Where do I take my Scrap Brass Shells to be recycled safely?

Where do i take my Scrap Brass Shells to be recycled safely?

If you have used brass bushings, it is important to recycle them to avoid wasting resources and waste that ends up in landfills. There are many things you can do with this material and places to take them. However, just as many people wonder what to do with a recycled U.S. flag, or even what are the best brands of reused bikes, your question is valid and we will answer it.

Brass bushings are often recycled at dedicated recycling centers, but not all of them are so recommended, it will be better to evaluate the reputation of each place to make the decision.

Recycling centers are the perfect place to take your used brass bushings

As already mentioned, there is no better place to take the material than to a recycling center, because they accept much more than just tissue paper. To do so, you must make sure that they really accept brass caps and what are their safety measures so as not to violate the rules or run health risks.

Best of all, they will usually give you monetary compensation for having taken this material to the center, as it is a very valuable element for several industries.

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Environmental impact of discarding brass bushings in the garbage

Disposing of brass ferrules in the trash contributes to soil and water pollution. Brass ferrules can take decades or even centuries to decompose, and in the meantime can release toxic substances into the environment.

Another negative environmental impact of discarding brass caps in the trash is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. These reasons, although few, are enough for you to never throw brass caps in the trash. You should take them to the right place.

What makes recycling brass ferrules so important?

By recycling brass ferrules, you can contribute to a more sustainable future and protect the environment for future generations. The most important reasons are:

  • Conservation of natural resources: brass is a valuable material used in a wide variety of applications, from the manufacture of machine parts to the production of musical instruments. By recycling brass ferrules, natural resources such as copper and zinc, which are used in their manufacture, can be conserved
  • Reducing landfill waste: brass ferrules can take many years to decompose in landfills. By recycling them, the amount of waste that ends up in landfills is reduced, which helps to protect the environment
  • Saving energy: the production of brass from raw materials requires a lot of energy. By recycling brass ferrules and using the recycled brass in the manufacture of new products, a lot of energy can be saved
  • Job creation: recycling brass bushings can also contribute to job creation in the recycling industry and the manufacture of products made from recycled materials
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How else can you recycle brass bushings without taking them to recycling centers?

Nowadays there are multiple options that facilitate the recycling of brass bushings to help our environment. They are the following:

Gun cartridge recycling programs

Some gun cartridge manufacturers offer recycling programs in which they accept used brass cartridge cases and recycle them for use in the manufacture of new cartridges. These programs may require that the shells be clean and undamaged.

Many charities and veterans groups accept donations of brass shells for use in exhibitions or to sell to raise funds.

Selling Online

You can also sell your brass shells online through scrap or metal-selling websites or on auction sites such as eBay. Be sure to research market prices before selling them to get the best value.

Crafts and DIY projects

Brass ferrules can be used by crafters and people who enjoy DIY projects to create jewelry, decorations, and other creative objects. If you have artistic skills or DIY knowledge, you can use brass ferrules to create something new and original.

Metal recycling at home

Brass ferrules can also be recycled at home. If you have access to a furnace and a mold, you can melt down brass ferrules and create your own metal parts.


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