicals. The last two are not only harmful to people but also to the environment, specifically to water and soil.

For these reasons, some local governments prohibit the placement of such devices as waste in a bin. Furthermore, some states have several waste disposal centers where such equipment can be received, as is the case in California.

Although it is illegal to dump e-waste throughout the country, some localities are tougher and more demanding with this type of practice, as they understand that these materials are extremely dangerous for any living being.

How many states in the U.S.A. have banned electronics in landfills?

According to the Electronics Recycling Coordinate Clearinghouse, at least 26 states have banned the disposal of electronics in landfills in their territories. Among them are: California, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, and Georgia.

It is important to mention that there is no federal law regulating the recycling of e-waste, nor has a legal framework been established to regulate the use of metals and chemicals in the manufacture of electronic devices. In the event of legislation in this area, it could be an excellent initiative to protect the environment.

So, if in your city you haven't found anyone who can pay a couple of bucks for that TV you broke playing soccer inside the house, find out if a yard or a nearby recycling center accepts it, it will be a conscious and eco-friendly action.

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