Toledo Garbage Schedule • Daily and holiday schedule

One of the most curious aspects of the city of Toledo is that they do not have a public garbage collection service as such. The cleaning of the city is only in charge of Republic Services, who have been responsible for organizing the garbage and recycling cleaning programs.

Many people do not know this, but in these cases is when we should be more attentive to the type of service they provide. The reason is that they tend to be more demanding in terms of the treatment given to the garbage. This is so that their employees do not suffer any types of accidents or contamination by the city's waste. It is important to know all the information about these programs in order not to make any mistakes.

Toledo Trash and Recycling Schedule: Step by Step

  • For those who have no knowledge about the schedule, through the web it is possible to obtain it. The first thing is to enter the official website of Toledo.
  • Once you are on the home page of the city of Toledo, you will look at the top of the screen for the "Residents" option.

toledo residents

  • When you click you will see different options. In the "Neighborhoods and Streets" area click on "Trash and Recycling."

toledo trash recycling

  • When you click you will be redirected to another page where you must select "Find your trash pickup schedule" to be redirected to the Republic Services website, which is responsible for this specific service.

toledio trash schedule

  • Here you will have a locator where you must enter your address to get the pickup schedule on normal days and holidays.

toledo locator

  • When you enter your address you will have the schedule and the schedules you were looking for.

toledo location information

What is the price for the garbage collection service?

Undoubtedly, the price is an aspect that all residents of the city of Toledo should be aware of. First, because being in charge of a private company, the rates could vary constantly or be somewhat high. The only way to know the price of the collection service in Toledo is to enter here.

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On the company's website, you should look for "Curbside trash collection" and "Recycling Services".

company services toledo When you click on one of them you will have a search engine where you must enter your address and then you will be able to quote the price in your area.

toledo services information


Products that you can throw away in the weekly garbage collection!

An important fact that we must always consider when throwing any type of product or material in the garbage is whether it qualifies to be disposed of by the garbage service. Well, there are some products that can become very dangerous both physically and for the health of the people who are responsible for this work.

  • Plastic film and bags.
  • Garbage, garbage or other food waste
  • Lawn and garden waste
  • Wood debris, bulky items, shingles, concrete, bicycles, etc
  • Packaging materials
  • Garments and bedding
  • Automotive waste such as tires as long as there is a trash event
  • Nails, place in a bag and identify on the bag that they are nails
  • Latex paint only when there are litter events
  • Roofing siding, you must wait for the can to dry before disposing of it in the trash
  • Sawdust in a bag
  • Glass, placed in a double bag and then in the trash container
  • Hypodermic needles, you should put them in a can or bottle with a lid
  • Ashes, you should pack them and then throw them in the trash
  • Aerosol cans, but first place them upside down and press until all the steam comes out

Products not accepted by the program

When we talk about these products, we are referring to materials that can be very polluting or harmful to both health and the environment. Therefore, we should always be careful when disposing of any appliance that may be harmful to employees or to us.

  • Automotive batteries
  • Gasoline
  • Motor oil
  • Solvents
  • Residential medical waste
  • Expired or unused medicines
  • Ammunition
  • Deceased animals
  • Insecticides
  • Firearms

Conditions for recycling products

It is important for you to know that the recycling program only goes through the city every 2 weeks. In addition, all the products you place in the blue container for recycling must be completely clean and without any type of food.

This is because they will go directly to the place where the recycling process will take place. Therefore, in order not to contaminate the other materials, they must be clean. If not, unfortunately, they will not be accepted by the recycling program and you will have to call a private company or wait for a recycling event in the city.

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Some private companies that we recommend at All About Recycle

Although the city of Toledo already has a private collection service, they only follow the regulations stipulated by the city. For that reason, in case you have some products or materials that are not accepted by the program, you should call a private company. They have all the machinery and equipment to take care of this type of waste.

JDog Junk Removal and Hauling Toledo, OH 1 734 755 8660
WM - Toledo Hauling 1 844 492 9417
Toledo City Refuse Collection 1 419 936 2511
Horton Hauls Junk Toledo 1 419 299 4210
Junk King Toledo 1 419 827 3806

Do they have garbage collection on holidays?

Generally, in most companies, they take holidays off, however, in the city of Toledo, there are some of these days that the collection service will work. You must know which are the non-working days so that you do not take the containers to the street.

New Year No trash pickup
Martin Luther King Jr. DayRegular garbage collection
Presidents' DayRegular garbage collection
Memorial DayNo trash pickup
Independence DayNo trash pickup
Labor DayNo trash pickup
Veterans DayRegular garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayNo trash pickup
Christmas DayNo trash pickup

What are the means of communication of the garbage collection service?

One of the most important aspects you should always keep in mind regarding this and any other city service is the means of communication. Mostly in case you need another trash or recycling container or want to make a request regarding the service.

  • Website: On the website, you will find all the information about the services offered by the city, pay bills and so on
  • Contact number: For any questions you may have regarding the garbage collection service, you can call 419-936-2511
  • Social media: On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter you can find them as City of Toledo
  • Email: If you need to make any kind of request, you can write them directly at

What is the garbage collection schedule in the city of Toledo?

If you want to know what is the garbage collection schedule for your street, you must enter the main page of the city of Toledo. However, you should know that regardless of the day what is established by the garbage collection schedule; the service in the city of Toledo starts its working activities at 7 am. We always recommend that residents keep the schedule for their street handy so that they do not have any inconveniences on collection day.

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