Garbage Schedule Sacramento: Recycling & Bulk trash collection

Sacramento Garbage Schedule

Proper solid waste management is crucial to maintaining a clean and healthy environment in any community. One of the fundamental steps to achieve this is to take out the garbage on time. This simple action plays a crucial role in preventing environmental problems, promoting hygiene and the well-being of residents. Waste that is not collected correctly can lead to contamination problems and the spread of disease.

Inhabitants must take out their garbage on the agreed-upon day and time, which varies depending on the area in which they are located. The city also has recycling and separate collection programs to help conserve natural resources and protect the environment. For this, it is necessary to know the garbage schedule Sacramento and all the information corresponding to waste and recycling collection.

How do I find out what garbage day I have in my area?

In Sacramento, California's capital city, garbage collection is carried out efficiently, reflecting the government's and its citizens' importance and commitment. Thus, the government shares Garbage Schedule Sacramento on its website so residents know when to take out their trash.

  1. Log on to the City of Sacramento's website.
  2. Scroll down until you find the "Garbage & Recycling Schedule" button.

Sacramento Garbage Schedule

  1. A new window will open with information about the Garbage Schedule Sacramento. Scroll down until you find the address finder.

Sacramento Garbage Schedule calendar

  1. Enter your address and click "Search."
  2. You will then be able to check which is the garbage day for the inserted address.
  3. Below, you will find a monthly garbage collection days calendar at your address. In the example of the image, we see that the garbage collection days are Tuesdays, while the Street Sweeping Parking Restricted Area is Mondays and Thursdays.

Sacramento Garbage Schedule map days

  1. To get an annual calendar, click "Get a calendar" and click "Print a calendar".
  2. You will get a calendar with the year's remaining months and the days of street Sweeping, Garbage, Organic Waste, and Recycling pickup in Sacramento.

Sacramento Garbage Schedule annual calendar

You can create a reminder alert for when the garbage truck arrives at your address. Set your alert from your email, the Android or iOS app, a phone call, text message, or embed in Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal.

What time is garbage collection in Sacramento?

Sacramento residents should remove their garbage on the agreed-upon days before 6 a.m., as the truck will be on the streets of the California city until 4 p.m.

Facts to consider for proper garbage collection in Sacramento

Now that you know how to find out when the garbage truck comes to your home (at the Garbage Schedule Sacramento), you should keep in mind the requested guidelines for proper garbage collection. Otherwise, the garbage truck will probably not pick up your garbage because you have not complied with the following basic rules of Sacramento garbage collection:

  • You must move your cart away from the curb or any obstacles that may interfere with trash collection and the truck's route.
  • The trash cart must be at least 6 feet away from any object.
  • Dumpsters must be at least 3 feet apart.
  • The dumpster's lid must be tightly closed, with no trash sticking out.
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Garbage Schedule Sacramento Pickup Holidays

In Sacramento, there is no break for garbage collection. Of all the city's existing holidays, there is no single day on which garbage collection workers do not work. In other words, garbage collection service will not be interrupted even if it is a holiday.

HolidayDate Garbage, yard waste & recycling collection service
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayMonday, January 16Normal
Presidents' DayMonday, February 20Normal
Cesar Chavez DayFriday, March 31Normal
Memorial DayMonday, May 29Normal
Independence DayTuesday, July 4Normal
Labor DayMonday, September 4Normal
Veterans Day (observed)Friday, November 10Normal
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 23Normal
ThanksgivingFriday, November 24Normal
Christmas Eve 1/2 Holiday (observed)Friday, December 22Normal
ChristmasMonday, December 25Normal
New Year's Eve 1/2 Holiday (observed)Friday, December 29Normal
New Year's DayMonday, January 1, 2024Normal

Sacramento bulk trash collection rules

Sacramento citizens may request up to two appointments annually for a free collection of acceptable bulky items, including yard waste (separately). Free bulk household garbage collection runs from February through October, and appointments are not accepted in mid-to-late October due to the leaf collection season.

In addition to the two household trash appointments, up to two (2) meetings may be scheduled for free appliance and e-waste collection in a calendar year. Appointments may be scheduled by the residential collection service customer, including tenants of rental dwellings.

