Carpet Recycling near me • Address & Uses of recycled carpets

Carpet Recycling near me • Address & Uses of recycled carpets

It is normal that after some time you want to change the carpet in your living room and it is also very common that the waste collection company that you use every day does not want to take it. But there is a solution for everything and, thanks to those who think about the planet, there are currently many initiatives that are willing to receive and recycle it.

In addition, many local governments in the country are legislating on this issue: carpet recycling. This is because many of these are made with toxic materials that seriously impact our planet. So if your decision is final, think green and hire a company that helps the environment.

Carpet Recycling closest me in Chicago

In Chicago we have compiled excellent recycling centers for you to take your old and used rugs to. We recommend all of them, but the second one is available to you 24 hours a day, so you can take your products to the center at any time.

NameAddressPhone Number
College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving DuPage County773 Springer Dr, Lombard, IL 601481 630-332-9342
LRS3152 S California Ave, Chicago, IL 606081 773-579-1200
City of Chicago Drop-off Center1758 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 606161 312-744-5000
North Park Nature Center Recycling Drop off station5801 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 606461 773-821-1351
JUNK Relief 2010 W Fulton St suite f-252, Chicago, IL 606121 312-800-1940
City of Chicago-Division 1 6441 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 606261 312-744-3099
United Scrap Metal, Inc.1545 S Cicero Ave, Cicero, IL 608041 708-780-6800

Carpet Recycling near me in Phoenix

You live in Phoenix? Great! Here are some of the best recycling centers in the city where you can take your rugs, but we recommend that you bring them in good condition so that they can take advantage of the material in question.

NameAddressPhone Number
LoadUp Junk Removal201 E Washington St Suite 1450, Phoenix, AZ 850041 844-239-7711
Planet Recycling1600 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 850041 602-258-5600
Waste Management - Phoenix Recycling Center3060 S 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 850091 602-437-3165
E-Z Money Recycling LLC1234 S 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 850341 602-253-4534
Deer Valley Recycling LLC2333 W Deer Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 850271 623-869-8900
Revolutionized Recycling inc. 2037 W Ironwood Dr, Phoenix, AZ 850211 602-687-3003
R & B RECYCLING CENTER5 S 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 850091 602-269-1222

Places where you can recycle carpet recommended by All About Recycle!

At a national level you can find different companies that offer recycling services, some of them are interior decorating companies, while others are dedicated to the manufacture of this type of decorative element.

Moreover, you can get large companies that are dedicated to the collection and disposal of waste, but feel a great commitment to the planet and, therefore, have plans and services for recycling or reuse of carpets. So it won't be so complicated, depending on the city where you live, to get one.

Keller Interiors

keller interiors

This family-owned and operated interior design business is a favorite among Californians. With more than 14 branches throughout Cali, it has positioned itself thanks to the quality of its products and services for floor coverings.

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It is committed to helping the planet in its own way, so since 2008, it has been receiving carpet to be recycled or downcycled in some way.

📍 Address: 6496 Marindustry Place, Suite A, San Diego, CA

✆ Phone Number: 619-349-4743

🌐 Website:

EDCO Recycling & Transfer - Signal Hill


Considered the forerunner of today's concrete floor grinder, Equipment Development Company was born in the late 1950s and has been a great relief to Americans. Today, it operates several recycling and transfer centers, where it purchases and accepts as donations items such as carpet, motor oil and more.

📍 Address: 2755 California Ave., Signal Hill, LA, CA

✆ Phone Number: (562) 597-0608

🌐 Website:

1-800-GOT-JUNK? South Bay

1800 got junk san jose

If you're in San Jose, this company won't just make your junk disappear. Although they work with the removal and disposal of certain material household items, they are a company that thinks about the environment, so they recycle anything that could negatively impact the planet and donate anything that is in excellent or good condition.

📍 Address: 1828 Stone Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95125

✆ Phone Number: +1 800-468-5865

🌐 Website:

We Heart Junk

we heart junk hauling

WHJ is a personalized collection service for waste, scrap, and items you no longer need at your facility. This is one of the most comprehensive in town because it can not only pick up building materials, but also furniture and certain white goods. But since we are talking about carpets, they can remove it, clean the place where it was and recycle it according to the state it is in.

📍 Address: 2411 NE Interstate 410 Loop #114a, San Antonio, TX 78217

✆ Phone Number: (210) 284-2413

🌐 Website:

Texas Carpet & Construction Recycling - Dallas

texas carpet recycling

With a range of waste and material collection services from construction and other businesses, Texas Carpet & Construction Recycling has a team of experts dedicated to recycling carpets.

