McKinney Recycling & Colecction day • Schedules and prices

McKinney Recycling & Colecction day • Schedules and prices

Garbage collection is an important task for any community, and McKinney is no exception. The city's garbage collection system is a well-organized process that is responsible for collecting and disposing of waste efficiently and safely and giving the city a clean look that seeks to meet environmental stewardship standards.

McKinney's garbage collection system is managed by the city's Utilities Department in partnership with Waste Connections, which is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all operations related to garbage collection. The department is responsible for ensuring that waste is collected regularly and transported to disposal facilities in a safe and efficient manner.

Find out all the details about the garbage collection & recycling program in McKinney.

  • To find all the information about the garbage collection program in McKinney, you must first go to the city's official website.
  • Once there, on the home page, you will find a button labeled "Trash," which will take you directly to the city's trash and recycling collection section. This section has a series of buttons that will direct you to a specific point you need. Such as help services or purely informative notes about the garbage collection servicemckinney trash
  •  In case you want to find information about your collection schedule, you will have to click on the "Find your trash day" button in the index of the page.

find trash day mckinney

  • Afterwards, you will have to click on the link there, which directs you to the interactive mapping.

mckinney map

  • The map shows in detail the different points of the city and how recycling and garbage collection work in each of them. It also shows the days during which this service is normally provided

mckinney map details

How much do you pay for trash pickup in McKinney?

The cost of trash pickup in McKinney, Texas, varies depending on the type of service requested and the size of the property. The city offers several types of trash pickup services, including residential pickup, large item pickup, and hazardous waste pickup. Thus, the price will go hand in hand with the service itself.

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For residential trash collection, the city of McKinney charges a monthly fee that varies depending on the size of the dumpster and the frequency of collection. The monthly rate for a 96-gallon dumpster collected twice a week averages $17.92 without tax. However, if more frequent collection or a larger container is required, the monthly cost will increase.

For large item collections, the city charges a one-time fee for each item, such as furniture, appliances, and other bulky items. In addition, the city organizes hazardous waste collection events several times a year, where residents can dispose of chemicals, electronics, and other hazardous waste for free.

List of products accepted by the program

To be a participant in the garbage collection program, your bags must meet certain standards set by the program. Such as the fact that everything that is to be discarded must be bagged or that the containers must be arranged in a certain specific way. There is also a limitation on the products accepted:

  • Regular household waste, such as food waste, paper and plastic packaging, cleaning products, and personal hygiene items
  • Clean and dry paper and cardboard, such as newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, and office paper
  • Glass, including clear, green, and brown bottles and jars
  • Metals, such as aluminum cans, steel cans, and small metal objects
  • Yard waste, such as leaves, grass, branches, and shrubs
  • Bulky items, such as furniture, appliances, and other large, heavy objects
  • Construction and demolition waste, such as lumber, bricks, concrete, and building materials
  • Hazardous waste, such as batteries, chemicals, paints, aerosols, and medicines

Which products are not accepted?

On the other hand, a limit is also imposed on the products that will not be accepted but must receive special treatment. This could be the hiring of a private company to collect them. These wastes are:

  • Explosive or flammable materials, such as fireworks, fuels, gasoline, and oils
  • Medical waste, such as needles, syringes, medicines, and biological products
  • Electronic waste, such as computers, televisions, monitors, and mobile devices
  • Toxic waste, such as poisons, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Liquid waste, such as paints, solvents, oils, and chemicals
  • Radioactive materials, such as radioactive hazardous materials signage or any other radioactive material

Private junk removal companies in McKinney

In case your trash does not meet the line of needs imposed by the McKinney pickup services, you will need to hire a private company. Below we leave you with 5 private companies in charge of garbage collection in the city:

What holidays does this program work on?

Regarding holidays, McKinney's garbage and recycling collection system establishes that whenever they are regional days, garbage collection will be normalized. Otherwise, when they are nationally established days such as:

New Year No trash pickup
Martin Luther King Jr. DayRegular garbage collection
Presidents' DayRegular garbage collection
Memorial DayNo trash pickup
Independence DayNo trash pickup
Labor DayNo trash pickup
Veterans DayRegular garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayNo trash pickup
Christmas DayNo trash pickup

On non-working days, garbage collection will be moved to the next working day as long as the holiday falls on Monday through Friday. Thus delaying the calendar service that has been established, at least during that week. Likewise, through its web page, more details are given regarding the accommodation to this calendar.

Contact methods for assistance with the program

In case you need to contact the City of McKinney's trash and recycling collection section, the department offers the following methods of contact:

McKinney Garbage Collection Schedule

The garbage collection schedule in the city of McKinney, Texas varies depending on the area and the type of garbage collection service you have contracted with. Garbage collection begins early in the morning, usually around 7:00 a.m. However, it is possible that the schedule may vary depending on the area and time of year.

For large objects and hazardous waste collection, collection times and dates may vary depending on city scheduling and service availability. The city announces large object and hazardous waste collection dates and times in advance so that residents can prepare and place materials at the curb at the appropriate time.

It is important to note that collection schedules may be subject to change due to factors such as weather conditions, holidays, and special events in the city. It is even possible that after 7:00 p.m. (end of business hours) the collection process may not be completed. This means that it will be done later than usual.

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