Trash Pickup Albuquerque • Methods of contact & Prices

When it comes to garbage collection in Albuquerque, we know that it is essential to know what is the schedule on the different streets and if they have a recycling program. So that we can quickly adapt to their system and have no inconveniences when taking out the garbage.

There are even some companies that provide exceptional services privately, where you can also request new garbage containers or extra collection. However, to avoid having to resort to this service, it is crucial to know what are the working hours of the garbage collectors in the city of Albuquerque. For, as we know, it is a city with a large population.

We tell you the step-by-step to get the 2023 trash and recycling schedule!

departments albuquerque

  • Once inside, look for the "Environmental Health Department" option and click there.

enviromental albuquerque

  • Now look for the next department "Solid Waste Management Department" and click on "View information about Solid Waste" to get the information about garbage and recycling collection.

solid waste albuquerque

  • Next, go to the "Trash Collection and Drop-Off" option to review the trash schedule.

albuquerque trashcollection

  • Next, you will be taken to the "Trash Day Lookup" category where you can report a missed pickup by clicking on "Report a Missed Pickup".

albuquerque trashday

  • Now, to review the schedule click on "Look Up your Trash Day by Address" to enter the geolocator where you will need to enter your address to get the schedule.

albuquerque geolocation

  • In case you need large item pickup, look for the "LARGE ITEM PICK-UP" option on the right side of the website and click.

albuquerque recycle coach

  • Once inside select "Schedule a Large Item PickUp".

albuquerque large items clic

  • When you click you will find a map where you must place your address to get the pickup schedule for those items.

albuquerque large items map

  • If you want information on the recycling program in the City of Albuquerque, you should go to the left side of the screen and look for the "Recycle Coach" option.

recycle coach albuquerque

  • When you are inside the section you will have the option to enter your address to find out the recycling collection schedule.
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albuquerque recycle schedule

How much could trash pickup cost in Albuquerque in 2023?

According to the City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Management Department, people residing in the city must pay for this service. This is because, unlike other states and cities, Albuquerque is always in charge of keeping the streets completely clean.

It is for that reason that garbage collection services must be paid for on a mandatory basis; the cost is $18 for residents. If you require an additional cart to dump your household garbage, then you must pay an extra $7.69 per month for it. This is one of the great advantages that Albuquerque residents have because they can rent these carts for added convenience.

Not to mention that being such a primordial service and that in this city they have been characterized of providing exceptional attention; because even people are always fascinated with the workers due to their great kindness and in case they have any doubts, they are responsible for answering them.

One of the advantages of Albuquerque is that despite being a very populated city, the solid waste in it is not excessive; for that reason, there have never been problems regarding garbage collection.

What products does the collection program accept?

When it comes to the products that can be recycled or that the collection program accepts, we must be careful with them to avoid any accidents that may occur. For that reason, here we will leave you with a list of some of the biodegradable products that are accepted by this collection program in Albuquerque.

  • All types of food such as meats, bones, eggshells, bread, coffee, pasta, beans, fruits, or vegetables
  • Food soiled papers, paper towels, napkins, cups, or shredded papers
  • Paper cartons such as juice cartons, ice cream cartons, egg cartons, milk cartons, among others
  • All types of yard trimmings, which include branches, flowers, stems, grasses, weeds, wood, wood chips, and roots, among others

Products not accepted

It is significant to keep in mind that there are some products that cannot be thrown in the trash, either because their content is toxic, flammable, or harmful to health. Many people sometimes do not pay attention to these alerts, which is a serious mistake because it endangers the people in charge of garbage collection in the city.

  • Hazardous household waste such as fluorescent bulbs, prescription drugs, electronics, and batteries
  • Motor oil, used filters, and paint cans also cannot be disposed of in conventional trash
  • Pyrotechnic products such as fireworks, bombs, explosives, among others
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Call a private company if you have unaccepted products

In some cases, the collection service does not have the necessary machines or resources to be able to dispose of products that are not accepted by them. For this reason, to protect our integrity and the safety of others, we must contact a private company to take care of these products.

Junk Brothers Junk Removal & Trash Pickup Albuquerque 1 505 595 4404
Junk King Albuquerque 1 505 257 6437
JunkCo LLC 1 505 830 4200
Haul It All Services 1 505 553 5545
LoadUp Junk Removal 1 844 239 7711

Are there pick-ups on holidays?

Generally, on these days, both public and private services do not work; however, this year there was an exception on Labor Day when the collection service did work. However, these are very specific cases where these events occur; for that reason, it is important to really know the days on which this service does not work on the streets of Albuquerque.

Christmas No garbage collection
New Year's DayNo garbage collection
Thanksgiving No garbage collection
Memorial DayNo garbage collection
Indigenous People’s DayNo garbage collection
Martin Luther King DayNo garbage collection
Presidents’ DayNo garbage collection
Independence Day No garbage collection
Labor DayIf there is garbage collection

What means of communication are available?

In case you need to rent a dumpster or if you have forgotten the garbage collection schedule, it is essential to contact the Solid Waste Department.

  • Contact number: You can call (505) 761-8350 to have direct communication with the department and express the problem
  • Email: If you need to write a letter of complaint or recommendation, you can write to the following email
  • Social networks: The means of communication they use the most regarding social networks is Twitter
  • Website: So that you can access all the information you need, from rates, waste disposal, collection schedules, and more; you can visit their official website and research everything you want on it

What are the garbage collection schedules for the city of Albuquerque?

The schedules for each street or avenue in the city of Albuquerque are very varied. For this reason, we invite people to visit the official website of the city's Solid Waste Department so that they can verify which is the corresponding collection schedule according to their address. However, this service starts working at 7 am.

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