Being the pioneer of this ecological activity in the state, the company has Carpet Recycling 101, which is a course for the recycling of this type of decorative object.

📍 Address: 1712 Minters Chapel Road, Grapevine, TX 76051

✆ Phone Number: 817-552-1011

🌐 Website:


This Houston recycling center collects different materials for disposal, reuse and recycling, including carpets. They also sell this type of decorative item, as well as LVT, muc and many more. In addition, they offer flooring installation services.

📍 Address: 6550 Long Point Rd, Suite 203 B, Houston, TX 77055

✆ Phone Number: (713) 682-3775

🌐 Website: No web

Aquafil Carpet Collection


ACC is a well-known Arizona company that produces recycled carpet materials, such as textiles and related materials. It has seven branches throughout the country, the most important of which are in Phoenix, as it is in one of these where it separates the different fabrics that make up a carpet.

📍 Address: 3555 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85009

✆ Phone Number: +1 (602) 726-1420

🌐 Website:

Revolution Recovery

revolution recovery

If you're in Philly, RR is the place to take that carpet you no longer want. They will identify and separate the different fibers that make up this decorative object. Once all the chemical process is finished, they will proceed to manufacture new elements from the material they chose from your rug.

📍 Address: 7333 Milnor St., Philadelphia, PA 19136

✆ Phone Number: (215) 333-6505

🌐 Website:

Flooring Resources - Chicago

flooring resources

Since 2010, FR has been offering Chicago the best services in decorating, consulting, installation and replacement of any material used to cover the floors of homes and businesses.

Their commitment is unquestionable, as they also have training spaces on this subject and have a program that, to date, has transformed well over 4 million pounds of carpet materials.

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📍 Address: 600 W Pratt Ave – Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

✆ Phone Number: (847) 640-7300

🌐 Website:

OCRRA ORG - Rock Cut Road Drop-off Site

ocrra org

Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency is a newyorker organization with years of dedication to waste collection and processing. With several recycling programs, it has two drop-off sites where they receive carpets, furniture, cardboard, and various other materials and items for disposal and recycling. The Rock Cut Road site is available for residential waste.

📍 Address: 5808 Rock Cut Road Jamesville, NY 13078

✆ Phone Number: 315-453-2866

🌐 Website:

How many carpet recyclers are in the United States?

There is no estimate of how many companies recycle this type of product nationwide, but it is critical to know that there are at least 1,074 recycling facilities in the U.S. as a whole. This number has been on the rise, according to statistics and markets company IBIS World, since 2018.

Therefore, every year more and more organizations are dedicated to recycling and transforming any material that harms the environment, and consequently, the quality of our lives.

It is important to note that in New York, in 2022, a law was passed in which, as of July 2026, all companies in the state must manufacture and sell carpets that have been manufactured with 20% post-consumer recycled material.

The bill also stipulated that disposal spaces must be created for citizens to drop off their old carpets free of charge.

NY is the second state to do this, the first being California, which has the largest number of companies that receive this type of decorative element for transformation and recycling. Efforts have been gradual, but, little by little, large and small companies have understood that the commitment to the planet belongs to everyone.

What is the recycling rate for carpet?

As you may already know, California is the state with the highest rate in the country, with 33.9% according to the 2022 Carpet America Recaovery Effort. New York, with the new bill, is expected to reach similar rates by 2026. But, according to the Product Stewardship Institute, the National rate, as of 2018, was 9.2%.

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) program for carpets

This is a program that commits carpet manufacturing companies to make products that help the environment and can be recycled after disposal. At the national level, there are only two states that elegantly have a regional law that promotes and regulates this ecological activity: California, which has been implementing it since 2010, and New York, which signed it about a year ago.

The EPR seeks to promote the circular economy, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing products that do not have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, it is an ethical and legal commitment to the entire territory that requires a significant reduction in pollution from products that make up a carpet.

Free carpet recycling us

It is difficult, for now, to find a company that does this for free because going to remove that old carpet that you no longer want entails personnel, transportation and material costs. It is not only the removal, it also includes the exhaustive review of the quality of the carpet and the components with which the carpet model you have was manufactured.

However, the commitment must be from both parties: the owner of the object and the collector/recycling company. We all live on the same planet; therefore, it should not be seen as a sacrifice to search for a place where the carpet can be used as much as possible.

What products are made from recycled carpet?

In general, carpets are made from different materials and chemicals, which is why the efforts of legislators and environmental organizations are greater with each passing year. Among the fibers that give that unique look to that carpet you don't want anymore, we usually find these types of yarns: Nylon 6, Olefin and polyester.

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