Tenants of multi-family residences with five or more units that do not receive the City of Sacramento solid waste collection service will need to contact the property owner, management, and the commercial hauler to schedule bulk trash collection.

Sacramento Garbage Schedule bulk pickup

If the customer has exhausted their two no-cost pickups, they may be billed a fee for the canceled pickup. In addition, a free pickup will be charged if the appointment is not canceled before the pickup date.

Suppose you have used your two free pickups for the year or need a different pickup during the off-season (November, December, or January). You can call the City's Utility Billing Department at (916) 808-5454. The minimum fee for a particular collection service is $36.41.

NOTE: The same crews and equipment that collect Household Garbage by appointment are the crews that work during Leaf Season.

What is the Dump Coupon?

In June, Recycling and Solid Waste customers receive an annual Service Guide and a free pickup coupon in the mail, which allows them to drop off free material at the Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station. The SRTS is located at 8491 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95826. A load can be a maximum of five (5) 4'x4'x9' cubic yards.

IMPORTANT: If this maximum is exceeded, fees will be charged as agreed upon by SRTS.

Sacramento Recycling Day: Accepted and non-accepted items

Garbage and organic waste are collected on the same day once a week. On the other hand, recycling day is every 15 days, while street sweeping happens monthly. Here are the materials and objects that you can and cannot recycle.

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Recyclable itemsNon-recyclable items
Cardboard (must be broken down and placed in the recycling can)Binders.
Cereal boxesCeramics.
NewspaperClam shell trays.
Magazines, catalogsCrystal.
Paper bagsDeli food containers.
Paper packagingFluorescent lamps/tubes.
Junk mailFoil-lined paper.
Phone books and soft cover booksFood-soiled paper.
Office paper (all colors)Light bulbs.
CRV containers Mirrors.
Containers 1 - 7Non-tearing envelopes.
Soda bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, etc.Packing peanuts.
Buckets, pails and cratesPaper with plastic coatings (such as photographs or label backing).
Laundry basketsPlastic bags.
Glass bottles and jars (labels okay)Pyrex®.
All colors, lids removedShredded paper.
Rinsed and empty glassStyrofoam.
Aluminum and tin cansTowels.
Aluminum trays and foil rinsedUsed tissue.
Empty aerosol cansWaxed paper.
Pots, pans and utensilsWindow glass.
Lids from metal jars

Acceptable and non-acceptable organic recycling

The organic waste garbage can is used to recycle food scraps, paper with food scraps, and yard trimmings. These materials will be combined in the same bin and turned into compost enriched with nutrients.

Non-recyclable materials can be placed (depending on what type) in the organics recycling bin. Below, we tell you which materials should go in the organic recycling container and which should not.

Acceptable Organic Waste MaterialsNot Acceptable Organic Waste Materials
Fruit and vegetable peels.Plastic.
Pits.Plastic bags.
Fruit stones.Metal or glass (recyclable metal, glass and plastic go in the blue mixed recycling container).
Tops.Pet waste.
Trimmings.Treated or painted wood waste.
Pith.Paper gable top containers with plastic or wax coating (such as milk containers).
Stalks.Foil-lined paper boxes (such as soup and soymilk-type boxes).
Nuts.Paper takeout containers with a plastic or wax lining or coating.
Shells.Single-use utensils.
Meat.Coffee pods.
Poultry.Takeout containers made from compostable plastic.
Seafood.To-go coffee cups (these usually have a plastic lining which means that isn’t compostable).
Shrimp.Hygienic tissue.
Fish.Toilet paper (Go in the garbage).
Chicken.Cooking oil (Goes in the garbage).
Baked goods.
Coffee grounds.
Spoiled food.
Pet food.
Soiled napkins.
Paper towels.
Uncoated used paper plates.
Greasy pizza boxes.
Food-contaminated paper (including newspaper and paper bags).
Coffee filters.
Tea bags (no plastic).
Wooden toothpicks.
Wooden disposable chopsticks.
Natural wine corks.
Chipped wood.
Raw wood (untreated and unpainted).
Paper bags.
BPI-certified compostable plastic bags.
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