Top Brands of Recycled Bycicles Online: Comparing Prices & Quality

Top Brands of Recycled Bycicles Online: Comparing Prices and Quality --

Interest in recycling and sustainability has increased recently, and the bicycle sector is no exception. There are an increasing number of online companies offering bicycle recycled services, which has created healthy competition in the market, with more and more people looking to give up their old bikes in the form of fighting against environmental damage.

As awareness of the environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods increases, the search for sustainable alternatives has become a priority for many people. As a result, more and more people want to buy recycled bikes to reduce the amount of waste. generated by industry, while encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport.

Top companies where you can buy a used bike

Once these factors have been evaluated, it is time to compare some leading online bicycle recycling companies in the United States. Considering primary factors in their service, such as the work module and the prices that are set there.

The Pro's Closet


The Pro's Closet is a company dedicated to buying, selling, and recycling high-end bicycles in the United States. As for its bicycle recycling service, this company offers a sustainable solution for cyclists who want to get rid of their old or unused bikes. However, for those who would like to buy a recycled bike, this is definitely a great option.

  • The prices of the bikes range from $2000 to $7000-$8000 because they sell only high-end bikes
  • Its team of experts evaluates the bicycles before selling them to the public, guaranteeing the quality of used bikes
  • Reduces environmental impact by promoting the use of reused bicycles
  • They have a basic website where you can put filters at the time of purchase to find the best option
  • Bikes arrive tuned and mostly pre-assembled
  • Torque tool & video guide included
  • Go from unboxing to riding in 15 minutes

Bicycle Blue Book


Bicycle Blue Book is an American company that appraises, buys, and sells used bicycles. In this case, we offer it to you as a mid-range option where you can buy your used bike in the best possible condition.

  • Bicycle prices range from $400 to $5000-$7000 depending on make, year, and model
  • Their team evaluates the bike to check if it meets quality standards
  • The standards are really low. Most bikes are accepted
  • They tend to focus on high-end bikes, but will also accept mid-range bikes in good condition
  • It has a simple interface for shopping where they even have a comparator to choose between one model or another
  • The bike will require assembly and adjustments by a professional mechanic before assembly
  • Pedals and accessories are not included
  • California sales tax applies to all orders shipped to a California address or picked up locally at our facility
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Wheel & Sprocket

wheel & sprocket

Wheel & Sprocket is a store committed to the fun and love of bicycles for many people. With over 50 years in business, they have grown to approximately 12 stores where you can purchase your choices. In addition, in their online store, the buying process is much easier for you to reach them wherever you are.

  • Prices range from $600 to $6000 depending on the bike model
  • All bikes are made with sustainable materials. Some have already been used
  • Not only do they sell bikes, but also accessories
  • They have a store with bikes on clearance at a very competitive price
  • They have an interface full of information about bikes, and the products they have in the store
  • They have immediate delivery in nearby areas
  • All bikes are tested before being shipped to their destination
  • They offer trade-in options. If you have a used bike that you want to trade in, you can trade it in for one from the store

Recycle Bicycles


Recycle Bicycles is a non-profit organization based in the United States that is dedicated to recycling used bicycles and donating them to people in need. Through its recycling program, Recycle Bicycles accepts used bicycles from individuals and businesses, repairs them, and donates them to people who cannot afford a new bike.

  • The bicycles are usually not priced because the organization donates them to those who need them the most
  • There is no quality standard that the bike must meet

How do bicycle recycling companies work?

Online bicycle recycling companies work similarly to other e-commerce companies, with some industry-specific particularities. Broadly speaking, the online bicycle recycling process usually follows the following steps:

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Process Information
Receipt of the bicycle The bicycle can be shipped by mail or parcel in some companies
Evaluation of the bicycleThe condition of the bicycle is crucial to the company
Offer to PurchaseThe offer may vary depending on the make, model and condition of the bicycle
Acceptance of the offer The company pays and starts the process
Dismantling and recycling The bicycle is disassembled and the parts are separated
Selling components This may include the sale of components online through e-commerce platforms

Receipt of the bicycle

The first step in the bicycle recycling process is the receipt of the bicycle by the customer. In some companies, the customer can send the bicycle by mail or parcel service, while in others, it is possible to deliver the bicycle in person.

Evaluation of the bicycle

Once the bicycle has arrived at the recycler, it is evaluated to determine its condition and value. In some cases, additional photographs or detailed descriptions of the bike's condition may be requested for a more accurate assessment.

A purchase is offered for the recycled bicycle.

After the evaluation, the bicycle recycler makes a purchase offer to the customer. The offer may vary depending on the make, model, and condition of the bicycle.

Acceptance of the offer

If the customer accepts the offer, the bicycle recycler makes the payment and begins the process of recycling the bicycle.

Disassembly and Recycling

At this stage, the bicycle is disassembled, and its components are separated for proper recycling. Components that can be reused, such as brakes, gears, and wheels, can be sold separately in the used bicycle market. Components that cannot be reused are properly recycled.

Selling components

Some bicycle recycling companies also sell components that can be reused in the used bicycle market. This may include selling components online through e-commerce platforms.


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