Naperville Trash Pickup • Prices & Schedules

Naperville Trash Pickup • Prices & Schedules

With a population of nearly 150,000, the small Illinois town of Naperville provides an idyllic location for living and sightseeing. Aside from its parks, museums, and points of interest, one of the most flattering points that boost Naperville's image is its overall urban cleanliness; since it is easy to appreciate at a glance, they have a highly capable and efficient sanitation or waste collection and recycling system.

This undoubtedly goes hand in hand with people who are aware and informed about the rules, regulations, schedules, and channels that this department manages. However, there can always be questions or doubts about the regular operation of this health agency. This is not a problem at all, because in this article we will proceed to point out the most relevant points of the collection department.

Discover Naperville trash pickup program for 2023

Like many other cities in the country, the Naperville government offers a website available around the clock for inhabitants to check any kind of departmental information. So, because this waste collection and management service is a public job, it is possible to find its schedule online.

  • Enter the City of Naperville website and go to the home page.
  • You will notice that the web page gives you a "Welcome," and underneath this image there are three sections or divisions. When you select the "Live" option, it will automatically display a list of links or addresses to various residential services departments. You will notice that the first option you can select is the "Garbage & Recycling" section.

narpville garbage and recycling

  • Selecting this link will immediately take you to the page designated solely for the waste collection and recyclables management department. You will first be able to view the latest news regarding this service, below is some relevant information and the cost to purchase a dumpster.
  • If you continue to scroll down, you will see a subtitle that states, "When is my garbage and recycling collection day?" Proceed to click on the "View map" button.

narpville view map

  • You will automatically be directed to the tool or browser to view the specific collection day. Enter your home address in the "Search address" field.

narpville maps

  • Almost immediately, the system will manage and provide you with the exact date of the next cleaning appointment. In addition, you will see what day the city's recycling is collected.

narpville map

What is the price for this service?

The waste collection service, although considered a public service, requires constant funding from the government and citizens to function normally. Compared to many other similar services, private and public, it can be said that the Department of Naperville has one of the most economical. This is because, on a monthly basis, the citizens of this municipality only have to pay a fee of $14.45.

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Of course, if you do not have a dumpster yet, it is also possible to purchase one through the Naperville government's website. The starting price for these dumpsters starts at $43 for 35 gallons, up to $63 for a 95-gallon dumpster. In the case of recyclable material bins, they are considerably less expensive, ranging from $39 to $57 depending on their storage capacity, in addition to the immediate shipment of $10.

What are acceptable products for garbage collection?

Daily, we are faced with the need to dispose of a variety of waste or garbage. But, we may not be fully aware of the limitations of the service, specifically referring to those products that may or may not be disposed of in the dumpster. First, we believe it is necessary to mention the objects or items that can be deposited and collected by the City of Naperville's sanitation service.

  • Paper or cardboard products that are not recyclable
  • Small appliances
  • Non-recyclable glass or ceramic objects or ornaments
  • Scrap personal hygiene products
  • Non-bulky wooden furniture
  • Non-recyclable plastic containers or wrapping
  • Damaged toys
  • Clothing or footwear that cannot be donated or recycled
  • Yard work waste
  • Food waste, always sealed in a plastic bag

Which products are not accepted?

On the other hand, it is equally important to know perfectly which are the products that under no circumstances can be disposed of in a container. Mainly because they are hindering factors for the governmental collection process carried out in the city of Naperville. Next, these products that we will proceed to mention cannot be taken with the rest of the waste since they are elements of environmental risk.

  • Batteries
  • Parts of automobiles or any other vehicle
  • Automobile, bicycle, or motorcycle tires
  • Gasoline, oil, coolant, or any other automotive liquid
  • Cleaning liquids
  • Chemical products for gardening work
  • Remains of debris from construction, remodeling, or demolition work
  • Biomedical products
  • Medicines
  • Electronic equipment
  • Flammable or toxic chemicals
  • Furniture or large appliances
  • Dead animals
  • Recyclable products
  • Fire extinguishers

If you have products that they do not accept, it is time to hire a private company!

Thousands of companies have sprung up all over the country that are dedicated to collecting and managing their customers' waste on a one-to-one basis. So your customers can rest easy. By scheduling an appointment with any company, you can say goodbye to all that pesky waste.

Remember that these services, being privately owned, may have different rates or prices than the City of Naperville's government service. Therefore, it is essential to check prices, availability, and capacity when making or scheduling an appointment with any of these privatized collection companies. But, undoubtedly, any of these will do an exceptional job of getting rid of your accumulated waste.

Is there garbage collection on holidays?

It can be said with certainty that the solid waste collection and recycling management service operates normally and efficiently throughout most of the year. They do not usually work 365 days a year because national holidays, which are declared non-working days, must be respected.

Pickup HolidaysDays
Martin Luther King JrNormal garbage collection
Memorial Day Neighborhood sanitation is delayed by 1 day
Independence Day Neighborhood sanitation is delayed by 1 day
Labor Day Neighborhood sanitation is delayed by 1 day
Veteran's Day Normal garbage collection
Thanksgiving Day Neighborhood sanitation is delayed by 1 day
Christmas Day Neighborhood sanitation is delayed by 1 day
New Year's Neighborhood sanitation is delayed by 1 day

Do you have means of contact to facilitate communication?

This public service is indispensable for all residents of the city of Naperville, not to mention the entire country. Considering that it is the collectors' responsibility to take care of the containers of almost 150,000 inhabitants, errors, or inconveniences may arise. That is why it is fundamental or crucial to have means of communication. That way it will connect the user with the department effectively. These channels of attention are:

  • Website: The website is the primary means by which all citizens residing in Naperville can consult various information about the different departments. Here the government has all the data, contacts, schedules, and specifications about the different governmental divisions of the municipality.
  • Telephone: Making a complaint, request, or inquiry about Naperville's government waste collection service is just a phone call away. By dialing subscriber (630) 420-6095 you will be immediately answered by an operator or customer service executive who can assist you with your requirements.
  • Social Media: If you want to stay informed about this and other departments managed by the Naperville government, follow them on social media. Currently, they have a space on the platforms: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, where they post updated and verified information and news.

What are the specific garbage collection hours?

As such, this reuse and recyclables collection department works diligently Monday through Friday, except for the holidays mentioned above. The collectors are scheduled to begin traveling the streets of Naperville as early as 7 AM, and citizens are encouraged to leave their containers at the curb as early as 6 AM. Because of this, it is much less likely that your bin will be left out on the day it is due for collection.

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