Can you recycle spiral notebooks? Find the complete guide here

Can you recycle spiral notebooks

You've probably used spiral notebooks at least once in your life without ever imagining that you can recycle them after you've written every last page. Start by separating the paper from the metal and plastic coil to make the process much easier and safer.

So, if you are wondering, "Can I recycle spiral notebooks?" and "How can I do it without much hassle?" we'll tell you what you can do through this practical guide from All About Recycling.

Are spiral notebooks environmentally friendly?

For one thing, they are not. The reason is very simple, and that is that their production requires the felling of large numbers of trees, which damages the environment. When you cut down a tree, the soil erodes. But they also generate other effects, such as global warming and natural disasters.

Now, if we refer to the subsequent use of the notebook, we must remember that the paper itself is a recyclable material. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly. This can mean one thing: You will reduce the level of pollution and cut down more trees for the production of more paper.

How do you recycle spiral notebooks?

You can recycle your spiral notebooks by following the step-by-step procedure below.

1. Find out what the components of your notebook are

The first thing to do is to know what the elements of a notebook are. Notebooks have elements that distinguish them. In fact, there are some that are more environmentally friendly than others, which facilitates the recycling process. Find out what material the eco-friendly ones are made of, whether plastic or metal, but also, make sure what kind of paper makes up your notebook.

2. Remove the cover

Nowadays, there are notebooks that include plastic or cardboard covers, whose mission is to keep the first page intact. First, make sure that the plastic is recyclable, as some are not. Then, get advice on how to remove the cover effectively so as not to damage the cover.

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3. It is time to remove stickers, staples, clips, and pins

To ensure that the paper is recycled correctly, you must avoid clips, pins, or staples when depositing it in the container. Even if your city has opted for mixed recycling containers, avoid the notebook paper you are going to deposit having these materials. This is the best way to avoid slowing down the recycling process.

4. Pay attention to the reel

It is important to know if the coil of the spiral of your notebook is made of metal or plastic. This element is useful to know where to throw the material you want to recycle. There are cities that have much more advanced recycling processes that allow you to throw several objects in the same container. These are separated during the process that takes place in the recycling factory.

If the coil is made of metal, there will be no problem with depositing the notebook in the container available for this type of material. However, if it is made of plastic, it is necessary to determine whether it is recyclable or not.

5. Check if the spiral notebooks have a cardboard cover

The first thing you need to know is that cardboard covers and paper can be recycled together. It's a good idea to check with your local recycling company to find out if cardboard can be deposited in the same place as paper.

6. Recycle paper

The first thing you should know is that recycling paper from your spiral notebooks is easy. In fact, you can deposit it in the corresponding container along with other old paper you have at home.

7. Remove the spool

You can remove the coil from the spiral using two very useful mechanisms:

  • Unwind the coil from your notebook: the first thing you should do is secure the notebook right on the edge of a small table. The coil should be hanging down. Use a pair of pliers to untangle the ends. Now, pull the coils out through the holes in the paper.
  • Notebooks with individual rings: You can find notebooks that have individual coils in each of the holes in the paper. These can be made of plastic or metal. What to do in this case? Simple... just remove the coil from each of the rings until the paper is free.
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What can you do with old spiral notebooks?

Reuse a coil that you have taken out of the notebook to avoid large amounts of waste. You can also recycle them if you feel you don't need to reuse them at home.

But if you have decided to give this material a new opportunity, these are the most recommended options for its realization:

  • Cut the coils into very small pieces with the help of a wire cutter. With each of the pieces, create hangers or hooks. Through them, you can attach Christmas ornaments, attach wires or hang paintings.
  • The same pieces of cut coils can be used to create homemade clips for holding papers. Surely, you will save a lot of money on the purchase of these products.
  • Are you a jewelry designer? Use the freshly cut paper spools in small pieces for your next creation.
  • Donate the spools to a stationery store or copy center, where they might be given a second chance. They could even be used for new spiral notebooks.

What other options do I have?

Of course, recycling is an excellent alternative when it comes to getting rid of your old spiral notebooks. But there is a much safer way to be much more environmentally friendly: Don't use notebooks anymore.

Not using paper anymore can be quite a drastic change. You need to assimilate the process very well, as changing habits can be a bit disruptive.

Instead of notebooks, you can start using notes on your smartphone or tablet. In this way, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper, doing a great favor to the environment.

There are many advantages of using digital notes:

  • They are much easier to search.
  • Virtual notes are much more affordable.
  • You can carry them with you at all times, without having to deal with so many papers.
  • Digital notes make it easier to organize your ideas.
  • They will let you write down everything you need in a much more environmentally friendly way.

Can you recycle spiral notebooks? The answer is yes, but to do so you must follow a series of steps. Recycling them will help to reduce the level of contamination and will allow you to reduce costs.

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