Plano Garbage Pickup • Trash that can be picked up, Hours & Items accepted

Plano Garbage Pickup • Trash that can be picked up, hours and contact information

Garbage collection service in Plano, Texas, is provided by the City of Plano Utilities Department. The department is responsible for collecting and disposing of garbage, trash and recyclables from homes and businesses in the city, leaving it as clean as possible to maintain the highest quality standards.

In this article, we will provide you with specific information regarding this service and all that it entails, giving answers to some of the most common doubts about this service and the materials that can be collected and those that can not. This is so that you can get organized with this service which may change its format from time to time.

Plano Trash Schedule program for 2023

  • Enter this link which will take you to the official site of the City of Plano.
  • Here you will see the "Collection Schedules" category. There you will be invited to register.

plano calendar colletion

  • In addition, you can use the interactive map to get additional information about the service.

plano collection map

You can also download the calendars to have more detailed information. Here are the three options:

  1. Trash Collection Calendar
  2. Bulky Waste Collection Calendar
  3. Recycling Collection Calendar

Learn about Plano trash schedule pricing!

The cost of trash collection service in Plano, Texas, is included in the city's utility bill. This is how trash collection is financed through taxes and utility fees, so residents do not have to pay directly for this service. In fact, it comes as an additional fee which will depend on the person's taxes.

The City of Plano's utility bill is issued monthly and covers various services, such as water supply, garbage and recycling collection, and street and park maintenance. Similarly, the cost of these services will be based directly on the consumption and location of the property.

It is therefore complicated to give an exact cost for the garbage collection service since in many cases this can be really different from one house to another. Likewise, in case you need more details about the cost of your city utility bills, it is possible to do so through any available means of contact.

These are the products accepted by the Plano trash schedule

The City of Plano, Texas Utilities Department has a list of acceptable products for trash collection. This listing is available on their website and is based directly on the following items:

  • Food waste and organics, such as fruits, vegetables, pits, and eggshells
  • Yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaves and branches (cut and tied in bundles less than 4 feet long and less than 50 pounds in weight)
  • Small building materials, such as bricks, concrete, tile, and lumber (cut and bundled in bundles less than 4 feet long and less than 50 pounds in weight)
  • Clean, empty glass, plastic and metal containers
  • Clean paper and cardboard, including newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes and office paper
  • Clothing and textiles in good condition, which can be donated to charitable organizations
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In addition, it is important to note that there are specific requirements for how waste should be placed at the curb for collection, such as the case that waste must be sealed in airtight containers, and must not exceed 50 pounds in weight. Therefore, bulky waste, such as furniture and appliances, should be scheduled for special collection.

What products are not accepted?

The City of Plano, Texas Utilities Department has a list of items that are not accepted for trash collection. These materials cannot be placed in the dumpsters for regular collection and must be taken to specialized recycling or disposal facilities.

  • Chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, paints, and solvents
  • Batteries, such as car batteries, lead-acid batteries and rechargeable batteries
  • Large appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers and air conditioners
  • Tires and wheels. These materials must be taken to specialized recycling facilities, as they cannot be safely disposed of in landfills
  • Medical waste, such as syringes and medications
  • Electronic materials, such as computers, televisions, cell phones and electronic devices

If you have products that they do not accept, you can hire a private company to dispose of them

In case you have any of these non-disposable items, the best thing to do is to contact a private organization for disposal and recycling. This will ensure that the materials are handled in the best way and do not run the risk of directly affecting the environment. Some of the main companies in Plano, Texas are the following:

Waste Management (972) 985-1680
Republic Services (972) 422-2341
Progressive Waste Solutions (469) 925-5903
IESI (972) 423-3119
Community Waste Disposal (972) 392-9300

This is the Plano recycling collection schedule

The garbage collection schedule in Plano, Texas may vary depending on the specific area where you are located. So, through its website, the government offers a calendar plan where you can check which specific day and time the collection will take place in your location.

To check the garbage collection schedule in Plano, Texas, you must follow the following steps:

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plano public works

  • On the Public Services page, look for the link that says "Environmental Waste Services" and click on it

enviromental plano

  • On the next page, look for the section that says "Collection Schedule" and click on it

collection schedule plano

  • On the refuse and recycling collection calendar, look for the current date and check the collection day in your area. You can also search for the date you want to check the calendar

recycling plano schedule

  • If you would like to view a complete trash and recycling collection calendar, look for the link that says "Download Complete Calendar" on the interactive mini-map and click on it. This allows you to download and print a complete trash and recycling collection calendar for the entire year

It is important to note that the garbage collection schedule may vary by location and property type. Therefore, be sure to check the calendar for your specific area. Also, please note that collection days may change due to holidays or special events, so it is advisable to check the calendar regularly.

Plano Holiday Trash Schedule

In general, holiday trash collection in Plano, Texas, may vary depending on the holiday and the normal collection schedule. Below are some general guidelines that apply to most holidays:

  • On national holidays, such as New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, there will be no trash collection. The collection will resume on the next scheduled collection day
  • On some holidays, such as Labor Day and Independence Day, garbage collection may be on a modified schedule

Do you have contact information to facilitate communication?

If you need to contact the garbage collection service in Plano, Texas, there are several contact options you can use.

  • Phone: You can contact the City of Plano Utilities Department at (972) 769-4150 for information about garbage and recycling collection, as well as to report any problems
  • Email: You may also email the City of Plano Utilities Department using the contact form on their website
  • Website: The City of Plano's website has a section dedicated to trash and recycling collection that contains useful information, such as trash collection days, acceptable and unacceptable products, and hours of operation
  • Social Media: The City of Plano also has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, where you can get updates on trash and recycling collection, as well as report any service-related issues or concerns. They also have YouTube, Nextdoor, Reddit, Linkedin and Instagram.

This is the established schedule for the Plano trash schedule

In Plano, trash collection is done once a week for households and twice a week for businesses. Trash must be placed in specific containers provided by the department and must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the collection day.

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