Dallas Bulk Trash • Pickup Schedule & Pricing

Dallas Bulk Trash • Pickup Schedule & Pricing

An active, diligent, and timely waste collection service is essential to keep a city as large and busy as Dallas clean and attractive. Anyone who walks the wide streets of this iconic city can see how well managed and administered the public services are, especially the recycling and garbage management, which provide a lot of information online regarding the service.

Every resident of the city of Dallas should be very aware of the regulations, schedules, timetables, and fees involved in this organization, because it is a fact that, in general, thousands of tons of garbage are discarded daily, which under no circumstances should stay there. Even more so when you have a waste and recycling collection service as structured and satisfactory as the one being managed by the Dallas government.

Here's how to find the schedule for garbage and recycling collection in Dallas

Like many other cities in Texas, the Dallas government has a website where to consult any kind of information about news or services. In this case, we can access the accurate and timely schedule of the sanitation services department, i.e., garbage and recycling collection. If you still don't know how to search for it, we will show you the route below:

  • Once you find yourself on the home page of the Dallas City Government website, you will notice how it facilitates accessibility to all government departments, since on this homepage, they have positioned a "QUICK LINKS" selection menu, where the main public services are located, or at least the most searched ones. Select the second option "Trash pickup."

dallas tash pickup

  • Clicking on this link will immediately open another navigation tab that will take you to the interface of the "Sanitation" department. This contains several links or paths to view information about the various services this organization provides.
  • You can select "Garbage Collection" to find out the exact garbage and recycling collection days.

dallas garbage collection

  • Enter your exact home address in the search box, it will display a list of available addresses as you begin typing in the street number. For example 311 W Cherry Point Dr.

dallas map

  • This search engine will automatically display the next waste collection date for that location. In addition, this tool also allows you to view future dates for trash cleanup, recycling management, and bulky item collection.

dallas calendar

Are you interested in the price of the service in Dallas? We'll tell you!

Although the household waste collection service in Dallas is considered a public service, it is not free of charge. Every month, all city residents are required to pay a fee for having successfully received the service. This fee starts at $34.30 for residents who request curbside waste collection. This fee may increase for various reasons, especially if it is for a business.

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However, another alternative is also available to dispose of your garbage and deposit the recycling material you have collected. The Dallas government has provided a landfill or drop-off center located at 5100 Youngblood Road. This public landfill does not ask for any fees for its use, meaning you can deposit your trash for free by bringing it to this location. It operates Monday through Friday from 5 am to 8 pm, and Saturday from 6 am to 4 pm.

Products that will be accepted at the Dallas garbage pickup

The Dallas government, specifically the Department of Sanitation or Waste Collection and Recycling Management has set rules regarding its service. Specifically, it places a strong emphasis on or highlights which items you can dispose of in the dumpsters. If you are not yet familiar with what these items are allowed for garbage collection, we will proceed to list them:

  • Brushes or cleaning supplies
  • Household cleaning chemicals
  • Gardening chemicals
  • Paints of any kind
  • Aerosols
  • Handicrafts
  • GGG
  • Liquids from automobiles or any other vehicle
  • Small appliances such as microwaves or heaters
  • Light bulbs or fluorescent light tubes

What products are not accepted?

On the same sanitation service website available to the Dallas government, a section is left for items that are not allowed. This is found in one of the subheadings that are designed to facilitate the search for certain topics regarding the neighborhood or residential sanitation department. This is titled "Items Not Accepted" and contains a link that, when selected, takes you to a window specifically for viewing these product listings:

  • Debris or debris from construction work
  • Explosives, weapons, or any type of ammunition
  • Smoke detectors
  • Large metal parts
  • Radioactive waste
  • Toxic or flammable liquids
  • Computers
  • Cellular phones
  • Medical or biological waste
  • Recyclable material
  • Medicines

Here are 5 private companies that collect all types of products

As we mentioned, the products listed above are strictly prohibited from the garbage collection offered by the Dallas government since they represent a risk for the workers of this service and could hinder the regular operation of the service. So, if what you want to dispose of is on the list of banned products, just call and make an appointment with a private waste collection company, such as:

Bin There Dump That 1 972 345 2722
Lolo Hauling Junk & Trash Removal 1 214 870 8053
Dunk Your Junk - Junk Removal 1 469 803 9101
Junk King Dallas 1 214 865 6533
Junk Genius Dallas Ft. Worth 1 214 718 8848

Remember that these private companies have different prices and regulations than the government's public waste collection service. Therefore, be sure to inquire about the service you require before scheduling an appointment with any of these waste management companies.

Is there a holiday garbage collection?

This collection service works hard throughout the year, however, there are holidays that are decreed non-working days for these workers. Unlike other states, this government sanitation department only stipulates 3 holidays that will affect the established schedule and, therefore, the collection of the corresponding Dallas area would be delayed in. These holidays are:

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Pickup HolidaysDays
Martin Luther King JrNormal garbage collection
Memorial DayNormal garbage collection
Independence Day Normal garbage collection
Labor DayNormal garbage collection
Veteran's Day Normal garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayNo garbage collection
Christmas Day No garbage collection
New Year'sNo garbage collection
President's DayNormal garbage collection
Juneteenth Normal garbage collection
Day After Thanksgiving DayNormal garbage collection
Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples' Day Yes to Columbus DayNormal garbage collection

Do they have means of contact to facilitate communication?

Because this collection service and other public works are generally so necessary for the maintenance and sanitation of the city, they require means of contact. That is how they manage to keep the entire Dallas community informed about news or changes applied to this and other government departments, facilitating in that way that all residents have the possibility to manifest and report inconveniences or doubts in this regard.

  • Website: This is the primary means by which the Dallas government makes available and publishes official communications and procedures, such as collection schedules. By accessing the official website you will be able to consult about this and other public services
  • Social networks: In Dallas, they have YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for any citizen to find information, express a complaint or leave a comment
  • Phone: By calling the city's sanitation department customer service number: 214-670-3111 you can make a complaint or ask questions regarding collection, including loss or damage to the garbage and residential recycling containers. In case you want to opt out, consult, or claim commercial waste collection service, you can contact 214-670-3555
  • Email: Another way you can make inquiries or provide your claims regarding the collection service is through email. The address will be the director of the City of Dallas Sanitation Department. By emailing SanitationDirector@dallas.gov, you will receive a response within 72 business hours

What is the specific garbage collection schedule?

As such, the sanitation department, also called the Reuse and Recycling collection service, works Monday through Saturday. This applies to both curbside collection and public waste stations or landfill. Considering that the collectors start going around the city from 7 am to 5 pm, residents are advised to be ahead of time. That is, they should have their garbage and recycling containers curbside from 6 am.

Always bearing in mind which are the exact dates that correspond to your community, which you can see by consulting the collection schedule of your home. Furthermore, please consult the holiday dates on which the established urban garbage collection is delayed or rescheduled. If your garbage or recycling has not been collected according to the schedule provided online, it is time to call customer service.

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