Can you recycle Tissue Paper?

When it comes to materials that can be recycled, we know that there is a great variety of them; however, there are others for which there is still no concrete answer regarding their use and one of those is tissue paper, the reason being the type of structure, that is very thin and in most cases it does not work for recycling.

However, there are some companies that do make it as a recyclable material, everything will depend on that aspect. Well, there are some recycling industries that have managed to even convert tissue paper into fertilizer; for that reason, it is essential to first consult to determine whether they accept it or not.

Is tissue paper considered a recyclable and environmentally friendly material?

Paper in general is considered as one of the materials that can be reused several times and is also environmentally friendly; however, when we talk about tissue paper, the concept or perception is not the same due to its composition.

To understand it better, we should know some characteristics that make tissue paper, although it can be recycled, it has some limitations compared to common paper.

  • Tissue paper cannot be used several times because it is very thin, it tends to break quickly, which is a major limitation in terms of reuse
  • The trees used for the production of this material take time to grow; not to mention that they are not planted in their usual habitat

Taking these aspects into account, it can be said that although tissue paper can be recycled, it cannot be reused; in addition to the fact that the amount of trees used for its production is higher than that of normal paper.

In addition, another reason why it cannot be recycled is that tissue paper itself is already a material that has been recycled; for that reason, its reuse and recycling are more complex and its structure is very low.

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What are the ways to recycle tissue paper?

There are many doubts about how tissue paper can be recycled due to its composition. However, believe it or not, there are many ways to do it. One of the best ways to determine if the tissue paper you have at home is recyclable is through the Scrunch test.

This consists of wrinkling the tissue paper as much as you can, if it gives in without any problem, it is completely recyclable; but if it has resistance to this test, you should discard it completely. Likewise, everything will depend on the company that you go to or which is trustworthy regarding recycling materials.

What is the type of tissue paper that cannot be recycled?

Many companies that recycle materials have some conditions when it comes to tissue paper. One of the first is that they cannot have any kind of metallic or plastic material. Even if you have tissue paper with a reflective or shiny material, it must go straight to the trash.

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One of the main reasons why tissue papers with plastic, aluminum, or shiny materials are not accepted is because they usually contain few paper fibers. Therefore, they cannot be accepted as a type of recycled material.

However, it is always recommended to take a little look at the conditions of the different counties regarding the conditions they have for this type of material.

Did you know that tissue paper is biodegradable?

That's right, although not all tissue papers can be recycled, those that do not contain any type of plastic tape, or shiny are biodegradable. For this reason, if we want to contribute to the environment, when we buy a product or this same paper or decorate a gift, for example, we must make sure that it does not have these details.

Otherwise, it will not qualify as a biodegradable or recyclable material and we must throw it in the trash. One of the reasons why a lot of emphasis is placed on these aspects is that normal tissue paper is perfect for composting because it absorbs water very well.

But we must always take care of those little details that if they have it, the purpose for which we are buying it will serve absolutely nothing.

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How can tissue paper be reused?

Due to the great complexity that we have been talking about regarding how difficult it is to reuse this paper, there are indeed some options that you can opt for to do so.

  • One of the most creative ideas you can do with a previously used tissue paper is to use it to make a picture frame
  • With the paper, you can create mini flowers, garlands, or personalized glass plates
  • You can opt to use it to make a decorative bouquet of flowers

These are just a few ideas you can opt for in case you don't know how to reuse the tissue paper you have at home. If you go to some youtube pages you will also see many more options that you can do to not simply waste this material.

Can tissue paper handkerchiefs be recycled?

Actually, in these cases, it is a complete impediment to be able to recycle the papers that are used as handkerchiefs. This is because usually in restaurants, for example, they are used a lot as napkins or to clean the dishes. Therefore, they become full of dirt and during the recycling process, it would be impossible to recycle them.

These fluids, grease, and dirt completely damage the rest of the recycled materials. For that reason we say that reusing this paper can be complex, it can only be done on some occasions and if the material works for it.

If we want to contribute to the environment by being able to recycle this type of material, we must be careful when choosing it. And in case it does not qualify as recycling material, then we choose to reuse it as much as possible.

The only certainty is that many people are into recycling and that is why now there are more and more searches about the trash schedule in Columbus, the garbage pickup in Houston, and the collection in Philadelphia.


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