Fresno Trash Pickup Schedule 2023 • Prices & Pick-up times

Fresno Trash Pickup Schedule 2023 • Prices & Pick-up times

The city of Fresno has a wide range of attractions that not only make it one of the largest communities in the state, but also one of the most charming. Mainly because it has a perfect balance between commercial streets and green areas that invite you to stroll for hours and much of this attraction is also thanks to its cleanliness and urban organization, resulting in a highly privileged and structured city.

Of course, we must emphasize that this work is not only thanks to the conscience of the citizens of Fresno but also thanks to the neighborhood sanitation group. The city government-led and -managed group provides a waste collection and recyclable material management service that covers the 910 km2 of the city. Clearly, in order for this system to function smoothly and flawlessly, strategic planning is required.

Discover Fresno trash pickup Schedule 2022 for 2023

The main channel of communication and dissemination of information that manages the government administration of Fresno is through its website. By accessing it from any browser, it is possible to select and visualize the pertinent information regarding different departments, in this case, the sanitation and residential cleaning department.

  • First, enter the governmental portal of the City of Fresno.
  • You will need to position yourself on the "Services" tab, this will display all the sections that comprise the City of Fresno's public services. Locate the "Trash Disposal & Recycling Service" division.

fresno services

  • You will notice that in this particular division, there is an option that states "Collection Schedule"

fresno collection schedule

  • This aforementioned page first briefly explains certain relevant facts regarding this service. Specifically, it describes the types of containers that are accepted and their classification by color (gray, blue, or green), as well as the hours of collection. Below this, you will find a map with a browser that divides the greater Fresno city into 4 clean-up days, ranging from Tuesday through Friday
  • When you place your address in the navigator located in the upper left corner of the map, it will reflect which zone your address belongs to. And, therefore, it will also let you know what day the collection service will pick up your garbage or recycling.

fresno map

What is the charge for this service?

Although initially, this waste collection service was free for all residents of the city of Fresno, this condition no longer applies. Because, although it is considered a public job, it requires the monetary contribution of the government along with the support of the citizens. Therefore, residents of the great city of Fresno must pay a monthly fee of $16 or $25.50 depending on the size of their garbage or recycling container.

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Clearly, these are initial fees so that residential service can be provided to units or containers no larger than 96 gallons. Since, if additional work is required or your container turns out to be larger than advertised, you could end up paying $10 additional to your respective fee. And yet, it is still a much cheaper residential sanitation service than the various private companies, which usually start their prices at $75.

What are acceptable products for garbage collection?

Although this job might seem simple to some, it can definitely be the opposite of this. Fresno's public collection service workers are dedicated to traveling long distances to empty all the bins that are on the scheduled route. And these amounts of effort are also compounded by the risks of exposure to hazardous materials in the garbage cans. Therefore, the permitted items are:

  • Personal care and hygiene products
  • Food waste
  • Toys in poor condition
  • Tissues or napkins
  • CD/DVD
  • Non-recyclable plastic or tin items
  • Rubber or vinyl hoses
  • Broken glass or ceramics
  • Ashes or coals that are not hot
  • Animal waste, as long as it is sealed in a plastic bag
  • Small or bulky wooden items
  • Non-recyclable paper products or objects
  • Grass, leaves, plants, and branches, the latter must not exceed 3 feet in length

Which products are not accepted?

On the other hand, it is essential to mention or specify which items should not be disposed of in the garbage containers because, besides being a hindering factor for the arduous work of the waste collectors, they can be extremely dangerous. This is because the composition of the prohibited items can be highly hazardous to workers, citizens, the Fresno community, and the environment in general.

  • Household appliances
  • Batteries of any kind
  • Light bulbs or fluorescent light tubes
  • Dead animals
  • Vehicle parts, including tires and chemicals
  • Household cleaning chemicals
  • Yard work chemicals
  • Electronic equipment
  • Motor oil
  • Ammunition or explosives
  • Toxic or flammable liquids
  • Biomedical waste such as medicines, needles, and gauze, among others

If you have products they won't accept, it's time to hire a private company!

The Fresno city government has proposed a plan to collect chemically hazardous or bulky waste. Because, although these are not accepted by the usual public service, they still need to be disposed of without question. But, if you can't wait for this scheduled date, you can opt to contact a private waste collection service. Among the most recognized private cleaning companies are:

Is there garbage collection on holidays?

Considering that Fresno's waste collection service is divided into 4 sections or days, it is important to know which are the holidays. Since, during these dates that we will proceed to mention, this public service may not work, delaying the collection for a day. These dates are declared non-working days because they have a high national value and are holidays on which workers are allowed to rest.

Pickup HolidaysDays
Martin Luther King JrNormal garbage collection
Memorial DayNormal garbage collection
Independence Day Normal garbage collection
Labor DayNormal garbage collection
Veteran's Day Normal garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayNo garbage collection
Christmas Day No garbage collection
New Year'sNo garbage collection
President's DayNormal garbage collection
Day after ThanksgivingNo garbage collection

Means of contact to express any service suggestions

As citizens of the Fresno community, you are entitled to complain or consult about problems, inconveniences, or requests for public services. For this reason, the city government has different methods or means of communication for citizens to make these inquiries or manage their requirements. Most of these are open to the public during office hours, but it is suggested to call after 6 pm.

  • Website: This is the main channel for all Fresno citizens to get and consult all pertinent information from different departments.
  • Telephone: One of the favorite or preferred means that users choose to make complaints or manage requests is by telephone. By calling 559-621-6888 you will be immediately connected to the customer service office. You will be attended by an operator and with them you will be able to duly manage your requirements regarding solid waste collection and recyclable material management
  • Social networks: You can find truthful and timely information updates about the Fresno government and its public departments through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is the specific garbage collection schedule?

As mentioned above, in the section to view the collection schedule, the city of Fresno is divided into 4 sectors for the collection route. These four sectors serve to divide the collection schedule into Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These, as we can deduce, are the days on which the residential waste collection route works diligently throughout the year. Of course, not counting non-working holidays.

It is recommended to the citizens of Fresno, after knowing their corresponding collection day, to anticipate their collection time. That is, considering that the collection service works from 5:30 am to 6 pm. Residents are allowed to put out their deposits or containers from the day before, as long as they are scheduled for collection. Remember to store the containers after 6 pm once they have been emptied.

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