Columbus Garbage Day • Calendar & Hours

Columbus Garbage Day • Calendar & Hours

The trash days in Columbus, Ohio, are organized by the Columbus Department of Public Utilities and take place each week on the same day for each neighbourhood. On trash collection days, residents are expected to place their trash and recycling containers at the curb for pickup.

There are also guidelines on what can and cannot be disposed of, including restrictions on hazardous materials and electronics. The city offers additional services for bulky waste disposal and yard waste collection, which are scheduled separately.

Proper waste disposal is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy environment, and Columbus residents are encouraged to follow guidelines to ensure efficient and safe disposal of their waste.

This will be the trash and recycling collection and recycling program in Columbus.

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  • Now you must click on "Public Services".

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  • At this point, you should enter the "Trash & Recycling" section for more information.

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  • Here you should scroll down until you find the "Collection Day Lookup" section and select "Click here to look up your collection day."

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  • Now you will need to enter your exact address to receive information on your trash and recycling collection days.

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Please note that, generally, the recycling pickup schedule runs every two weeks along with the garbage pickup schedule. They usually remove all waste during daytime hours before 6 PM and no later than 6 AM.

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Collection service comes at a price; here's what you need to know

The disposal of dumpsters used for pickup can be affected by different factors, such as their size, the fees local landfills charge for receiving trash, and fuel prices.

In Columbus, Ohio, the cost of garbage disposal varies depending on the size of the dumpster. For example, the cost for a 10-yard dumpster is $456, while for a 40-yard dumpster, it is $832. These prices include landfill costs and other fees associated with trash disposal.

Products accepted for trash and recycling collection!

There are certain guidelines for garbage and recycling collection that residents must follow; Columbus Garbage Services provides the following list for your information:

  • Garbage bags and food waste
  • Plastic, glass and metal containers and bottles
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Small appliances (such as toasters and blenders)
  • Small furniture and rolled-up rugs (in limited quantities)
  • Branches and twigs less than 4 feet long and 2 inches in diameter
  • Unbroken ceramic and glass items
  • Plastic toys and other non-hazardous household items

Unacceptable products

There is also a list of products which are not processed by this service. Such as:

  • Hazardous chemicals: pesticides, herbicides and toxic cleaning products.
  • Batteries
  • Electronics: televisions, computers and cell phones
  • Tires
  • Building materials: concrete, bricks and treated lumber
  • Large items: appliances, mattresses and large furniture
  • Medical items: syringes and needles
  • Landscaping materials: grass, leaves and branches over 4 feet long or 2 inches in diameter
  • Dead animals

If you possess items that are not acceptable you can opt for a private company that will gladly assist you

It is important to note that some of the products that are not acceptable for trash collection in Columbus, Ohio can be properly disposed of through other services provided by the city or private companies.

Electronics can be recycled through the city's electronics recycling program, while large furniture can be collected through the bulky waste collection service. In Columbus, Ohio, there are different companies that offer trash and recycling collection services in the city. Some of the most recommended companies are:

Here's the holiday collection schedule in Columbus

In any city in the United States, the schedule for garbage collection on holidays is affected. In the case of Columbus, Ohio, the holiday schedule would look like this:

New Year No trash pickup
Martin Luther King Jr. DayNo trash pickup
Presidents' DayNo trash pickup
Memorial DayNo trash pickup
Independence DayNo trash pickup
Labor DayNo trash pickup
Veterans DayNormal garbage collection
Thanksgiving DayNo trash pickup
Christmas DayNo trash pickup
Good FridayNormal garbage collection

Are there means of contact to make communication easier?

The Columbus, Ohio Department of Public Utilities offers several contact options to make communication with residents easier. Some means of contact you can use are:

  • Phone call: you can call the city's Utilities Department at (614) 645-3111 for information about garbage collection, recycling and other utility services
  • Email: You can email the department at for inquiries or service requests
  • Website: You can visit the Columbus Utilities Department website for information and service requests
  • Social Media: You can follow the department on its social media accounts, such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, for up-to-date information about utility services in the city

What are the specific hours assigned for garbage collection?

The garbage collection schedule in Columbus, Ohio can vary depending on the area of the city you are in. In general, garbage collection begins early in the morning, around 6:00 am.

It is important to note that garbage collection trucks may take several hours to pick up garbage in a single area; so it is advisable to place garbage containers at the curb the night before or early in the morning of collection day.

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