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When talking about a city of around 100,000 inhabitants, the garbage collection system in Kenosha must at all times be efficient and well organized. This is how in the city certain various waste management services are followed to keep the city clean and healthy, all under a collection program that allows residents to dispose of the waste they generate at home.

Overall, the garbage collection system in Kenosha is easy to use and helps to keep the city clean and tidy. Residents can contact the city's utilities department for more information on collection services and schedules.

Detailed information about the garbage and recycling collection system in Kenosha

  • If you are looking for detailed information about the garbage and recycling collection service in Kenosha, you need to go to the municipal website
  • Once there, more specifically under the "Departments" section, you will need to click on the "Public Works" department which is responsible for these serviceskenosha departments
  • This will redirect you to the specific section of this department where you will find in detail all kinds of information regarding its functions in the city. In this way, you will have information given on each of the services that this department performs.
  • For specific information regarding the garbage collection service, you should click on the "Waste & Recycling" section that you will find in the index on the left side of the screen.kenosha waste
  • This part of the page presents detailed information regarding garbage collection services, from collection schedule by zone to requesting tickets for tire recycling or Bulk Trash collection.
  • On the other hand, this section has the subsections "Drop off click here" and "Curbside Collection click here."

kenosha options

  • There you will find the calendar and mapping of the city both for garbage collection and manuals to follow the process of delivery and garbage collection in detail.kenosha map
  • Likewise, you will also have a list given with each regulation to follow so that the garbage collection is carried out correctly. In this way, the web service is as interactive as possible to facilitate understanding.

How much do Kenosha residents pay for trash collection?

Trash collection rates can vary depending on several factors, such as location, size and type of property, and the amount of waste generated. In addition, the cost of this collection service is included in residents' utility bills. This is along with other services such as water and sewage.

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So in any case, the specific amount to be paid will depend directly on the provider of these utilities and the amount offered, varying according to the house and the consumption of each of the stipulated resources.

Similarly, by contacting the utility providers in Kenosha you may find specific information about these amounts. These amounts will be identified at the time bills are paid to the city's utilities.

List of items allowed for garbage collection in Kenosha

While the list may be constantly updated with different regulations and changes occasionally, the City of Kenosha establishes a list of items that may be placed in the trash. These products will normally be picked up by city service and their collection is included in the standardized fee.

  • Household garbage: collected weekly in privately owned garbage containers or garbage bags labeled with a Kenosha garbage tag. Accepted items include food waste, plastic, glass and metal containers, paper and cardboard, and other non-hazardous waste
  • Large items: collected by appointment and require a fee. Accepted items include furniture, appliances, carpets, and other large items
  • Branches and yard debris: collected weekly by appointment Accepted items include branches, leaves, grass, and other yard debris
  • Hazardous waste: accepted at special collection events organized by the City. Accepted items include household chemicals, paints, batteries, and other hazardous waste

Which items are not received?

On the other hand, a list of items that are not received by this service is also clarified. A penalty could incur if they are treated as conventional garbage and do not receive their special treatment. These items are:

  • Construction and demolition debris: these materials must be disposed of by the contractor or owner responsible for the work
  • Commercial or industrial hazardous waste: these materials must be disposed of by the hazardous waste generator
  • Medical waste: these materials must be disposed of in accordance with Wisconsin Department of Health regulations and recommendations
  • Dead animals: these materials must be disposed of in accordance with Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection regulations and recommendations

5 companies in Kenosha that can help you with trash pickup

If you own any of these items, you will most likely need to contact a company that specializes in their collection. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to compile some of the companies that are best qualified for hiring private junk removal in Kenosha.

What holidays does Kenosha service operate on?

As with other garbage collection services, there are certain holidays in Kenosha when service is suspended. This creates a day of delay in the calendar, which in this case will be made up on the following Friday. Thus, the holiday schedule for Kenosha's garbage collection service is as follows:

Pickup HolidaysDays
Martin Luther King JrIf garbage collection service is in operation
Memorial DayNo garbage pickup service
Independence Day No garbage pickup service
Labor DayNo garbage pickup service
Veteran's Day If garbage collection service is in operation
Thanksgiving DayNo garbage pickup service
Christmas Day No garbage pickup service
New Year'sNo garbage pickup service
President's DayIf garbage collection service is in operation
Juneteenth If garbage collection service is in operation
Day After Thanksgiving DayIf garbage collection service is in operation
Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples' Day Yes to Columbus DayIf garbage collection service is in operation

Methods of contacting this service

To contact this service with a complaint, inquiry, or suggestion, you must contact the Public Works Department. This can be done through the following methods:

  • Telephone number: Through 262.653.4050 the service will organize any response it can give you or will redirect you to a branch that can provide a solution to your problem
  • Social Media: Through Instagram and Twitter, the City of Kenosha welcomes any complaints or suggestions regarding its services
  • In-person visit: The public works department in Kenosha allows anyone in the city with a complaint or question regarding service to go to their office for a solution. This office is located at 625 52nd Street Room 305 Kenosha, WI 53140

What time do they typically pick up trash in Kenosha?

Garbage collection time in Kenosha, Wisconsin can vary by location and day of the week. This is because collection as we have seen is handled by zoning and schedule which will vary by specific location.

Similarly, trash collection begins at 7:00 a.m. in most residential areas. As such, it is recommended that garbage containers be placed at the curb the night before collection to ensure timely pickup since it will not always be done at the same time, either because of scheduling issues or because of any delays that may occur during collection.

However, it is important to note that collection schedules may vary depending on the season, weather conditions, and other factors. It is recommended that you contact the Kenosha Department of Public Works to obtain current and detailed information about collection schedules in your area or to inquire about any changes.

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