Fort Wayne Garbage PickUp • Find out the cost of the service and your pick-up days

When it comes to pickup programs in Fort Wayne, we know that they work every day, and it is strange that they are running a little late. However, this is no cause for alarm. The delays only last a few days. Usually, the main reasons they happen is because of truck changes, containers, or vacations.

For that reason, we should always be attentive to the official communications released by the official website of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. That way, we will know what to expect in case of these delays, the reason for them and when the activities will be resumed.

Steps to look up the Fort Wayne 2023 trash and recycling schedule

  • To access all of this information, the first thing you must do is log in to the City of Fort Wayne's official website
  • Once there, you must go to the "Services" option, located at the top of the main screen

fort wayne services

  • There you will be presented with several options, but you must click on "Garbage/Recycling."

fort wayne garbage

  • At this point, you will be able to view other sections. To see the collection schedule, click on "Collection Map."

fort wayne collection map

  • By clicking, you will be redirected to a pdf where you will see a map with the garbage collection days and recycling weeks

fort wayne map pdf

  • Now, if you want to report a missed garbage or recycling collection, you can click on their respective options. "Report Missed Garbage Collection" and "Report Missed Recycling Collection"

fort wayne services missed

Fort Wayne Trash and Recycling Collection and Recycling Rates

The cost of garbage collection was $12 per single-family household. However, it is a price that was supposed to be in effect until 2018 and was to be changed. But because of problems that occurred with the service, this did not happen.

By July 1, 2023, the fare is expected to increase to $15.60. In January 2024, it should rise again to $18.60, as it has been established so far. And yes, it is an additional cost that must be paid if you want to enjoy the collection service on your street. Besides, being an almost mandatory requirement because there can be no garbage on the sidewalks. The idea is to have a clean city.

The only days on which it is permitted to see garbage on the sidewalks are collection days, although this is not ideal. For this reason, the service makes the containers available to people. In that sense, you should be attentive to the prices and to this type of detail to avoid penalties.

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These are the products that you will be able to dispose of with the recollection program.

It is significant to know all the aspects of the collection program in the city of Fort Wayne. It is essential Not only to avoid problems but because sometimes there are products that we do not know if they will really be accepted by the program. It is essential to investigate this type of information or contact the collection services directly to find out for sure.

  • Food: it is relevant to know that all types of food such as fruits, vegetables, eggshells, meats, and others are accepted as compost
  • Electronic products are also received, but if you want these to have a second chance, you can go to the electronic recycling program
  • Light bulbs can be recycled without any problems, as long as they are handled carefully so that there are no accidents if they are broken
  • Household batteries are another product that can be accepted by the collection program without problems because they do not generate a major hazard
  • All types of yard waste such as leaves, branches, plants, and biosolid debris can be picked up by the garbage service

It is always important to be attentive to this type of detail so as not to confuse some of the products that can be completely dangerous for the workers. For this reason, they are responsible for informing via the official website which products are accepted. In case there is a doubt regarding one of them, you should contact them and they will tell you if it can be disposed of conventionally or not.

Products not accepted by the collection program

Knowing which products are not accepted by the collection program is equally relevant because, in general, these are the most dangerous to health and physical well-being. Therefore, it is essential to be attentive to be able to identify them and not make the mistake of throwing them in the trash for the service to pick them up.

  • Hazardous household waste, among these we can point out latex dyes, latex-based paints, household chemicals such as some cleaning products, etc
  • Medicines, most of these should be treated with care and not flushed down the toilet as people are used to
  • Pyrotechnic and flammable products such as bombs, explosives, fireworks, and bullets, among others

You should emphasize these products even more than the accepted ones. The reason is that they can cause considerable damage to service people, even if a pyrotechnic product is activated during garbage collection, it will generate an explosion in the street.

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Private companies that serve to collect garbage and recycling

When you have products that are not accepted by the City of Fort Wayne's collection program, it is important to call a private company. You can't just leave the products at home or out on the streets in such cases anyway.

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Fort Wayne 1 260 250 3294
Reliable Trash Company 1 260 800 7070
Landmark Junk Removal 1 260 710 1052
Bin There Dump That - Fort Wayne 1 260 409 6423
WM - Fort Wayne Hauling 1 866 797 9018

Are there any garbage pickups on holidays?

In most cases, companies do not work on holidays. However, in the city, it is a little different because there are some days that they do work. Therefore, you should be aware of delays in the schedule due to public holidays.

Christmas No garbage collection
New Year's DayNo garbage collection
Thanksgiving No garbage collection
Independence Day No garbage collection
Memorial DayNo garbage Collection
Labor DayNo garbage collection
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. DayNo garbage Collection

What are the garbage collection hours in the City of Fort Wayne?

One of the most relevant aspects to keep in mind with the city's garbage collection program is the schedule. It is essential to be very attentive to this because otherwise, you will have to wait for the next pick-up. In the worst case, you will have to pay a supplement for the loss of the day. You should know that the service works from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm.

However, it does not mean they operate every day on the same streets. Therefore, we invite you to download the map with the specific days of each street. So you can keep an eye on these details.

What are their means of communication?

Whether to request new containers, report a problem or resolve a doubt, the means of communication are fundamental nowadays. For that reason, it is relevant to keep note of each of them to ensure effective communication with the service at all times.

  • Official website: The website is one of the easiest ways you can opt to obtain all the information regarding the garbage collection program
  • Phone number: Another one of the most feasible methods is the city's collection service phone number 260-427-8311
  • Social networks: In the digital era, it is possible to contact or comment on the service on networks such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Email: One of the options that we should always keep in mind is sending emails, they are easier and more direct. Their email is, which is why we recommend trying to contact all media in case any of them is collapsed
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