Tire Recycling near me • Contact of the highlighted sites

If you own a vehicle, you must discard between 4 and 6 tires annually, of course, it all depends on the use you give to your car. It is no secret that this generates a significant amount of waste and pollution, which is why they are designed centers specialized in the recycling of used tires.

You only need to do online research to find the center closest to your location. However, each one has its requirements and regulations regarding the condition and quantity of used tires they are capable of receiving.

Tire Recycling near me in Houston

In Houston, there are many recycling centers for all kinds of products, and most of them accept tires. Our recommendation is that you contact these businesses and ask for information about tire recycling. This way you will know how and where to proceed.

NameAddressPhone Number
Roadrunner Tire Disposal 7800 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX 77029 1 713-970-1035
South Post Oak Recycling Center14600 S Post Oak Rd, Houston, TX 77045 1 713-433-99445
Ellington Airport/Clear Lake Neighborhood Recycling Center246 Loop Rd, Houston, TX 770341 713-837-0311
Genan Inc.18038 Beaumont Hwy, Houston, TX 77049 1 713-674-8500
Texas Port Recycling8945 Manchester St, Houston, TX 770121 713-921-5549
Hidalgo Used Tires5346 Darling St, Houston, TX 770071 713-868-3916
Houston Scrap Metal Recycle Center11801 W Montgomery Rd, Houston, TX 77086 1 281-636-2711

Tire Recycling nearest me in Chicago

The best thing about Chicago's options is that some are available 24 hours a day. In addition, here are some places that not only accept recycled tires, but you can also exchange your tires for better ones.

NameAddressPhone Number
United Tires LLC2720 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60612-
Truck Tire Sales Inc.426 W Pershing Rd, Chicago, IL 606091 773-285-3000
Secure Asset & Hard Drive Recycling430 N Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60642-
JLG Recycling3252 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 606231 773-321-9734
R.A.S. Tire Repair & Sales 5450 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630 1 773-774-5402
Chicago Tire ( 24 hr roadside services)4510 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 606391 773-395-4481
Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility150 N North Branch St, Chicago, IL 606421 312-744-3060

Looking for other tire recycling locations in the U.S.? Here are some more options

Finding tire recycling locations in different U.S. states is a time-consuming process. Essentially, you have to look for facilities that offer to recycle tires, and they will tell you how much they can take and what condition you can take them in. Be sure to offer honest information about the tires you will be taking.

Generally, tire recycling centers are tire companies, solid waste recycling centers, or auto repair shops. In other words, centers that specialize in their use and have the know-how to reuse as many parts as possible.

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Liberty Tire Recycling

liberty tire recycling

Liberty Tire Recycling's commitment is worldwide, its mission is to recover, recycle and reuse discarded tires. They are dedicated to reusing all the parts of the used tires that still work, the rest they shred and find alternatives to use the final material obtained. They have a clear vision of creating a more sustainable and resilient world.

📍 Address: 600 River Ave, 3rd floor Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Phone Number: 412 – 562 – 1700

🌐 Website: https://libertytire.com/

Genan inc.


Genan Inc. has a vision to recycle all end-of-life tires, at least as many as they can. Once they arrive at the facility, the recyclers clean them and then shred and granulate them. As for the original components found, they are separated and get 75 % rubber, 15 % steel, and 10 % textile fibers.

📍 Address: 18038 Beaumont Hwy, Houston, TX 77049

Phone Number: +1 – 713 – 674 – 8500

🌐 Website: https://www.genan.eu/

Entech Inc.


The company has been recycling industrial and commercial tires since 1995 and is responsible for making tire dust. It has at least 200 locations throughout the Midwest and enjoys excellent agreements with private companies and governmental entities for the recycling of used tires.

📍 Address: 10440 Country Road 2 Middlebury, IN 46540

Phone Number: 574 – 822 – 9107

🌐 Website: https://4entech.com/

Lakin Tire

lakin tire

Lakin Tire is a company dedicated to creating collection days for companies and industries that need to dispose of used tires. They adjust to the needs of each company, evaluate the quality of the recycled tires and process them according to the damage they have.

