Hoboken Garbage Schedule • Means of contact & Accepted products

Hoboken Garbage Schedule • Means of contact & Accepted products

Hoboken is one of the cities in Hudson County that is characterized by having one of the highest population densities in the United States; with an approximate population of more than 60,000 inhabitants, it has been studied that for every square kilometer, there are approximately 9,000 people. Therefore, it is to be expected that among the services offered by the city, garbage collection is one of the most efficient.

With many inhabitants, it can be estimated that solid and recycling waste also accumulates considerably in households. Therefore, it is necessary to have this service to keep the streets in the best possible condition.

Step-by-step for Hoboken collection schedule

  • The first step to finding the collection schedule is to go to the official Hoboken website.
  • Now go to the "Waste Collection" category.

hoboken waste

  • In this section, you will find various information about the program, but by scrolling down you will see a box where by entering your address you will find your schedule.

hoboken locator

  • By entering your address, you will get the results like this.

hoboken calendar

Pricing for collection service in the City of Hoboken

Generally, Hoboken's collection program is completely public, meaning that payment for collection is accrued on each homeowner's taxes and other services.

That way, you don't have to worry about having your service canceled, as it will always be paid for when you take care of your taxes. This is a very effective way to guarantee service and sanitation in the city.

Products that the City of Hoboken's program accepts for collection

Collection programs mostly rely on the level of toxicity, damage, and hazard that can be caused to categorize products and determine if they can be commonly disposed of. For that reason, you must have information about which program allows collection in your city.

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Here's what products are accepted by the collection program in Hoboken.

  • Yard waste: any kind of leaves, weeds, branches, etc. are accepted as long as they are in a bag
  • Christmas trees
  • Metal furniture and appliances: file cabinets, desks, bed frames, refrigerators without doors, washers, dryers, stoves
  • Water heaters and air conditioners
  • Non-metallic furniture: furniture and mattresses
  • Old garbage cans
  • Lighting fixtures: lamps and light fixtures, incandescent bulbs
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Latex paint, as long as the can is empty or dry
  • Computers, televisions, monitors, small appliances

Products not accepted by the City of Hoboken's program

One of the reasons why these types of products are not accepted by the City's program is because often they can be very harmful to the environment; there are even some that can contaminate people or are very heavy.

In these cases, the collection program has neither the measures nor the appropriate machinery to dispose of them. Below, you will see which products cannot be disposed of by the collection program.

  • Construction and demolition waste: plaster, concrete, treated wood, bricks, cement
  • Household hazardous waste: non-latex paints, pesticides, varnish, herbicides, turpentine
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Call a private company to pick up your unaccepted products

That's right, one of the best options you should opt for in case you have unaccepted products is to call a private company. They will take care of those materials that take up space and can also be very dangerous. Not to mention that they use machinery with the latest technology to ensure a good collection process and subsequent disposal.

Hoboken City Recycling Center 1 201 420 2277
WM - Fairview Hauling & Transfer Station 1 800 869 5566
Power Cleanuts Junk Removal 1 201 624 1171
Champion Waste Removal Inc 1 973 744 6766
Sourgum Waste 1 732 838 6940

If you have recycling products, you should know your collection schedule

The usual schedule for garbage collection as it has been for the last 50 years is at night. That is to say, the people in charge of the collection pass by around 7:30 pm, so you must be attentive to take your container out a few hours before and leave it to be collected.

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The service operates until 11:30 pm and will be suspended until 5:30 am; in case you need an extra collection, you should contact them before or after this period of time.

Will there be garbage collection on holidays?

On most holidays in the United States, the City of Hoboken and the garbage collection service will not operate. However, you should know what those days are and check with your scheduled street schedule to determine if they coincide. If so, you should know that there will be a slight delay in garbage collection.

Pickup HolidaysDays
New Year'sNo garbage pickup
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayNo garbage pickup
George Washington DayNo garbage pickup
Memorial Day No garbage pickup
Independence Day (Observed) No garbage pickup
Juneteenth (Observed) No garbage pickup
Labor Day No garbage pickup
Indigenous Peoples Day No garbage pickup
Election Day No garbage pickup
Veterans Day (Observed) No garbage pickup
ThanksgivingNo garbage pickup
Christmas No garbage pickup

What are the means of contact to facilitate communication?

Thanks to advances in technology, all companies and utilities have different communication channels so that residents can have the freedom to communicate.

  • Social Media: For greater reach and recognition, you can find the City of Hoboken government on Facebook and Twitter
  • Contact Number: If you need to contact Hoboken government offices, you can reach them by calling (201) 420-200
  • Email: Generally, this means of communication is widely used when making any request, for this, you can email them to ndebenedetto@hobokennj.gov or recycling@hobokennj.gov
  • Website: On the website you can search for all the services and information you want to know about the collection or recycling programs

What are the specific garbage collection hours?

You must always keep in mind what the City of Hoboken garbage collection service's scheduled hours are for your address. As we have already mentioned, the crew works evening hours starting at 7:30 pm, so you should be aware of these hours to get your dumpsters out before they start working.

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