Trash Schedule Omaha • Costs & Accepted Products

Trash Schedule Omaha • Costs & Accepted Products

The splendid city of Omaha is one of the most important tourist and commercial points of the Nebraska community. It is known for having quite a complex and efficient structural landscape and urban organization. For that reason, many people decide to move to or visit this city, since it is a clean and orderly locality. Much of that work, if not all, is thanks to a well-run street cleaning system.

As citizens, it is our duty to collaborate with all the processes established for the collection of waste and recycling materials, following the instructions and regulations that this organism raises to support them to have a more structured workflow. However, if you are not yet aware of how this collection program works and when it should pass through your neighborhood, stay tuned, we will take care of detailing it thoroughly.

Omaha Trash & recycle pickup schedule for 2023

One of the great things about the Omaha Trash & Recycle Pickup website is that it is easy to find out about anything. Especially, when it comes to finding the upcoming dates for the city cleanup.

  • First, you need to go to the Omaha Garbage and Recycling Portal home page. You will first be able to view the collection status, where they will inform you about any eventualities that affect the already established cleanup schedule.

omaha collection portal

  • After reading the information they provide about their events or news, you can continue scrolling down the same page until you find the search engine which, tells you that, in order to access and download the Omaha collection schedule, specifically the one for your neighborhood, you must type in your current address.

omaha locator

  • It will begin to display all available locations, in the same manner, to make it easier to find your address. For example 10910 Saratoga Plaza, Omaha.

omaha calendar

  • Automatically, when you find your neighborhood, the search engine will tell you upcoming and future dates when garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection is planned.
  • Of course, it will also give you the option to add a reminder or purchase a detailed neighborhood cleanup schedule, which you can download or add to your Google calendar.
  • In this search engine, you can also look up what items are acceptable for recycling and plan or schedule an appointment for toxic or flammable chemical pickup.

This is the cost of pick-up service in Omaha

Although in other cities and states of the North American country users are required to pay a monthly fee for the service, this does not happen in Omaha. Previously, it was considered one of the most cost-effective waste collection systems, but nowadays, it is a free and unlimited service. In other words, no one in the city of Omaha pays a fee for the neighborhood sanitation agency to pick up garbage.

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However, we would like to clarify that this is not entirely true, since although there is no monthly fee as such, clearly this service must be maintained. The method by which this urban cleaning and recycling program is financed is by the taxes that citizens declare annually. So, at first glance, the collection service has no cost, but clearly, they must receive income to continue to operate regularly.

Get to know the products accepted for collection!

Although, obviously, the waste collection service is responsible for taking away and disposing of waste, it does not mean that you can throw anything away, since it is established that there are certain items or materials that are allowed and others that are not. This is to ensure the social and environmental safety of the entire community. Among the products or articles that are authorized by the system are:

  • Paper or cardboard objects
  • Cans, bottles, or other plastic containers
  • Edible or biodegradable wastes
  • Automobile parts
  • Mattresses or furniture
  • Waste construction materials or debris
  • Small appliances
  • Empty buckets or pails
  • Clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • Medications

What products are not allowed?

As we have mentioned, although the garbage and recycling collection service in Omaha is free and highly efficient, it does have rules. In particular, you should be aware of which items you should not dispose of in the dumpsters. These limitations are established to avoid negatively affecting the health of workers, citizens, and the environment. Products strictly prohibited in the collection are:

  • Items or furniture that is too bulky or heavy
  • Oversized household appliances
  • Batteries of all types, especially if automotive
  • Paints of any kind
  • Flammable or toxic liquids or chemicals
  • Dead animals and their accessories
  • Biological waste, of any category

Top 5 private companies that you can hire if necessary

As much as we can vouch for the public urban waste removal service offered by the government or the administration of Omaha, it is necessary to try other options, since due to the limitations previously described, it is sometimes very complicated to get rid of the waste you have. Regardless, if you missed garbage and recycling day or if you need to move large amounts of garbage, we present you with the best private collection companies.

Is there garbage collection on holidays?

Both private and public companies specify that the neighborhood waste collection and sanitation system works every day of the year. However, this may not be entirely true, since there are holidays on which these companies usually do not work or cause a delay in the schedule. But this change would not be so radical, since in the case of Omaha, the collection service will be delayed for a maximum of one day due to holidays.

Labor Day Non-working day, cleanup will be delayed by 1 day
Thanksgiving DayCleaning will be moved to the next day
ChristmasA delay of 1 day per holiday is established
New Year's Day There will be delays with the passage of garbage collection for only 1 day
Memorial DayThe collection day will be delayed by 1 day
Independence dayThere will be a delay of 1 day for collection

Do they have means of contact to facilitate communication?

Today, many companies must strive to adapt to new media to effectively connect with their audiences. For that reason, organizations such as Omaha's garbage collection company have implemented different methods or channels of customer service so that they can make any inquiry or complaint regarding the quality of the service offered to them. Among the contacts they handle we can highlight the following:

  • Telephone: One of the easiest ways to contact the governmental administration of the urban or neighborhood sanitation service is through a phone call. Of course, this should be made to the official telephone number, which is 402-444-5238.
  • E-mail: In case you need to make a complaint or request more confidential or personal information regarding the service, you can e-mail them. However, they do not have an exact address to write to or contact, rather, they ask you to fill out the request form, in which you may leave all your data along with your personal email, with which they will be able to contact you in the near future
  • Fax: Although this method is no longer widely used, there are still offices and companies that handle the reception of requests by fax. If you wish to contact management by fax, you can send it to the following address: 402-444-3904.
  • Social media: You can also get updated and verified information by following the Omaha government on its digital platforms. In this case, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Common Omaha Garbage Collection Schedules

Once you're aware of what day the garbage truck will be in your neighborhood, it's time to find out when and how to expect it. On the Omaha Governor's website, it is posted that all dumpsters should be at the curb by 6 am. Waiting for the collectors to go through it from 7 am until 7 pm on the day it is due. In case your dumpster has not been emptied, proceed to report it at +1-402-444-5238.

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