Baltimore County Waste Management • Hours & Contact

Baltimore County Waste Management • Hours & Contact

Waste management in Baltimore County is of great importance due to the impact it has on the environment and public health of the community. There are a number of initiatives and regulations aimed at ensuring that waste is properly managed and its environmental impact is minimized, including measures to reduce the amount of waste generated, encourage recycling, and ensure safe disposal of remaining waste.

In addition, effective cleanup management can foster sustainable economic development by creating employment opportunities and other "green" enterprises. Ultimately, proper waste collection management is important to ensure a safe and healthy community for current residents and future generations.

Learn about the trash and recycling collection schedule in Baltimore. It's easy to use!

The official county website can provide information on available services and resources, including waste management.

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  • Within the waste management section, you can search for information on the trash collection schedule via the search engine.

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  • By entering your home address you will immediately see details on trash and recycling collection days, and the types of waste collected on each day. In addition, if you wish, you will have the option to download your schedule so that you can always keep it in mind.

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What is the fee for waste management service in Baltimore?

While Baltimore County's waste and refuse collection service was not previously free, they did have a no-cost collection policy for large items in certain areas. Currently, by ordinance of the county government, waste collection service has been declared to be completely and entirely free of charge to Baltimore residents.

However, it is possible to get details about what guidelines must be met to have the free service by contacting the public works department at 311.

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What items are collected by waste management?

The items collected by waste collection services may vary depending on the location and type of waste being collected in the county. Generally, however, waste management services in Baltimore collect items such as:

  • Food waste and organic and inorganic human consumption products
  • Paper or paper waste
  • Cardboard, whether boxes, bags, or objects of this material
  • Plastics as objects, tools, utensils, or waste
  • Glass pieces and waste
  • Most tools and utensils that are made of base metals such as iron, nickel, aluminum, or silver
  • In some cases, other solid waste, such as branches and other organic or bulky materials, is also collected

Objects not accepted by the collection service!

On the other hand, the objects and waste that are not collected by the garbage collection services are hazardous or environmentally harmful waste as well as waste that could affect the operation of instruments or the health of workers. Some of these wastes are:

  • Toxic, corrosive, or harmful chemicals or wastes
  • Batteries and batteries containing heavy elements or high-risk acids
  • Possibly reactive medications
  • Flammable and other materials that may be hazardous to health or the environment

5 private garbage collection companies

Private trash collection companies are an excellent option if you need to get that junk out and the public service can't help you. Because Baltimore City is one of the largest and most populated locations in the United States, the catalog of available collection companies is not surprising. Among the most reliable and recommended companies in the city we can suggest you contact:

Eastern Sanitary Landfill Solid Waste Management Facility 1 410 887 2000
Baltimore County - Central Acceptance Facility 1 410 887 2000
Couser Hauling & Junk Removal 1 410 845 2600
WM - Baltimore Recycling Center 1 410 796 7010
Baltimore City Department of Public Works SW Sanitation Yard 1 410 396 3367

Does the service continue to operate on holidays?

Because in Baltimore, and the United States in general, there are important dates on which workers are allowed to have a break, on those days the cleaning service does not work. This could affect the service by causing it to be delayed for a day; however, it will resume its regular route the following day, which is a point to keep in mind to keep our containers up to date.

Contact Baltimore County waste managers right away

With a population density as large as that of Baltimore City, when dealing with such an important public service, it is necessary to maintain direct contact. The following methods of communication are available to all citizens to proceed with their complaints and inquiries about the service.

  • Website: The primary method to know more information about the service, the specific fees, and the waste that can be collected by the same, you can consult them personally on the official platform at this address. In it, there will be at your quick disposal the media and social networks with which to get in touch more efficiently with the experts and authorities of the locality.
  • Telephone: To request vital information via telephone, you can contact the number of the Baltimore County executive offices or the health authorities, which would be 410-887-2450 and 410-887-7415.
  • Mail: The emails to which you can request information on this matter are and
  • Social networks: In addition, you can also contact and get updated information instantly through the social networks of the government of Baltimore, which are present on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

What are the hours of operation for this service in Baltimore?

To be sure that your dumpster is emptied, you should anticipate collection by leaving your dumpster at the curb one hour in advance. Baltimore's neighborhood cleanup schedulers begin to travel throughout the county as early as 7:00 am. Therefore, trash should be kept on hand for these collectors beginning at 6 am on the appropriate day.

Remember that all units sent to do this job finish their work at exactly 3:30 pm. This schedule remains in effect Monday through Saturday, except for holidays which may cause a delay of up to one-day maximum. If after 4 p.m. the collection service has not picked up your container, do not hesitate to call the customer service department at +1-410-887-2000.

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