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The recycling activity produces great benefits for the environment and for the harmonization of a city as populated and visited as Minneapolis because through collection and reuse, we can considerably reduce the energy consumption involved in the manufacture of new products. In addition, this process, along with the trash cleanup work done by the city government, benefits the aesthetics of this community.

As inhabitants of the great city of Minneapolis, we should have a clear and precise notion of how these cleanup and recycling programs work. Primarily because this is one of the most required and important needs in all urban, residential, recreational, and commercial areas. And secondly, because they are the method by which you can try to ensure a clean, organized, and pleasant environment for current and future generations.

Discover the program of Minneapolis recycling Day for this 2023

  • First, you must position yourself on the home page of the official portal of the Minneapolis government.
  • Scroll down until you see "City Officials and Departments," locate the "Departments" option, and click on the "All Departments" link.minneapolis departments


  • This link will send you to another interface where you can consult the departments that make up and organize the Minneapolis government. The "Public Works" option near the bottom of the page is the one you should select.

minneapolis public works

  • Again it will redirect you to another page, where you can see the sections or divisions that make up the public services administration. Find the heading for "Divisions" and proceed to select the "Solid Waste & Recycling" department.

minneapolis solid waste

  • After reading all the relevant data that is available on the solid waste & recycling department interface, click on the "See our programs" link.

minneapolis programs

  • You should now be taken to the main page of the solid waste, recycling, and neighborhood cleanup service. There is a menu called "I want to," and the first option, "Find my collection day," is where we will get the collection schedule.

minneapolis find collection day

  • Currently, a search tool has been implemented that allows users to freely consult waste collection schedules. This is accessed by clicking on the blue "Find your next collection day" button.

minneapolis find next collection day

  • Enter in the "Address or Property ID" box the number and name of the street where you are residing and click "Search."
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minneapolis locations

  • When you enter your street, you will select a location so that you can automatically see the next collection day, which happens weekly. And, below it, the next recycling day. You can also see the general schedule for the city of Minneapolis in the third link.

minneapolis locations results

Price of Garbage Collection in Minneapolis

Already having clear knowledge of how to consult your community garbage and recycling collection day there is another point to clarify. Since, although in this and other states, although this service is considered a "public job" it is not free. This is because the citizens of Minneapolis must pay a bill for receiving the service. It stands at $27.92 as a prime rate, but for small containers, the fee starts at $2.

Of course, as the size of this cart increases, so does the fee. Additional taxes or fees may even be added if the waste collection cart is heavy or contains unpermitted items. You may notice an increase of up to $10 on your bill for this non-compliance. However, despite these penalties, the government collection service is much cheaper than a private one.

Products that will be taken in the Minneapolis collection!

In order to protect the safety and integrity of the service, its workers, and, consequently, that of the city of Minneapolis, restrictions or regulations are established. Although the purpose of this collection service is to dispose of waste and manage recycling, there are permitted and non-permitted items of which it is necessary to have prior knowledge to avoid problems or inconveniences. Among the items allowed for collection are:

  • Wooden items or furniture
  • Non-recyclable plastic products or containers
  • Paper or cardboard objects
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture or shelves
  • Carpets
  • Household items or objects
  • Biological waste from babies, adults, or animals
  • Food wrappers
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Children's toys
  • Gardening waste

What products are not accepted?

Similarly, we must clarify which products are strictly forbidden to be collected by the public sanitation service since they represent a danger or a hindering factor in the workflow, they can seriously affect the established schedule. Therefore, if you do not yet know what these prohibited items are, it would be better to specify them in order to take them into account on the day of collection and recycling in your area.

  • Automobile parts, including tires
  • Flammable or toxic liquids or chemicals such as motor oil, cooking oil, paint, cleaning products
  • Batteries of any kind, unless they are rechargeable
  • Soil
  • Debris or any construction waste

Five private companies that can help you with dumpster collection

Even though this public service offered by the solid waste and recycling collection department does not accept these wastes, it does not mean that they will stay there, since if you are unable to arrange a private appointment with the public administration, we invite you to contact any of the following private companies.

Here's how the holiday collection schedule looks in Minneapolis

The Department of Solid Waste Collection and Recyclable Materials Management is proposing a holiday contingency schedule. Giving its workers the opportunity to rest during these important dates for North Americans, as is the case of:

Pickup HolidaysDays
Martin Luther King JrNormal garbage collection
Memorial DayClosed garbage collection
Independence Day Closed garbage collection
Labor DayClosed garbage collection
Veteran's Day Normal garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayClosed garbage collection
Christmas Day Normal garbage collection
New Year'sNormal garbage collection

Do they have means of contact to facilitate communication?

Since we are aware of the great importance of the proper functioning of the sanitation and recycling service, they must provide channels of attention and information. As residents of Minneapolis, it is essential to have a way to contact the company in case of disagreements or inconveniences with the service.

  • Website: Through its official website you can learn all the information relevant to this and other departments of the governor's office.
  • Telephone: On the other hand, it is essential for these types of organizations to have a telephone number for customer service. In this case, by calling 612-673-2917 you can make any question or complaint regarding garbage or recycling collection. Remember to call between 9 am and 3 pm, which is the time this office works.
  • Social Media: One way to keep up to date with the latest news and updates regarding government services is by following their social media. The government of the city of Minneapolis is available on the following platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule in Minneapolis

One of the best tips we can give you is to be aware of the days and times of your local collection service because this organization instructs Minneapolis users to put out garbage and recycling containers 30 minutes to an hour before. So, considering that the neighborhood cleanup service starts working from 7 am to 6 pm, your bin should be waiting at the curbside from 6 am.

If your container has not been emptied on the dates and at the times specified in the waste collection schedule, call customer service.

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