📍 Address: 15305 Spring Ave Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Phone Number: 562 – 802 – 2752

🌐 Website: https://lakintire.com/

American Tire Recycling Group

american tire recycling

American Tire Recycling Group began with the plan to design, develop and promote different ecological enterprises in different parts of the world, as time went by and seeing the great demand for old discarded tires, they became a tire recycling company committed to the care of the environment.

To properly process the tires, the company has specialized technology that allows them to process the material and separate it to be used for different purposes. In addition, it is located in different states of the country.

📍 Address: 3551 NW 116th St. Miami, FL 33167

Phone Number: 305 – 688 – 8566

🌐 Website: http://americantirerecycling.com/

Western Tire Recyclers

otr tire recycling

The leading OTR tire recycling company in the Western part of the country is Western Tire Recyclers. They offer their services to construction, mining, agriculture, and small recycled tire centers. They enjoy state-of-the-art equipment to handle different tire sizes, making recycling possibilities more extensive.

📍 Address: Conveniently Located By l – 84 in tremonton Utah

Phone Number: 435 – 730 – 1872

🌐 Website: http://westerntirerecyclers.com/



Rumpke is one of the largest recycling companies in the United States, present in different states such as Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. They seek to keep clean all the cities where they offer their services, recycling different materials including tires.



Another of the most recognized companies in tire recycling is reRubber, which takes tires from landfills and recycles them. After obtaining products derived from the tires, it seeks new alternatives for the waste, ranging from high-tech rubber coatings to eco-friendly tire sealants.

📍 Address: 115 N De la Rosa, Dr. San Bernardino, CA 92408, USA

Phone Number: +1 – 909 – 786 – 2811

🌐 Website: https://www.rerubber.com/

How many tire recycling companies are there in the U.S.A?

Considering the companies registered to date, there are a total of 348 tire recyclers throughout the United States. These centers are distributed in the different states of the country to recycle as many tires as possible and put an end to the environmental pollution generated by the material from which they are made.

However, there might be more companies than those mentioned above, but they are not counted because their main recycling material is not tires. It is important to note that most of the recycling centers in the country work with different materials to keep the cities as clean as possible.

What is the tire recycling fee?

In the United States, there is a tire recycling fee. This amount is also charged on different products and services to support the companies in charge of this task. Whenever you purchase a new tire, you pay it as part of your taxes.

It depends on the state in which you make the purchase the amount changes. Remember that each state and jurisdiction in the United States works under its own rules. The amount can change from $1 to $3 for each recycled tire you purchase.

Annually, all funds are diverted to tire recycling campaigns, developing new recycling strategies and technologies, promoting reuse, and keeping tire waste in safe, isolated locations.

How do you recycle car tires?

The tire recycling process varies from company to company, depending on the technologies and machinery they have at their disposal. There are companies that only collect tires from different retailers, landfills, or collection centers.

Now, all the processes are the same, the first step is to collect a specific amount of tires, once you have them, it is time to classify them by size and type to proceed to shred them with specialized machines. In the end, you get small pieces of tires that will be sieved to separate the steel, metal, or any other contaminant product.

On the other hand, the steel wire that the tires have inside is separated thanks to magnets, this material is sent to specialized recycling sites. When only the rubber is obtained from the tires, it is time to grind and granulate it to manufacture products such as playground surfaces, rubber asphalt, and athletic tracks.

Can you get money for recycling tires?

If you're thinking about starting to recycle old tires to make a little extra money, it's time to change your mind. The recycling process is free and the work of specialized and registered companies, if you decide to charge for this, you can have serious legal problems.

You won't get any extra profit or income from taking your used tires to recycling centers either. Actually, it is an obligation that all citizens have to the environment because tires are highly polluting when left in landfills.

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