Killeen Garbage Pickup • Contact & Schedule

Killeen Garbage Pickup • Contact & Schedule

Currently, it is estimated that the nearly 150,000 square miles encompassing the city of Killeen, Bell Country is home to approximately 150,000 citizens. Although it may not be one of the largest communities in Texas, it is an ideal place to maintain a quiet and serene lifestyle, especially because they enjoy an excellent waste collection and recycling management system that provides adequate cleanliness to every neighborhood in the city.

Ultimately, those primarily responsible for keeping the city clean and tidy, according to the citizens, are those in charge of the garbage collection department. However, it is also the responsibility of Killeen residents to know the guidelines, parameters, and schedules for this service. This is how working together with these public servants, we can ensure that Killeen remains as charming and organized as it is today.

This is the garbage collection schedule in Killeen for 2023!

killen solid waste

  • Now go to "Residential collection Schedule", which has only one link. Clicking on the "Interactive map assist trash Schedule" link will direct you to the interactive tool for viewing scheduled collection addresses.

killen residential collection

  • By typing in and selecting the street or neighborhood where you currently reside, it will show you upcoming and future solid waste cleanup dates.

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Have you ever wondered about the price of service in Killeen? We'll tell you!

As in many other American states, the service handled by the Killeen Solid Waste and Recycling Department is not free of charge. This is because although it is a "public" service, it requires the valuable monetary contribution of the citizens to sustain itself and continue working. For that reason, Killeen residents are reminded on a monthly basis that they must pay a fee to receive the service, which usually starts at $17.25.

Of course, this initial fee applies to minimal residential collection service, i.e., small containers that do not exceed the limits of the depot. If the capacity of this container is larger, your collection fee will increase from $19.78 to $21 per month. The same applies if you register more than one container in the system or if you present additional bags of garbage to the registered container. And, in the second case, an additional fee of $7.50 is estimated.

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These are the items that will be taken away by the garbage truck

Since this department is a public service that seeks to ensure timely and diligent waste collection, it is obvious that it has regulations. These are designed and established to ensure a structured and continuous workflow, as well as to keep employees safe. Generally speaking, there are more objects or items that can be discarded than not, among these accepted or allowed products are:

  • Paper or cardboard items
  • Non-recyclable plastic containers or wrappings
  • Non-recyclable ceramics or glass
  • Landscaping waste
  • Asbestos, cement, or any other construction material
  • Personal care or biological waste such as cosmetics, diapers, among others
  • Carpets
  • Small furniture
  • Household appliances that are not too bulky
  • Non-recyclable toys, clothing, or footwear

Which products are not accepted?

On the other hand, it is important for many reasons to mention or clarify which products are not allowed to be disposed of in the garbage container because they are a delicate exponent that could affect the integrity of the workers in charge of residential solid waste collection. Besides, they can mean an imminent or gradual danger that could seriously affect the ecosystem, because they are considered hazardous materials.

  • Medical or biosafety material waste, such as medicines, surgical tools, and injections, among others
  • Flammable liquids such as gasoline
  • Paints with toxic or flammable compounds
  • Aerosols
  • Automotive liquids or coolants
  • Solvents
  • Chemical household or gardening cleaning products
  • Dead animals
  • Hot ashes
  • Bulky or heavy items or furniture

Private companies can help you with products not accepted for collection in Killeen

The governmental neighborhood cleanup service provided by the Killeen public administration offers a household hazardous waste collection program. Where residents will be able to dispose of products that they have accumulated and waiting to be disposed of but are on the list of prohibited items. However, there is also the option to call and request a quote from a private waste management company in Killeen.

United Waste Solutions, LLC 1 254 313 3330
B&E's Household & Construction Junk Removal 1 254 392 9849
K n J Junk Removal 1 254 479 9662
Jack Rabbit Junk Removal Killeen 1 254 271 8332
Killeen Junk Removal 1 254 312 2587

All these companies, not part of the public administration, may handle different rates or services than the governmental ones. Don't forget to ask for their price list, availability, and services to offer regarding hazardous waste or bulky item collection.

Holiday Collection Schedule

As mentioned in the first section to learn about your neighborhood's waste collection schedule, holidays or non-working days are easy to keep track of. Since, by logging into the online portal designated for the Killeen public solid waste department, you will find this holiday schedule. It has been established that, during those days, collection will be delayed by one day.

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Pickup HolidaysDays
Martin Luther King JrNormal garbage collection
Memorial DayNormal garbage collection
Independence Day No collection, service is restored the following day
Labor DayNormal garbage collection
Veteran's Day Normal garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayNo collection, service is restored the following day
Christmas Day No collection, service is restored the following day
New Year'sNo collection, service is restored the following day

Schedule of the garbage collection trucks

This curbside collection service operates regularly Monday through Friday from very early in the morning. Since their collection trucks begin their route at 8 a.m., citizens are encouraged to put out their garbage 30 to 40 minutes earlier. This way you can be sure that by 8 p.m. your garbage and recycling containers will be emptied as well as those in the neighborhood.

Remember that if you forget to pick up your garbage or recycling container after your home's collection time, you will be charged a fine. This, depending on the container, can start at $10. In addition, there is a waste collection center in Killeen where you can go to dispose of your garbage. It is located at 111 E. Avenue F and also usually works diligently Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm.

You can also inquire or schedule a scheduled pickup to have your garbage picked up after the date stated on the schedule.

Means of Contacting the Killeen Government

Because this waste collection service is administered by Killeen City, the government wants to ensure a close connection with the citizens. For that reason, it has implemented and arranged communication and information dissemination channels that are accessible. This is how, if any resident has problems with the service or presents an eventuality with their containers, they can easily ask or complain through these means.

  • Website: This is the main channel of information handled by the government administration of Killeen. Here you will find pertinent information about all public departments.
  • Telephone: Like other departments in this city, there is a customer service telephone number so that customers can make claims or queries more quickly. By dialing 254-501-7785, you will be directed to an operator in the solid waste department or division. This group of consultants attends to all types of requests from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.
  • Social Media: It is a fact that the best way to share relevant information and have it received in a timely manner by the target audience is through social media. The government or public administration of the City of Killeen is present in the most recognized digital platforms, these are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
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