Garbage Day Pittsburgh • Private Companies & Collection Program

Garbage Day Pittsburgh • Private companies & collection program

The Pittsburgh trash collection is an efficient and sustainable system that seeks to maintain a clean and healthy environment for its residents. In the city, waste is properly sorted into different categories, such as organic, recyclable, and general waste. Pittsburgh has recycling and composting options to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Local regulations establish specific schedules and guidelines for collection, ensuring an orderly and effective service. Citizen collaboration is critical to maintaining cleanliness and raising awareness about the importance of responsible waste management.

Discover the Pittsburgh trash collection program in 2023

By following these specific steps, you will be able to discover the Pittsburgh trash collection program in 2023 through its official website:

  • Well, the first thing to do to find out about the features of this program is to enter the official website of the city of Pittsburgh. You can do it by typing "city of Pittsburgh" in the search engine
  • Click on "Residents"


  •  Within the dropdown menu scroll down and select the option that says "Public Works"


  • On the Public Works Department's website, look for the "Environmental Services" section.


  • Then click on "Curbside Pickup" where you will find all kinds of information related to Pittsburgh's garbage collection system.


  • Now click on "Collection Schedule."



  •  You can also click on the "PGH.ST" box.


  • Once inside, enter your street and zip code to find the collection details.find-location-pittsburgh.

Get to know the price of garbage pickup in Pittsburgh!

It is essential to mention that the cost of garbage collection services in Pittsburgh can vary depending on several factors, such as location and type of residence. In general, garbage collection service is included in the municipal taxes paid by city residents. For example, in 2023, the annual fee for a single-family home is $100 to $220.

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In addition, Pittsburgh's "Recycling and Composting" program also impacts the total cost of service. Through the implementation of strategies that promote recycling and waste reduction, the city seeks to decrease the costs associated with waste management and generate a positive impact on the environment.

Although the cost of garbage collection service in Pittsburgh is included in local taxes, it is always advisable for residents to inquire about the specific rates applicable. For more accurate information on the cost of service in your area, we suggest visiting the City of Pittsburgh's official website and checking for any changes or updates to the rates.

What items are accepted for collection?

The Pittsburg trash collection service has a list of products that apply for collection. They also have certain products which do not apply to this process as they do not meet the necessary parameters to be processed. The products accepted are:

  • Food and yard waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastics (bottles, jars, cups, containers, bags, etc.)
  • Glass (bottles and jars)
  • Metals (cans, aluminum, etc.)
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Small appliances (such as toasters and blenders)
  • Batteries (rechargeable and non-rechargeable)
  • Toner and ink cartridges

Don't deposit these products because they will not be accepted

  • Any type of hazardous waste (such as chemicals, oils, paints, pesticides, lead-acid batteries, medications, etc.)
  • Tires
  • Building materials (such as wood, plaster, bricks, concrete, etc.)
  • Large household appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc.)
  • Large electronic items (such as televisions, computers, etc.)
  • Large furniture (such as sofas, mattresses, chairs, etc.)
  • Construction debris and garbage
  • Toys and hard plastic items
  • Plastic bags and plastic film

If you have unacceptable products, it's time to hire a private company!

It is vital to know that unacceptable products can be disposed of by different private entities such as sofas and electronic devices that have their recycling program. Among these companies are:

Waste Management 1-800-545-4560
Republic Services 1-800-789-3433
Advanced Disposal 1-866-252-0458
J. P. Mascaro & Sons1-888-627-2276
SWI Debris Removal Service1 412-522-6501

Is there a holiday garbage collection?

The City of Pittsburgh does have holiday garbage collection, but schedules may vary. Residents should be aware of holiday garbage collection dates and times to avoid any inconvenience. When there is a holiday, garbage may be picked up one day before or one day after the established date. For example:

Are there any means of contact to facilitate communication with the trash service company?

Yes, the City of Pittsburgh has several means of contact to facilitate communication with residents about garbage collection and other public services. Here are some of the available means of contact:

Customer Service Hotline

The City of Pittsburgh has a customer service hotline that residents can call to obtain information about garbage collection and other utility services. The customer service hotline number is (925) 252-4930.


Residents may e-mail The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Utilities to obtain information or ask questions about garbage collection and other utility services. The e-mail address is

City website

The City of Pittsburgh's website has detailed information about garbage collection and other utility services, as well as a frequently asked questions section that can help residents find answers to their questions.

Social media

It also has a social media presence, where residents can send direct messages or ask questions about garbage collection services and other public services. The City of Pittsburg has official Twitter and Instagram pages.

What is the specific garbage collection schedule?

In general, garbage trucks collect solid waste once a week, but in some places, it may be twice a week. In addition, collection days may vary depending on the area of town. Therefore, it is important for Pittsburgh residents to stay informed about the garbage collection schedules for their location to avoid leaving garbage out of time and to keep the city clean.

The schedule is no earlier than 6 pm and no later than 6 am so that residents have everything ready when it is time to pick up their garbage.

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