Trash Day Philadelphia • Collection program and steps to request a container

Trash Day Philadelphia • Collection program and steps to request a container

Garbage trucks play a waste collection role to clean the cities where this service is provided. In the case of large cities like Philadelphia, this role is fundamental to avoid problems with passersby and senseless agglomerations.

The garbage day and collection in this city have a series of considerations that we must know. The times agreed, the money spent on this and which companies apart from the state provide service to this work, which is not only a matter of staff in charge; but also of the people who are responsible for it also goes hand in hand with the people who want their street clean.

Know the program for Trash Day Philadelphia this 2023

This service or program is provided by the state of Philadelphia and requires a series of considerations that we must consider:

  • To apply and learn about this program, the first thing you must do is enter the Philadelphia government page.
  • There you go to the "Services" section.
  • philadelphia services Select the option that says "Trash, recycling & city upkeep".

philadelphia trash

  • On the left side of your screen, you will see the different options to choose from, such as garbage collection, disposal centres, hazardous waste drop-off, and reporting related problems, among other things. Select the first one that indicates "Find waste and recyclables collection day".

philadelphia find collection day

  • Once inside, enter your home address in the search engine and you will see when the collection and recycling dates are for the selected area.

philadelphia collection day

What is the cost of this curbside trash collection?

This garbage collection service by the state has an annual cost of $500, and it can be paid online through the Philadelphia tax payment page.

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In-person and by mail, you can also make this payment to avoid later inconveniences, and if you wish you can pay in 2 instalments. In the case of private companies, this is estimated in terms of proportions to be removed (products, waste, among others) and the location is also considered in the estimate.

What items are acceptable for home pick-up?

The items accepted at the time of garbage collection are quite varied and are basically estimated in the proportion of the container, these are:

  • Cardboard and paper
  • Food waste
  • Plastics
  • Bags
  • Clothes
  • Cans

What products are not accepted?

Products or items that are not accepted for pickup by Philadelphia's statewide service are:

  • Hazardous waste (e.g., flammables, batteries, paints, etc.)
  • Technological items (e.g., televisions, computers, etc.)
  • Landscaping products
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Tires

These products must often be taken to centres in charge of leaving this type of waste for recycling. These centres are indicated on the state's web page, and throughout the year they carry out collection days for these products, considering the appropriate provisions.

If you have these products that they do not accept, hire a private collection service company!

Regarding these materials, many times they represent a major problem when it comes to carrying them and for many it is a waste of important time. The companies that manage this service have trucks and specialized personnel for this, and the prices can vary by the hours and material to load. In Philadelphia, some companies dedicated to this area are:

College Hunks moving 833-626-1326
Big Brother Little Brother Enterprise (215) 763-0159
Arana’s Rubbish Removal (215) 222-2130
David Geppert Recycling, Inc 215-842-0122
Pure Productive Services 855-558-7873

These companies provide a fairly autonomous service for cleaning, recycling, and collecting bulky items.

Garbage collection for their services on some holidays

This service considers several holidays where they normally do not exercise their function, and it is the next day that they perform the pending works, these days that we must consider are:

How to request a dumpster for recycling and garbage collection?

Many businesses need dumpsters to organize their waste, sometimes these are not enough or break and we must rethink the number we have. In the case of businesses (food or otherwise) you will need an income tax ID and business receipts, as well as a business license and site plans to describe. You must also apply for RFID Medallions, which contain information about the containers and their time of use.

This can be submitted online at the following page (click here) or in person at the permitting and licensing centre located at 1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd. MSB, Public Services Lobby Philadelphia, PA 19102. Fees for a private dumpster range from $40 to $150, while on-street dumpsters range from $100 to $500.

What are the specific garbage collection hours in Philadelphia?

Being a very busy city, the state garbage collection service is established from 6 am to 5 or 6 pm, this may vary and extend a few hours more depending on the location to be collected. The companies that provide this service privately may vary their working hours, ranging from 7 to 8 am to 5 to 6 pm, and this is also influenced by the number of customers that show up on that day.

Some means of contact with the pick-up service in Philadelphia

This garbage and recycling collection service in Philadelphia presents a series of means to communicate with them in case of doubts, these are:

  • Website: This pedestrian cleanup department presents a web page that not only gives us information on the collection and recycling service but also other relevant topics of society and citizenship in Philadelphia
  • Phone: For any questions or complaints you can call (215) 686-8686
  • Social networks: Philadelphia has a strong presence in social networks because they are present on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Linkedin and Github
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