Where do I take my Scrap Ammunition to be recycled safely?

Where do i take my Scrap Ammunition to be recycled safely?

Although it may seem impossible, ammunition may fall into the category of recyclable products; as long as preventive measures are taken regarding them to avoid any accidents. This aspect will also depend on the company we call for their collection.

They are the ones that can tell us which are steps to follow so that the ammunition can be accepted or the type of ammunition that they classify perfectly for recycling. However, it is not the most advisable, although there are some machines that take care of the decomposition of the same to avoid incidents.

Why can ammunition be safely recycled?

One of the reasonss that exist for ammunition to be recycled is that it is unused. The University of Massachusetts has created a machine capable of disassembling these cartridges to extract their components.

Among the elements contained in the ammunition cartridges are certain metals that can be effectively recycled. Even the gunpowder they contain can be recycled and used as fertilizer for plants.

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It should be noted that this is only in those ammunitions that have not been used; because in case they are used, then the only thing that could be recycled is the casing, which is made of brass in most cases.

How should ammunition be prepared for recycling?

Although you do not generate it, in order for ammunition to be recycled legally, it is necessary to comply with a series of safety rules to avoid any inconvenience or problem.

  • The first thing you must do is clean and dry it; these cannot have gunpowder residue or dirt on them
  • You must classify the types of bullet casings you have so that the recycling process is much easier
  • These should be separated by shotgun shells, brass shells, aluminum, steel casing, and range lead, among others
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It is essential to comply with these steps because otherwise in the recycling companies where they accept these types of materials they reject them. Especially with the first point, because if those in charge of evaluating the products find any powder residue in the ammunition, it will not be accepted.

Why has it been decided to recycle ammunition?

It is no secret that ammunition contains certain toxic and harmful substances such as lead and sulfur that considerably affect the environment. By recycling ammunition correctly, we will be contributing to the care of the environment.

In addition, we are protecting the material resources of these substances and by recycling ammunition, it is possible to manufacture new ones. This translates into a lower production cost because the extraction and manufacturing process is less.

Based on the recycling of any object, you could inquire a little more about the recycling collection schedule in your area to drop off your ammunition waste if they accept it. In fact, many have searched Detroit's trash schedule, Gilbert's garbage pickup, and El Paso's garbage schedule, getting results.

What damage can be caused by substances in ammunition?

In addition to all of the above, there are other damages that harmful substances contained in ammunition can cause to the environment. It is for that reason that we should investigate this information before making any decisions.

  • Soil can be greatly affected along with groundwater and damage wildlife
  • Substances contained in munitions, if not thoroughly washed, can cause a small explosion upon contact with any sparks
  • They can cause injury, damage, and property damage if they explode

Benefits of safely recycling ammunition

Due to the large amount of small valuable elements contained in ammunition, we will be contributing to the conservation of these metals by recycling them. From brass and aluminum to nickel, these elements recycle very well.

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Not to mention that this contributes to the creation of new raw materials, thus helping to reduce the use of energy in the manufacture of the same.

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Although not yet fully approved, ammunition can be completely reused in terms of creating other products or manufacturing them, but with less raw material. Many people don't know it, but this really contributes to the care of the environment and the conservation of valuable resources.

Where to dispose of them?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions after reading all this information. One of the safe places you can go to dispose of ammunition safely and reliably is the police station.

They offer the services of recycling them to contribute to the care of the environment so that they do not circulate in the streets anymore, avoiding also the damage they can cause. Other places you can go to are shooting ranges because they are also closely linked to an ammunition recycling company. Besides, it is much easier for them to take care of the whole process of decomposition of the ammunition.

What not to do with this element?

We already know that ammunition is a type of material that must be treated with care; especially when it is used so that it does not explode if it is not spotless. However, there are other aspects that we must take care of when handling ammunition.

  • Never bury it in case you do not know where to place it
  • You cannot throw it in the trash because the cartridge can be activated and explode the whole garbage truck
  • It is forbidden to sink them in water or oil because despite being an attempt to make the powder no longer work, it is not safe and it can fail

These are some options that people sometimes opt for to get rid of ammunition. But instead, they can cause great damage without even knowing it. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take them to a recycling company where they will accept them and follow the steps to be able to recycle them.


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