Chesapeake Waste Management • Recycling schedules, garbage & Prices

The city of Chesapeake is located in the state of Virginia and is one of the largest in terms of the territory it covers, and is considered the second most populated city in Virginia, with a population of approximately 240,000 people and with it a large production of both organic and recyclable and toxic waste throughout the city.

If you are visiting or planning to stay and live in Chesapeake, you will notice that they have a scheduled garbage collection program. This is how they manage and dispose of all the waste produced daily by the city's residents.

Find out more about Chesapeake's schedule for 2023 here!

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  • To find out the schedule, you must click on "Find Collection Days."

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  • This section will redirect you to an interactive map where you will need to enter your address to get specific information about the current month's collection schedule.

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How much does this service cost in Chesapeake?

Unlike most of the services offered by the City of Chesapeake to its residents, there is a monthly fee for the trash collection program. That way, residents are ensuring that the sidewalks and streets around their homes are completely clean at all times. The service, compared to some, is not expensive.

The amount to be paid is only $27 per month, so you don't have to worry about it, as it is very low and completely affordable for all Chesapeake City residents.

What products are accepted by the garbage collection program?

Generally, garbage collection programs make a list of which products can be disposed of in regular garbage containers so that you can differentiate between them and know why they cannot be disposed of in the normal way. One of the most common reasons in these cases is because of their decomposition, or because the materials they are made of cannot be disposed of easily.

  • Organic waste: these can be all kinds of food, eggshells, vegetables
  • Papers, bills, cartons, plastic cups, and bottles
  • Some small appliances such as microwaves or monitors
  • Carpets
  • Empty containers, cans
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Products not accepted by the program

The City of Chesapeake has a list of products and materials that are not accepted by the trash collection program. This is mostly for employee protection because there are many hazards and contaminations with these types of items. Therefore, you must identify at the time of disposal whether you can dispose of something in the trash or not.

  • Yard waste: All kinds of weeds, branches, grass clippings, and pine straw
  • Construction materials: Cement, treated lumber, rubble, bricks
  • Burned firewood or ashes
  • Needles and syringes
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • All types of large appliances (refrigerators, stoves, televisions)
  • Mattresses, beds, tables, chairs

It is time to call a private company for your unaccepted products

At this point, many will be wondering how to dispose of these products or materials that cannot be disposed of in conventional garbage containers. There is a rapid and easy solution for this; it is private companies. They have the trained equipment and machinery necessary to take care of these items that are not accepted by the city's collection service.

SPSA Chesapeake Transfer Station 1 757 9613 943
Chesapeake Waste Industries 1 410 742 0099
Hill Will Enterprises, Inc 1 757 494 7848
Junk Shot Junk Removal 1 757 678 8898
WM - Hampton Roads 1 757 485 5700

If you have recycling products, you should know your collection schedule

In this case, the City of Chesapeake does not have a recycling service like garbage collection. Those who want to recycle products that qualify perfectly as reusable must subscribe to a city recycling program, and they have certain points where you will drop off the items. However, their hours are usually every Saturday starting at 9 am.

Is there garbage collection on holidays?

When you access the page for information about the garbage collection program, you will be able to view the schedules and the holidays will be marked on them. You should pay attention to this because typically when they fall on a collection day, the service is delayed if it is not a working day. Therefore, you must know all these details so that you do not make mistakes when putting out the containers on the wrong day.

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Pickup HolidaysDays
New Year'sMonday, January 2
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayMonday, January 16
George Washington DayMonday, February 20
Memorial Day Monday, May 29
Independence Day (Observed) Tuesday, July 4
Juneteenth (Observed) Monday, June 19
Labor Day Monday, September 4
Indigenous Peoples Day Monday, October 9
Election Day Tuesday, November 7
Veterans Day (Observed) Friday, November 10
Thanksgiving Half Day, Wednesday November 22 / Thursday November 23 / Friday November 24
Christmas Half Day, Friday, December 22 / Monday, December 25

What are the means of communication in the Chesapeake?

Nowadays, all companies and services must have all possible means of communication. This is mainly so that the inhabitants can communicate in different ways and the information that is sent can arrive efficiently, regardless of which media it is. Well, there are people who do not handle all social networks, therefore, you must have all possible options.

  • Website: If you want to have additional information about the collection programs or other city service departments, you can log on to their official website.
  • Contact number: For those who like more direct communication with those in charge of managing the collection program; you can call 757-382-2489.
  • Social networks: A greater connection in social networks means more trust and confidence that brings you to the community at all times. Not to mention that they will always be in constant communication. They have pages such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook available.
  • Email: This means of communication is widely used to make requests or in case of making claims for any service. You can communicate through the following email

What are the garbage collection hours in the City of Chesapeake?

For those who want to know what the specific garbage collection schedule is for your street, you need to log in and enter your address. That way you will be able to view the collection schedule. However, when it is collection day, you must make sure you put out your garbage container before 7 am.

The collection service begins at that time, so if you do not want to miss this day, you must be attentive to the schedule for your street.

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