Electric Motor recycling near me • Contact, sites & advantages

Electric Motor recycling near me • Contact, sites & advantages

Usually when you discuss recycling, people think of paper, glass and plastic, but what if I told you that electric motors can be recycled? Well, yes, and this is because they are manufactured entirely from metals, which is why there are so many companies interested in this area of the industry.

In addition, there are great efforts at the international level to optimize and further reduce metal contamination. So the processes are changing to turn the industry, finally, into a great ally of the Planet.

Electric Motor recycling closest me in Chicago

For citizens in Chicago we bring you the best places where you can recycle your electric motor. We recommend you not to throw them in the garbage bin because not only do you help the environment by recycling, but you could also earn some money by taking them to the right centers.

NameAddressPhone Number
Windy City Iron & Metal4617 W Division St, Chicago, IL 606511 773-287-1500
American Metals Co5580 N Lynch Ave, Chicago, IL 606301 773-594-7777
Central Metal Recycling5618 W Fillmore St, Chicago, IL 606441 773-345-8610
JB Scrap Metal2910 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL 606121 773-533-4200
Serlin Iron & Metal Company1810 N Kilbourn Ave #5107, Chicago, IL 606391 773-252-1075
J & B Scrap Metals Inc6301 S Bell Ave, Chicago, IL 606361 773-776-5616
South Chicago Iron & Metal1313 W 74th St, Chicago, IL 606361 773-488-1313

Electric Motor recycling near me in San Antonio

In San Antonio there are many places to drop off recycled electric motors, but the ones we recommend are the best. Don't hesitate about the attention and information they will give you because their Google My Business stars ensure the best. What are you waiting for?

NameAddressPhone Number
CMC Recycling 726 Probandt St, San Antonio, TX 782041 210-227-3141
National Steel Recycling802 El Paso St, San Antonio, TX 782071 210-227-4687
Great Northwest Recycling7386 Grissom Rd, San Antonio, TX 782511 210-523-8155
Monterrey Iron & Metal 2300 Frio City Rd, San Antonio, TX 782261 210-927-2727
Bracken Recycling19068 Marbach Ln, San Antonio, TX 782661 210-651-0870
Danny's Metal Recycling1532 Somerset Rd, San Antonio, TX 782111 210-927-7300
Ashley Steel & Salvage4918 Roosevelt Ave, San Antonio, TX 782141 210-922-7631

Are electric motors recyclable?

As you may already know, there are many companies that recycle electric motors, because most of them are made of different metals, which are very valuable in the recycling industry. And not crucial in the point that they pay big prices for a motor, valuable in the sense of what you can do with them afterward.

So if you are interested in finding out what you can do with those items, knowing the different companies, collection centers and factories that work with mental in your city, will be of great help to earn some extra money.

ALCO Iron & Metal - San Jose Yard

alco iron metal

Although its most important factory is in San Leonardo, ALCO Iron & Metal has different locations where it collects and recycles metals of all kinds for later sale. With more than six decades of service, they have positioned themselves as one of the best companies in the West in this field.

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📍 Address: 1788 Rogers Ave., San Jose CA 95112

✆ Phone Number: 408-436-1107

🌐 Website: https://alcometals.com

TM Scrap Metals Inc.

tm scrap metals

Metals can be highly harmful to the planet, TM SCrap Metals understands this, which is why they are in the business of collecting and recycling metals in large quantities. So regardless of what kind of electric motor made of metal you have, if you're in Los Angeles, you know who to call to give that item a better end.

📍 Address: 11092 Tuxford St., Sun Valley, CA 91352

✆ Phone Number: (818) 771-0510

🌐 Website: https://www.tmscrapmetals.com/metal-recycling-los-angeles/

SDC Recycling Services

industrial scrap metal

Considered the leading recycling company in SD, this company is dedicated to purchasing plastics and metals of all types for responsible recycling. In addition, they have quality equipment and a trained human resource to transform that material you thought was no longer useful, so just give them a call and you're ready to go.

📍 Address: 3974 Spring Drive Spring Valley, CA 91977 US

✆ Phone Number: (619) 741-9780

🌐 Website: https://www.industrialscrapmetal.com/california/san-diego-metal-recycling/

C&D Scrap Metal - Northwest Houston

cd scrap metal

C&D Scrap Metal is a well known company that has been in the metalworking business since 1979. No matter if you own a business or simply want to get rid of all those electric motors sitting in your garage, C&D will accommodate to give you a fair price for what you think is junk.

📍 Address: 6775 Bingle Road Houston, TX 77092

✆ Phone Number: (832) 621-3554

🌐 Website: https://cdscrapmetal.com/

Niagara Metals

niagara metals

With decades of work behind them, Niagara Metals is a major company that recycles metals for sale. During their long years of business they have been adapting and updating to the changes in the recycling industry, so if you have unused electric motors, you can visit their Buffalo location. I assure you it will be in good hands.

