Where to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Cash near me?

Where to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Cash near me

Did you know that you can make money with garbage? Specifically with plastic bottles, you can make money as long as you take them to a recycling center. In these cases, you should know where to recycle plastic bottles for cash near you, to help the environment and earn some money.

Recycling plastic items can be very beneficial to the environment. In addition, thanks to programs that pay you to recycle plastic bottles, you can earn a good amount of money by recycling plastic bottles.

Many companies are ready to receive your plastic bottles, so don't just throw them away; accumulate them and you can get money for them.

Best recycling center for bottles in New York

If you are in New York, there are several centers where you can take your bottles and some even offer a pick-up service. Among the main ones are:

NameAddressPhone Number
NYC Nickelboxer713 Atkins Ave East New York, NY 11208 New Lots+1 718-757-4503
AGA Bottle Return2193 New England Thruway bronx, NY 10457+1 718-618-0772
5 Cent Bottle Return6 E Dexter Plz Pearl River, NY 10965+1 845-533-5141
The Environmental Recycling of NY580 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217+1 646-820-3050
Co-Op City Bottle Return3325 De Lavall Ave, Bronx, NY 10475+1 718-503-4341
Vee Recycling1311 Taylor Ave, Bronx, NY 10472+1 347-944-7736

Best bottle recycling centers in California

In California, we have multiple centers for you to recycle your bottles in a convenient and fast way. You can choose any of the following:

NameAddressPhone Number
Sunset Recycling Center330 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754+1 213-280-5434
G & P Recycling Center1329 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Santa Rosa Recycling5243 Mission Oaks Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93012+1 805-987-2986
Danny's Recycling Inc1745 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050+1 408-492-9033
Pretty California Clean Recycle center11850 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91732+1 718-503-4341

Options for recycling plastic bottles for cash

If you want to get cash for recycling your plastic bottles, you have different options of places where you can take them. The main ones can be:

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Bottle redemption center

These are the most common places to deposit your bottles. All we have to do is look for a bottle redemption center in our area. You can check if they offer money for the bottles or if they will simply receive them for recycling before you take them.

Convenience stores

These stores usually accept empty plastic bottles, because most of them are part of a recycling program. For each bottle returned, they will give you a reward, which can be in the form of cash or coupons.

Grocery stores

In grocery stores and supermarkets, deposit laws will be followed in states that have them. Normally, you will find recycling machines in the back of the store.

In these stores, you can exchange all plastic bottles for cash. Before going to these stores with your bottles, it is a good idea to ask if they have a bottle recycling machine.

Do all states pay for depositing empty plastic bottles?

No. The truth is that not all states will pay for the return of bottles because not all states have container deposit return laws. The states where you can get money in exchange for plastic bottles will be:


In the state of California, you will be paid 5 cents for depositing a container of less than 24 ounces. If the bottles are larger than 24 ounces the fee will be doubled. Containers can be made of plastic, bimetal, or glass.


In this state, the payment rate is lower, because they will pay only 5 cents for containers that have a capacity of up to 68 ounces. These can be made of plastic, bimetal, glass, or aluminum.


You will be able to get about 5 cents for each empty bottle regardless of the material it is made of. However, HDPE containers are not included in these cases.


You will be paid 5 cents for any container with less than 135 ounces of liquid space. In case you deposit liquor or wine bottles, the payment rate will be around 15 cents.


In this state, the payment rate will be the same as in Maine. For all metal, glass, or plastic bottles you will be awarded five cents for recycling.

New York

You will be paid five cents per bottle, jar, or can. Within the conditions for recycling in this state, you must be clear that the bottles must be less than 128 ounces.


All types of bottles are accepted in this state, and the payment for each container is around 10 cents.


In Vermont, they will pay you for paper, glass, and plastic bottles at around 5 cents. For liquor bottles, you will be paid a total of 15 cents per bottle.


They will pay you 10 cents for any type of container, regardless of whether they are plastic, paper, glass, or metal bottles.


The rate of payment for each item in this state is around 5 cents per item. Bottles can be plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, or plastic jars.

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How is the plastic bottle recycling process?

To recycle plastic bottles you will need to follow the procedure below:

Bottle collection

It is important to have a good amount of empty bottles because this way you will be able to earn good money. It is not advisable to bring only one bottle to recycle because it is not worth it, it is always better to bring a good amount of bottles.

Separate the different types of plastic

There are different types of plastic that can be recycled, among which are:

  • PET or PETE: used especially for food or beverages packaged in white bottles.
  • PP: a type of plastic found in medicine bottles, yogurt packaging, and other food packaging.
  • LDPE: used to make squeeze bottles.
  • HDPE: the material used for opaque plastic bottles such as shampoo bottles or toys.


In all bottle recycling programs, it is requested that the bottles be cleaned before depositing them. This is so that insects are not attracted by the elements and odors that the bottles may have, which will hinder their recycling.

Verify payment policies and fees

Before going to the recycling center, you should contact them to find out what types of plastics they accept. Some centers take PET and do not take HDPE, so it is always best to check. Also, you should check the rates set by the state and other recycling policies.

Deposit bottles and obtain cash

The bottles can be deposited at the recycling center. It is always recommended to bring a lot of bottles so that you get a good financial reward. To do so, you can ask for bottles from your neighbors, or provide an empty bottle collection service to restaurants.

How many plastic bottles do I need to get $20?

This will depend on the payment rate of the state in which you are located. As we've already seen, each state has its own rates of payment for plastic bottles. On average you will need about 320 bottles for you to earn $20 for recycling them.

Can I make money from recycling if I am in a state without a bottle law?

Only 10 states have a recycling law for plastic bottles, which means that the other states do not pay you to recycle them. If you are not in the states that have this law, you will not receive anything for taking your bottles to the recycling centers.

In these cases, if you want to earn money for recycling you will have to opt for aluminum can recycling. You will not be paid for each can you bring in, because you will be paid based on the total weight of the cans, so it is in your best interest to bring as many cans as you can to the recycling center.

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