Waste Management Sarasota • Service prices and schedules

The city of Sarasota is a tourist destination for both locals and visitors from other states and countries. And this is not only thanks to the beauty of its beaches and the warmth of its people but also because it is considered one of the cleanest communities in the United States because the management and administration of urban and neighborhood cleanliness are responsible for keeping the streets of Sarasota impeccable daily. This is indispensable in such a cosmopolitan destination.

But, just as the job of the cleaning system is to ensure a neat and organized city, as citizens and users we also have responsibilities. Although these responsibilities are not complicated to understand and execute, there are often many doubts or disagreements due to a lack of knowledge of the rules, and that is why we will detail every relevant point about this sanitation and recycling service, including schedules, prohibitions, and prices.

Find out what the Sarasota garbage and recycling collection schedule will be for 2023

Although it has been specified that the waste collection service usually happens every week, you have to clearly understand its schedule. Since this neighborhood cleanup is sectioned into the different areas that form the city of Sarasota. That is to say, all streets and neighborhoods have a specific day to take out their garbage and recycling materials.

  • The first thing you need to do to find the garbage and recycling collection program is to go to the official website and click on "Government".

sarasota government

  • Once there, select the "Public Works" option.

sarasota public works

  • Now follow the "Solid Waste & Recycling" section. Here you will see program information and have a search engine to locate schedules.

sarasota recycling solid waste

  • Enter your home address and, as you start typing, this browser will display all the addresses it has on record. Find yours and, when you click on it, you will automatically see the next garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection date.

sarasota locator

  • Future planned dates will also be available and you will be presented with the option to add a reminder or download the entire calendar.
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Do you have any idea what the collection fee is? Here we will tell you!

Because, although this collection program is a public service, a fee must be paid to allow it to continue working efficiently. On a monthly basis, citizens and commercial entities must pay this fee to continue receiving weekly garbage collection. Currently, the Sarasota government has imposed a monthly fee of $57.56 per month for the city's residents to keep the neighborhood sanitation service running smoothly.

Of course, we must consider that there are additional services or actions that do not belong or correspond to the regular collection service. Such as the collection of non-permitted items or scheduling an appointment for personal collection outside planned times. For example, to request the cleanup of construction material waste or demolition debris, the fee to be paid starts at $19.20 and goes up to almost $60 depending on the job.

What products are accepted for garbage collection?

The garbage collection service helps us to maintain order and cleanliness for our homes and the city in general. But, we must keep in mind that, when it comes to this public program, there are certain regulations regarding those items or products that you can dispose of. These rules were established with the purpose of maintaining the safety of the collectors and preserving the state of the environment. Among the permitted products are:

  • Automotive parts, including engines
  • Air conditioners
  • Televisions
  • Microwaves
  • Mopeds or motorcycles, as long as the liquids are drained and the battery is removed
  • Organic, biodegradable, or recyclable waste
  • Campers and trailers
  • Tires
  • Yard waste
  • Construction materials

What wastes are not allowed?

On the other hand, there are different products or objects that cannot be disposed of to be taken away by Sarasota's city sanitation service, mainly because these are items whose composition can hinder the flow of work being performed during the cleanup, apart from the fact that they can be a risk factor for the entire ecosystem; therefore, collective awareness should be raised and the following items should be avoided to be deposited in the trash container:

  • Gasoline, kerosene, or any other flammable or toxic liquids
  • Batteries of any kind
  • Paints
  • Automobiles and all parts thereof
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Paints or varnishes
  • Fertilizers or gardening chemicals
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Mercury thermometers

Private collection companies are always a great option

Although Sarasota citizens are generally happy with the work done by the government's neighborhood sanitation system, there are situations that warrant other alternatives, especially if you need to dispose of products not accepted by this organization. These companies have a great reputation in the state of Nebraska, specifically in the city of Sarasota, so they are the ideal solution to get rid of your household or business garbage.

Holiday collection program

Daily, the collection service collects thousands of tons of waste and recycling and thanks to this they can keep the city clean. In a way, we could affirm that this service works regularly and diligently throughout the year, however, there are national dates that can affect this schedule. Such is the case of:

Christmas No garbage collection
New Year's DayIf there is garbage collection
Thanksgiving No garbage collection
Independence Day No garbage collection
Labor DayNo garbage collection

Do you have means of contact to facilitate communication?

Although this neighborhood and commercial waste and recycling provider may boast of having good management or administration, like any business, it can have flaws. And, as citizens, taxpayers, residents, or visitors, we are entitled to complain or report any eventuality that is out of line. Thanks to the Sarasota government's mission to provide efficient service, they have implemented different contact channels.

  • Website: Absolutely all of the information regarding any area of the city is perfectly described and detailed on their official online site. 
  • Phone: When you want to make a claim or a quick inquiry about waste management and recycling, you can call 941-861-5000.
  • Social media: Stay updated about all the news and events that occur with this and other services through the most popular digital platforms. Sarasota government is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

What are the specific garbage collection hours?

Garbage service workers begin their workday throughout the City of Sarasota from 6 am to 8 pm. Their waste cleanup and recycling schedules cover the week Monday through Friday, therefore, they do not work on weekends. Considering that they start at 6 am, citizens are required to leave their garbage containers at the curb before that time. In this way, they will avoid the omission of the same.

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