📍 Address: 41 Hannah, St Buffalo, NY 14206

✆ Phone Number: (716) 282-6200

🌐 Website: https://www.niagarametals.com/retail-locations/buffalo/

Radius Recycling

radius recycling

Radius Recycling is one of the largest companies in the metal recycling industry, with over 100 locations. In addition, it recycles more than 50 types of metals and manufactures products from the metals it recycles, making it one of the companies with the greatest impact.

📍 Address: 8333 Douglas Avenue, Suite 1525 Dallas, TX 75225

✆ Phone Number: 214-239-4303

🌐 Website: https://www.radiusrecycling.com/locations/196

M. Dunn Recycling Center

m dunn recycling

Nearly 100 years of quality service, M. Dunn is dedicated to the purchase of various metals for processing and recycling. From cans to electric motors, this company has positioned itself in Philadelphia as one of the most reliable in this area of metallurgy.

📍 Address: 3611 Welsh Road Philadelphia PA 19136

✆ Phone Number: 215-624-2420

🌐 Website: http://www.mdunnrecycling.com

We Buy Scrap

we buy scrap

If you are in Phoenix and want to get rid of those electric motors that no longer serve you and just take up space, We Buy Scrap will pay you to get rid of them. This is a company that deals with scrap metals such as brass, steel, aluminum, and some alignments, so your material will go from being stored to being used.

📍 Address: 3035 W. Broadway Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85041

✆ Phone Number: (602) 243-3011

🌐 Website: http://webuyscrapaz.com/

Windy City Iron & Metal

windy city

Need to buy or sell electronic motors? In either case, Windy City Iron & Metal is the company to visit if you're in Chicago. This company, in addition to being dedicated to helping the environment, puts its heart and soul into offering reasonable prices and quality materials.

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📍 Address: 4617 W. Division Street (at Cicero Ave), Chicago, IL 60651

✆ Phone Number: 773.287.1500

🌐 Website: https://www.windycityrecycling.com/

Bracken Recycling

bracken recycling

This San Antonio company understands how important it is to recycle and how valuable it is to take advantage of metals, because with the right process you can make great products. So, if you're in San Antonio, Bracken Recycling is the place to go to get rid of them and learn about recycling aluminum, iron and more.

📍 Address: 19068 Marbach Ln, San Antonio, TX 78266

✆ Phone Number: (210) 651-0870

🌐 Website: https://www.brackenrecycling.com/what-we-recycle

How many Electric Motor recycling are in the United States?

Considering that within electric motors there are several metals, according to IBIS World, there are at least 565 Scrap Metal Recycling businesses in the United States as of September 2023, only 0.2% more than in 2022.

Statista, another data company, estimates that these companies, by 2019, counted with a recycling rate of 76 % for lead alone, while iron and steel were positioned with 47%. As you can see, metallurgy is still an important industry, albeit from an ecological perspective.

What can you do with old electric motors?

Metals, no matter what, are very valuable within the industry. So regardless of what kind of items you have, there will probably be a company or person who will pay enough, and very well, to take off your hands, that which is junk to you.

Just make sure it is a company or person committed to the environment, because some metals are subjected to processes that have a negative impact on the planet.

I recommend that you take a look at all those old motors you have at home and investigate which companies in your city can offer you a good amount for what you have. I also suggest you read a little more about metal recycling so you don't get ripped off.

What is the scrap value of an electric motor?

Since they are made of copper, or at least mostly copper, according to some sources, electric motors have an average price of $0.33 per pound as of this date. The price may vary and certain companies may pay a little more, so it is ideal to visit them and find out the prices offered by each company.

What are 3 advantages of recycling metals?

If you still see engines as just old scrap, then you should read this paragraph. The industry is not wrong and most of the companies I mentioned have decades, and even centuries, dedicated to the purchase and sale of metals to undergo the recycling process. Additionally, in many objects that we use every day we can get some metal.

First, metals do not degrade. They can be subjected many, many times to different processes and still serve as raw material. So if you see a can on the street, pick it up and place it in the appropriate container to be subjected to the necessary process and used again.

On the other hand, metal recycling reduces CO₂ emissions, because the efforts and materials are destined to the reuse of these and not to the extraction of virgin natural sources, for which industries dedicate materials and processes that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Finally, doing so, as you will see, is profitable. It is not necessary to invest so many financial resources, although it is necessary to invest other resources, which is why there are more than 500 companies throughout the country that sell, buy and manufacture recycled metals.

However, they generate a significant number of jobs, so it makes sense that it continues to be a growing industry.

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