Waste Management Spokane • Pickup Schedule and Pricing

An optimal waste collection service and management of recyclable material is the fundamental key to a clean and prosperous city. In Spokane, like other cities in the country, the city government is the one who seeks to maintain the order and cleanliness of this community through a collection program. This can be easily located and viewed in detail on its official website, specifically in the "solid waste service" section.

However, although this information is easy to manage and appreciate, there are still many Spokane citizens who are not familiar with this process. For that reason, they often miss garbage collection and recycling days or are still unaware of what items they may or may not discard. If this is your case and you still don't know how the neighborhood waste management and recyclable material processing works and is handled, we'll teach you.

Discover Spokane's Waste management program for 2023

  • The first step to finding Spokane's calendar is to enter its official website.
  • Once inside, click on "Live".

spokane live

  • Now you must go to "Household," where you will find different options, including "Garbage" and "Recycling."

spokane household

  • First, go to "Garbage" to find out the collection schedule.

spokane garbage

  • In this same section, you will find the details of the service, including the time and day of collection.
  • Now, click on "Recycle Map Tool."

recycle map tool spokane

  • You will have the option to place your address on a map where everything will be more specified.

spokane locator

What is the fee for this service?

All citizens of Spokane are charged a fee for waste collection services. This fee is used to defray all the costs involved in providing efficient and diligent service. Therefore, currently, the minimum monthly fee for users who enjoy the benefits of the organization starts at $14.80 each month. This is the minimum fee, as this fee increases depending on the size of the container.

Therefore, annually Spokane residents end up paying between $114 and $211 per year for the government garbage collection service. Furthermore, we should keep in mind that these are approximate prices for public service in general; prices increase if you are dealing with a private company as well as if you request an additional service that is outside the regular parameters, such as an extra waste collection or if they are oversized materials.

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What are acceptable products for garbage collection?

Because the work of collecting waste and handling recyclables is considered somewhat high risk, restrictions are in place, in particular as to which products you may or may not dispose of in the trash or recycling garbage cans. Although these specifications are on your website, many people still do not handle this information. Therefore, it is essential that we can define which products are accepted:

  • Non-recyclable plastic products such as bags or food wrappers
  • Objects made of paper or cardboard
  • Organic personal hygiene products such as toilet paper or baby diapers
  • Hoses, gloves, or any other gardening tools
  • Ceramic or glass items that are not recyclable
  • Household appliances or any metal objects

What products are not accepted?

As mentioned, we must also make a section to specify which are the types of products that you cannot dispose of, at least not with this service, since, as you can see, these are items that represent an imminent danger to the ecosystem and the safety of the collectors. In addition, they can hinder or interrupt the route previously scheduled by the solid waste collection and recycling service.

  • Medical waste, such as syringes, scalpels, medicines, among others
  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • Automotive flammable liquids, such as motor oil, gasoline, or coolant
  • Light bulbs or any incandescent object
  • Ashes or hot coals
  • Aerosol paints, oil, or any other composition
  • Batteries

If you have products they don't accept, it's time to hire a private company!

Don't be discouraged if you have to dispose of one or more of the products mentioned in the list of items not allowed, since these restrictions occur only in the regulations of the public waste collection service, but this problem can easily be solved by hiring a private neighborhood, residential or commercial cleanup company. Among the most recognized ones in Spokane, we can recommend you these companies:

Spokane Waste To Energy 1 509 625 6580
Junk-N-Dump: Trash Hauling & Junk Removal 1 509 327 2562
Hauling Service Inc 1 509 842 3050
Legend Junk Removal 1 509 761 4999
Sunshine Disposal & Recycling 1 509 924 5678

Is there a holiday garbage collection?

Spokane's garbage collection service operates almost every day of the year with no shortages or delays in scheduling, except on holidays. These are critical and representative dates in American culture and history, which is why they are established as non-working holidays in most areas. Therefore, if your neighborhood has waste and recycling collection on any of these dates, it will be delayed for 1 day.

Do you have means of contact to facilitate communication?

Although there are not many complaints regarding the operation of Spokane's neighborhood waste collection, it is significant to have contact with this organization, since should any irregularities occur with the scheduling of this urban cleanup and recycling management system, we always need a means to complain. On the other hand, other platforms have been implemented to get relevant information quickly about any public service.

  • Telephone: This is one of the most important and demanded communication channels, since they are a direct and personalized contact with the customer service center, which allows them to talk and manage requirements with an operator of the department. The official customer service number is 509.625.7956, but if you are in Spokane you can call directly to 311.
  • Website: Like many other locations in the United States, the government of Spokane has a web portal with a lot of relevant information. By accessing the website you will be able to view different government departments, among them are the solid waste collection service and recycling management.
  • Social media: It is essential that Spokane's government, and that of all cities, create a space for disseminating information through social media. You can find relevant, timely, truthful, and up-to-date information by following the City of Spokane on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

What is the specific garbage collection schedule?

Each week, specifically Monday through Thursday, waste collection workers go through the designated areas of Spokane. Regardless of the area to be cleaned, these collectors begin their hard work from 7 am until 3 pm. Once you know what day your neighborhood is scheduled for service, we suggest putting your dumpster out at the curb by 6:30 am. That way, you avoid it being left out.

Of course, if your dumpster has not been properly emptied, you have the right as a citizen to contact the public service administration, since if it is not a holiday, this schedule should not be affected for any reason.

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