How to Dispose of Furniture? Options to consider

How to Dispose of Furniture

If you are thinking of getting rid of your furniture because you are going to renew the decoration of your home, because you are going to move or because you want to save space, you should get rid of it. That's when the question arises: how to dispose of furniture? And the way to do it will depend on the time you have to do it.

Sometimes we want to remove furniture quickly, but before doing so, an inventory of the furniture we are removing must be made. Any other trash we are throwing away should also be analyzed.

If the furniture is in good condition, it can probably be donated. However, if it is in poor condition, it is usually best to throw it away.

Different options for disposing of old furniture

There are different ways in which we can get rid of old furniture. The best ways to do it can be:

Rent a roll-off dumpster

This is a very fast and affordable way to get rid of furniture and other household items. These dumpsters are offered by many junk handling companies and range from 10 to 40 yards, and they will deliver the dumpster to the location of your choice.

When you've loaded the container, you'll simply need to schedule the pickup online to be taken away. This is a great option for projects where a large amount of furniture is going to be thrown away.

Normally, this is an option that has a fee that is quite low, and you will have a guaranteed and scheduled removal of the furniture.

Leave them on the sidewalk

If the furniture is small, disposal can be very easy. However, you should always contact your local garbage service to ensure collection. In some cases, you will be charged extra for furniture disposal in addition to the regular garbage.

In addition, there may be limitations or a certain time frame in which they can be thrown away. Some companies even require furniture to be sealed in plastic prior to curbside collection. Some areas do not allow curbside disposal of furniture, so it is important to inquire.

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This is an inexpensive way to get rid of some small furniture. You may have to wait until a bulk collection day.

Hire a garbage removal service

Junk removal services will send professionals who will determine the cost of removing your furniture. In case you agree with the price, they will load the items and take them away.

It is a great option to get rid of items on the spot, but junk removal prices are commonly based on the total volume of the items. This might make it more expensive to remove them.

It has the great advantage of removal being scheduled, and professionals take care of all the work, but the cost for the removal of furniture in this way will increase per item, and you always have to be present for the pick-up.

Where to Dump Old Furniture?

We have seen different ways to get rid of furniture in your home. However, there are also ways to get rid of them if you want to take them to a place, such as:


This may apply especially to metal chairs, tables or bed frames, which can be recycled. In some cases, you may also be able to dispose of steel spring mattresses, provided that the fabric is removed beforehand.

Before opting for this, you must determine whether the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. In the case of non-ferrous metals, the cost of disposal will be higher. Normally, scrap yards will pay for metallic materials, but, if they are non-ferrous metals they will not pay as much.


If you have a pickup truck, you can dump your furniture directly into your local landfill. This is a very good option when you need to get rid of a sofa or bed immediately.

Some landfills have specific free bulk waste disposal days, so it is best to wait until these days to dispose of them. It is always best to call before transporting items, because some locations may be closed.

In these cases, you can get a very low fee, or you may even be able to throw your furniture away for free. However, you must make sure that the landfill is open to the public, or they will not receive your furniture.

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How much can it cost to get rid of old furniture?

The cost of getting rid of old furniture will depend largely on the option you prefer to choose. In this way, we will be able to have approximate prices for each way:

  • Container rental: Normally renting a container can be around $450. Depending on the company, prices range from $300 to $700.
  • Junk removal service: usually these services will charge you to remove a complete bed for around $600.
  • Leave them at the curb: depending on the area where you are, you may be charged between 5 and 50 dollars. This applies exclusively to small furniture, if it is large furniture you cannot opt for this alternative.
  • Taking them to landfills: most landfills cost between $30 and $40 per ton of waste. To this, you will have to add the costs you will have to cover to take the furniture to the landfill.

It all depends on the size of the project and which service best suits your needs. In many cases, dumpster rental services can be a cheaper solution. This is because they allow you to throw away a large amount of furniture for a fairly low price.

If the furniture is illegally dumped, not only will the environment be affected, but you could be looking at thousands of dollars in fines. In the event that you can't leave them at the curb or at a local landfill, the ideal thing to do is to enlist the help of a furniture removal service or dumpster rental.

Furniture donation options

If your furniture is in good condition, you can donate it so that it can be reused and not end up immediately in a garbage dump. To do so, the item must meet certain conditions:

  • They are in good condition, not in need of repair.
  • Upholstery is free of tears, stains and odours.
  • There are no major scratches or grooves in the wood.
  • It is an item that has not been infested with bed bugs or other pests.

Furniture in good condition can be donated to charities and non-profit organizations. They can also be donated to schools, churches, community theatres and even animal shelters. However, you should call ahead to make sure they will receive your furniture as a donation.

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