Boston Garbage Schedule • Schedules and prices

Boston Garbage Schedule • Schedules and prices

Boston is one of the longest-lived cities in the United States, internationally recognized for being an educational, commercial, and entertainment capital. Definitely one of the best places to live in the country, even more so considering that Boston can boast of being one of the cleanest locations. This is because it has an excellent waste collection service that maintains order.

To collaborate as citizens in the organization of this magnificent city, we must consider which are the corresponding collection days, as well as those objects that cannot be discarded in the garbage containers. Even which are the means of communication. These and many more data are what we will define below.

Discover the Boston trash schedule for this 2023

  • The first step to finding out which collection schedule applies to your neighborhood is to go to the Boston Government home page. In the upper-left corner, you will find a "Menu" button that, when clicked, displays a navigation menu with different options.

boston menu

  • In this menu, you should proceed to click on "Departments", which will redirect you to another selection interface with all the departments of the Boston government.

boston departments

  • In this section, you should look for the "Public Works" box and click on it.

public works boston

  • In the tools menu, the first option corresponds to "Find your Trash Schedule without Trash Day app", you should click right there.

find calendar boston

  • Next, you will see how it will have automatically taken you to the address where you can look up your neighborhood's trash collection schedule. Currently, there is a downloadable app with which you can view information and activate reminders so that you don't forget to schedule your trash day, but it is also possible to find this information online, on this same page.
  • If you scroll down this page you can read the instructions to correctly search for your address and thus have the corresponding schedule.
  • Next to this, you will see the calendar search engine, where, when you enter your address data, the addresses registered in its database will be displayed. You must select the one that corresponds to your address, remember that you only need to type the street number and the name. Example: 13 Avery State, Boston 02111.
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locator boston

  • You can easily view all the upcoming and future schedules of the urban and neighborhood sanitation system. Along with it, it will indicate the days that recycling materials will be collected.

Price of garbage collection in Boston

Although this collection service is considered public work by the Boston government, it is not free. Every three months, each household must pay a fee of $62 to receive this service. This fee can increase if you exceed the number of containers or the weight of the container, so, annually, Boston citizens can spend up to $250 for the neighborhood waste collection service.

Here are the items you can drop off for garbage pickup

Now that you know how to check the garbage collection schedule, you should know which items you can't throw away, since the Boston government pays special attention to what waste can be collected and processed by the garbage collectors. Mainly, we should clarify which items are accepted by the city's sanitation and recycling service providers.

  • Refrigerators
  • Televisions, computers, or any electronic device
  • Air conditioners
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Containers or plastic items
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic or tin containers

Products that they will never accept in collection!

On the other hand, it is perhaps more important to highlight which products or items are definitely forbidden to be disposed of in garbage containers, since we are talking about objects whose composition and structure can hinder the collection process being carried out, but, beyond that, they are a complete danger to the workers of this organization, and they even represent a severe environmental threat.

  • Construction or demolition tools and materials
  • Automobile or motorcycle parts, including tires
  • Water heaters
  • Corrosive, toxic, or flammable liquids
  • Batteries of any kind
  • Yard waste
  • Bricks, rocks, or debris
  • Syringes or biomedical materials

Private companies can help you with unaccepted items

Knowing which are the most recognized and reliable waste collection companies in the city is also essential. Even more so if you have large amounts of waste or unaccepted items that cannot be collected by the government's neighborhood sanitation service. If that is your case, you don't have to wait and let these wastes accumulate when you have the present companies that can help you.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? Boston Central 1 800-468-5865
The Junkluggers of Greater Boston 1 617-272-7173
Junk King Boston 1 617-318-6888
Marvin Junk Removal 1 781-267-5966
LoadUp Junk Removal 1 844-239-7711

Garbage collection on holidays

Although the collection service performs an impeccable and diligent job throughout the year, it does not work strictly every day. This is because there are festive dates that are declared holidays for workers in all sectors, in this case, the public sector, because, during those specific days, the waste collectors are given the day off, and the waste collection service is delayed for only one day.

Means of contact through which you can make complaints or suggestions about the service

When there are problems or eventualities with the public waste collection service, such as lost, forgotten, or damaged containers, you should contact the company. The public services department has implemented and disseminated the different channels of attention that they handle with the citizens of Boston. That way, they can proceed with requests, claims, or consult doubts regarding the service.

  • Website: As we could appreciate, through the official website of the government of Boston it is possible to consult different departments of the governorate. In this case, you can learn more about garbage and recycling collection
  • Telephone: For many citizens, if not most, it is more comfortable to be able to contact a real person directly for a consultation. Therefore, you can make a direct call via 311 or 617-635-4900
  • Mail: Entering the garbage department extension, you will appreciate that on the right side there is a column where they have the utility contacts.

send email If you click on the SEND AN EMAIL button you can send a complaint to this department, who will contact you at the email address you provide.

email boston

  • Social networks: Check the latest updates on government services by subscribing to the Boston government's social networks. They are present on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Boston Trash Collection Schedule

Monday through Friday, the Boston garbage collection service works very early in the morning to go through all areas of the city to clean up garbage. To make sure that your dumpster is not left out of your collection day due to a lack of knowledge, it is recommended that users take certain precautions. Mainly, know which are your collection days and then have the container at the curb 30 minutes before.

As such, this neighborhood cleaning service organized by the government of Boston begins its scheduled route at 7 am. During this period of time, all containers will be emptied in the areas established in the collection schedule. In case this is not considered by the collectors, you can make a complaint by calling customer service at 311.

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