Charlotte Bulky Item Pickup • Garbage and recycling collection schedule

Many times moving equipment, materials or large items is a cumbersome and tiresome process. For this reason, important cities in the world, such as Charlotte, have a state service and private companies that are responsible for executing this work, so important in terms of the wellkeeping of the city for local and foreign delight.

Everything has a cost of execution and entails many characteristics that we must know if we want to request this option, which is easy to do. It is essential to know which days they can work to meet our needs to have a comfortable and clean house in the spaces considered public.

Learn about the Charlotte bulky item pickup program for 2023

This bulky item pickup service has some questions that we must know in order to apply for it; these are the following:

  •  The first point you should consider is that it is necessary to enter the Charlotte government page
  • On the left side, you will scroll down a menu and enter where it says "Services."

services charlotte

  •  In that part, you will select the "Trash and recycling" area

trash recycling charlotte

  • Further in that section, there is the "Bulky waste collection" service. Selecting it will bring up a tab that says, "Schedule bulky waste collection."

bulky schedule charlotte

  • Here you will enter the address where you require the service and fill in the details and contact boxes to confirm this request.

address charlote bulk

Junk piece removal services in Charlotte

The prices that are handled in the city of Charlotte regarding the removal or hauling of bulky items depend on the products presented. For example, if a stove is to be removed, it costs between $8 to $12, depending on the size.

Regarding tires, these range from $2 to $5 without their rims to move them; here, the size of the truck plays a fundamental role; for specialized trucks to move this material is charged about $20 to $30; adding this, the service can range between $40 and $60.

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Everything will depend on the products to be disposed of. If we refer to private companies, here, the service has a cost of $45 to $50 per hour, as long as they are in the range of appointments in the city of Charlotte.

Materials that you can dispose of with the garbage collection service

In this section, we find several bulky materials admitted for pickup. This we must consider when requesting a materials pickup because there we indicate the details of the service; among the accepted products, we find:

  • Computers
  • Photocopiers
  • Digital cameras
  • Mattresses
  • Sofas
  • Keyboards
  • Printers
  • Disassembled kitchens
  • Dead animals
  • Televisions (maximum 1 per appointment, otherwise take to a collection centre)
  • Tires without rims

What products are not collected by this service?

In the case of those that are not collected, often we must take them to a collection centre. They must be very well wrapped, and it must be specified that they will be delivered to know if it is allowed. These are the products that are not accepted:

  • Debris, leaves and garden waste
  • Concrete
  • Soil and rocks
  • Demolition and some landscaping material
  • Large glass and mirrors
  • Household hazardous and chemical waste

If you have products that are not collected, hire a private company!

This process of collecting bulky items has somewhat organized management, and it takes a few minutes to contact the state service.

If you can not waste time and you are a very busy person, it is advisable to hire a private company or company; they will schedule an appointment as soon as possible and execute this mobility of bulky items; the best companies for this job are:

College Hunks 833-626-1326
Junk King (704) 469-4815
1-800-GOT-JUNK? 1 800-468-5865
Cristal Clean 1-877-938-7948
Load Up (678) 884-4738

Do you have recycling items? Then discover the collection schedule here

Recycling is quite common and practised in Charlotte, as it is throughout the United States. For this point, a statewide organization is crucial, and the citizen must know the form and dates where this service exercises. To understand this, you must perform the following steps:

  • This is simple. First, you must click here.
  • Select the option "Recycling Schedule".
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recycling charlotte

  • Once there, you will find the step by step to find the home of your location through the geoportal.

geo portal charlotte

  • In the geoportal, you will have to enter your address to get more information.

geo portal charlotte map

Does the garbage collection service work on holidays?

These collection services, whether for garbage, recycling or bulky items, have a series of holidays when they do not work and do their work the next day, the holidays and their considerations are:

New Year Regular garbage collection
Martin Luther King Jr. DayNo trash pickup
Presidents' DayRegular garbage collection
Memorial DayRegular garbage collection
Independence DayRegular garbage collection
Labor DayRegular garbage collection
Veterans DayRegular garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayNo trash pickup
Christmas DayNo trash pickup
Election DayRegular garbage collection
JuneteenthNo trash pickup

Do they have means of contact to facilitate communication?

These state agencies, by representing an entire city, have several means to communicate and express any complaint or incident regarding the service. Also, if you have doubts, you can converse through the following means:

  • Website: Entering the page of the city of Charlotte, you will find everything related to the collection and recycling of materials
  • Phone: You can contact the number 704.336.7600 to resolve any questions or concerns
  • Address: The city's solid waste service centre is located at 1105 Otts St., Charlotte, NC 28205
  • Email: You can send a request or resolve an issue to if you have internet access on your cell phone or computer
  • Social networks: The City of Charlotte has Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts to answer all your questions and complaints

What is the specific schedule for garbage and bulky item collection?

The collection service in the city of Charlotte is quite organized and usually starts at 6 am and continues until 6 or 7 pm, going around the critical points of the city on the scheduled day. The garbage or the service to be performed must be in a place where this can be done (at the curbs of the house) without any impediment or obstruction that slows down the service.

In the case of private companies, they usually start working from 7 or 8 am until 5 or 6 pm, depending on the number of appointments to be executed.

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