Bulk Trash Pickup Virginia Beach • Daily and Holiday Schedule

The city of Virginia Beach has plenty of positive qualities that make it one of the most beautiful destinations to visit, and even more, to live in. Among them are magnificent streets and beaches that, besides being impressive and attractive, stand out for their cleanliness and neatness. Much of that is because the government of Virginia Beach is responsible for programs and implementing waste collection routes throughout the city. Which, by the way, are easy to find online.

There are certain aspects, among them the collection schedule assigned by zones, which are still unknown to the citizens living in Virginia Beach, such as from the list of items or objects that are or are not allowed to be disposed of in the containers that will be collected by the government service, and even the rates or fees that residents must pay to keep this system running. These and other factors will be defined below.

This is the Bulk trash pickup in Virginia Beach for 2023!

  • Finding yourself on the home page of the city's website, you will first appreciate the latest news and most in-demand directions to the site. To manage or find the pickup schedule for your address, you will need to look for the "Services" option in the top menu.

virginia beach services

  • When you place the cursor over it, all the governmental departments of public services will be displayed. Among the last options, you will find the one that says "Trash & Recycling" and, also by placing the cursor on it, you will be able to select "Trash Collection."

virginia beach trash

  • You will then be taken to the main page of the category. On the right side, you will find a small search engine where you must enter your address to find your collection day.

virginia beach locator find day

  • When you enter it, you will get the result of the collection day for your area.

virginia beach directions

Pricing for trash and recycling collection in Virginia Beach

One of the great virtues of this neighborhood garbage collection and recycling management service is that it is one of the most economical in the country. The confusion is understandable; although this urban cleaning system is a public service, it should be clarified that this does not mean that it is free. Currently, the inhabitants of the paradisiacal city of Virginia Beach can enjoy the optimal and diligent garbage collection service for only $10 per month.

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Of course, this price only applies to official residents of the city of Virginia Beach. Furthermore, if your dumpster is not sufficient for your household waste and you need to attach additional garbage bags, there is an extra charge. The monthly fee increases to $15 or $20 depending on the amount of additional garbage. If you are an adult over 60 years of age, you will only be charged $7 for 1 or 2 additional bags.

Please note that some products are accepted by the program and others are not

When we fill the trash container we are probably not aware of which products we can throw away and which are prohibited. This is because, to keep the system running smoothly, some products must be completely prevented from getting into the hands of the collectors. In the first instance, we must clarify those products that can be collected by the Virginia Beach sanitation service, such as, for example:

  • Paper or cardboard containers or wrappers
  • Plastic or tin products, although it is strongly suggested to leave them in the recycling deposit
  • Organic food waste
  • Hygiene and personal care products
  • Clothing, footwear, and accessories that are not recyclable or reusable
  • Small appliances
  • Non-recyclable ceramic items
  • Household ornaments
  • Non-bulky wooden or metal objects
  • Yard waste, such as branches or grass

Products not accepted!

It is important, and for many reasons, to highlight the products that are strictly forbidden to be discarded and collected by the residential waste collection service. Firstly, their size and weight represent a hindering problem for the workflow of the collectors, and, secondly, they are a great exponent of danger for these employees and the ecosystem in general. Therefore, you cannot discard the following items:

  • Glass or ceramics
  • Debris or any residue from remodeling, construction, or demolition
  • Vehicle parts including tires
  • Automotive fluids
  • Household cleaning or gardening chemicals
  • Doors
  • Computers or electronic parts
  • Rocks
  • Large wooden cabinets or furniture
  • Vessels
  • Boats
  • Carpets
  • Propane tanks
  • Dead animals
  • Paint
  • Solvents or any flammable or toxic chemicals

Don't worry about what they won't accept, private companies will take care of it

Even if the waste collection service run by the City of Virginia Beach government does not accept these items, you don't have to worry, because these items are also considered waste, there are several private companies that can certainly help you dispose of them. So, by contacting any of the companies we will proceed to mention, you can get rid of that junk you have accumulated.

The collection schedule is affected by some holidays

On the same "Trash Collection" page used to inform about the residential garbage collection service, there is a link to the "Holiday Schedule". On this page, it is made clear which are the days on which the collection system workers will not be working. This is because these holidays are declared free of work for public employees. Therefore, during these dates, it is clarified that the collection will be delayed for 1 day.

Pickup HolidaysDays
Martin Luther King JrUnchanged
Memorial DayUnchanged
Independence Day 7/3 Tuesday Routes
Labor DayUnchanged
Veteran's Day Unchanged
Thanksgiving DayClosed
Christmas Day Unchanged
New Year'sUnchanged
President's DayIf garbage collection service is in operation
Juneteenth Unchanged
Day After Thanksgiving Day11/24 Thursday Routes 11/25 Friday Routes
Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples' Day Yes to Columbus DayIf garbage collection service is in operation

Do they have contact means to facilitate communication?

The City of Virginia Beach government strives to provide adequate and optimal service that results in a pleasant and harmonious city. Although they do an exemplary job of keeping Virginia Beach and its beaches pristine, you as a citizen may have a complaint or concern. In that case, different means or channels of attention are available to the inhabitants of Virginia Beach for them to get information or manage any inconvenience.

  • Website: This is the main medium where you can find verified and official information about any government department, including garbage and recycling collection services. By accessing the site, you will be able to consult contact numbers, regulations, rates, and many other divisions
  • Telephone: By calling the subscriber (757) 385-3111 you will be quickly attended by an executive or operator of the customer service office of the collection service. With this service channel, you can process complaints regarding garbage collection, lost containers, and damages, among other requests
  • Social networks: Virginia Beach has Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
  • Email: Through this email vb311@vbgov.com, you can send any questions or suggestions

What is the specific garbage collection schedule?

The waste collection program divides the City of Virginia Beach into different zones. These zones have specific designated days Monday through Friday. Once you have confirmed which collection days apply to your zone, you should know what specific time to put them out at the curb.

Since the workers of this public service start their day touring the designated areas from 7 am to 5 pm, it is advisable to start your collection early. In other words, the directors of this service suggest that citizens put out their garbage deposits at 6 am so that they can be collected. Of course, this should only be done on the days of collection in your area, otherwise, you could be fined $40 or $75 for this offense.

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