How to Dispose of a Carpet? Here We Tell You

How to Dispose of Carpet

The time has come to dispose of the carpet in your home after several years of uninterrupted use. Remove it with great caution, using the right tools to avoid complications and then use the best strategies to get rid of it before laying the newly acquired carpet.

If you're one of those who repeatedly ask yourself the question, "How to Dispose of a Carpet?" in All About Recycle, we will answer you with practical tips on how to get rid of the old carpet you no longer want in your home.

In this regard, there are multiple options. One of them is to recycle the old carpet, for which there are numerous companies that can help with the process. But you can also donate some fragments. But before you make a decision, it is best to find out how to dispose of your carpet in an environmentally friendly way.

How to dispose of old carpet you no longer want in your home

Take advantage of your old carpet so that it doesn't end up in the landfill. There are people or non-profit organizations that would be eager to give it a second chance. Remove it from your home by following these tips:

1. Recycle the old carpet

Although it may seem hard to believe, carpets can be recycled. They are composed of materials such as plastic and fibre, which are easily broken down during the recycling process. These materials can be reused as industrial flooring products, vehicle interiors, tile backing, carpet padding, parking lot barrier and more.

2. Give away surplus

Giving away old carpets can be counterproductive, as it involves hygiene and health issues. Very few organizations accept old carpet as a donation, especially when it has been used for many years. To receive a worn carpet, it has to be cleaned very carefully and not all companies have the time and money to do this.

However, some animal care companies will appreciate the donation of small pieces of fabric. They will use them as padding for both dog and cat shelters.

3. Ask for help from local companies to remove the carpet

For many people, it is easier to hire the services of professionals for the removal of old carpets. This saves you the effort of moving furniture, lifting tack strips, cutting fabric, removing glue, cleaning floors, and so on.

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Carpet installation companies usually have removal services. They have the tools and qualified personnel to perform the task as efficiently as possible.

4. Reuse the carpet

If you don't want to get rid of the old carpet, you can reuse it. This means that you can install it in another room of the home or place it in another house on your property that you want to decorate. The most important thing is that it is in good condition and clean, to avoid a bad impression and the spread of diseases.

If you don't want to use the old carpet as it was previously installed, let your imagination run wild. Cut several rugs into pieces and glue them to create a different visual effect, for example.

You can also use them for other purposes such as placing them on the floor of the car, as a support for your knees when you have to kneel for any housework or as a bed for your pets.

5. Throw it away completely

If none of the above options convinces you, you can get rid of the old carpet completely. The important thing is that the disposal process is done properly, so it is recommended to hire specialized equipment. The carpet cannot be treated as normal garbage, which is why you can't just leave it at the curb and that's it.

In fact, there are disposal companies that do not accept large carpets, since materials like fibre and plastic don't break down as easily in conventional landfills.

How to remove carpet from your home without inconvenience?

The first step to dispose of your carpet is to remove it from the floor, but the task involves a rigorous procedure that we will show you below.

1. First, you must clean the furniture

In this case, cleaning will ensure clear spaces for easy, uncluttered carpet removal. You will need to remove the doors from the hinges, making sure that the passage from the room to the trash can is clean so you can move around easily.

It is also important to vacuum the surface of the carpet, as it collects a lot of dust. It is important that you cover the furniture in other rooms that you cannot move to prevent dust from the carpet from covering them with dirt.

2. Now, remove the baseboards

Most of the time, carpets are laid before the baseboards are installed. Therefore, you should remove the baseboards with the help of a sharp knife or a spatula to facilitate the process.

Check the condition of the baseboards after removing them. If they are in perfect condition, reuse them at the end of the process.

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3. Loosen the carpet a little

With the help of a pair of pliers, loosen each edge of the carpet to make it easier to uninstall. The first thing you should do is remove the tacks, which will probably not be a lot of work. To make the process much easier, cut a slit in the carpet so you can pull it out. If the floor is wood, be very careful not to compromise it.

4. Scrapping as you go

Use a large, sharp knife to cut the carpet into strips that you can handle without hassle. To make the process easier, the strips should be up to 3 feet wide. This way, you'll be able to handle the carpet without hassle.

5. Roll up each strip

Once you've cut the carpet strips, roll them up one by one, then use masking tape to wrap them. This procedure will help you pick up and throw away the old rugs once you've finished uninstalling them.

6. Remove the padding

Finished with the carpet? Well, now it's the upholstery's turn, which you'll need to remove in the same way. Once you have removed the staples, the padding will come out easily. If the padding is glued to the floor, we invite you to remove the adhesive left on the padding.

7. Remove the tack strips

It is important that you wear gloves when removing the tack strips that have been left around. Remember that they have sharp components that will hurt you if you do not take precautions. If they are in good condition, you can certainly put them to new use.

8. Remove the staples from your carpets

Undoubtedly, it will be a complicated task to get each of these items off the floor. But to complete the process successfully, you must locate the staples and pick them up one by one. This will ensure that your new carpet is installed correctly.

9. Clean very well

It is important that you clean the area you are working on to reduce excess dust and debris. Sweep very carefully and make sure that no impurities are left behind using a powerful vacuum cleaner. This will clear the way for your new carpet. Use gloves and masks to avoid contact with particles that affect your health.

10. Discard the carpet

Pre-rolled and pre-wrapped carpet strips are ready to be discarded. Do this using the methods described above; the options at hand are to recycle them, donate them or dispose of them with the help of a specialized company.

Getting rid of an old carpet is simple as long as you follow the procedure we have described. There are many ways to dispose of that carpet you no longer want: recycle, donate or throw away in specialized containers. But first, you must make sure that the removal process is the most appropriate.

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